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Howl's Moving Castle

by Mag-net Jan 28, 2018
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Wow! What an amazing model. Thank you so much for sharing, I'm currently printing it at 50%, once I upgrade my firmware I will re-print at full scale.

Thanks again.

You're welcome!

I love this file for those who are printing this I highly recommend making some sort of middle support for it and putting it on a base the legs are brittle and snap easily (at least for me) I recommend a high infill for the bottom ,and not using supports as clean up for this was a pain and if I would have just listened to the maker I would have done it and it would have turned out much better

I'm glad you got it to work!

do you mind posting the zbrush file or an alembic/obj file of it?

Sorry, but I will not be releasing those.

I understand... What about releasing a higher resolution mesh at least? No need to cut it out for print... I can do it.

I'm just wondering because the model is so beautifull and detailed, it feels like a pity it's so decimated with low poly imperfections... I would love to print this for my boy on a SLA printer to capture all the fine detail of your work!! amazing!!

If you could just export an higher res .OBJ, I can prepare it for print in Maya... and export higher detail STL's for SLA...

It's really a shame that the models are so low poly, since you put a lot of effort and care on the modeling... and it shows!!!

I'm going to try to convert it to subdvision surfaces, and apply some custom filtering to smooth out the decimation to try to increase the resolution and detail, do some re-surfacing... but a higher res mesh from the original would be awesome!!!

anyhow, thanks for sharing... it's really state of the art!! congrats!!

Great job, fantastic!!!!!!!

What design program have you used?


Thanks. Glad you like. I used ZBrush for this model.

with the last piece in the image gallery, where does it go on the model?

You can see it's placement on this make. Back, lower left side. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:444339

Howl's Moving Castle

Have others printed this without supports fine? Im a little worried about the overhang of the crows nest but supports add another day to the print! (i have an Ender 3 incase that helps anyone)

I wouldn't say the print is perfect without supports, but with a little cleanup afterward, it's not bad.

Here are a couple of videos showing the finished print. I don't think either used supports on the main body.
You can also take a look at some of the Makes in the above tab. Some list if they used supports or not.
Hope this helps.

This is a fantastic model. Great job. Unfortunately my printer is pretty small and won't be able to print it at full size. Any idea if the structures or detail would be too fiddly for 50% scaling?

Take a look at this Make. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:487106
Looks like they printed it at 40% on a Zortrax printer. You may try sending them a message to see if they had any other issues.

Another solution is to take this into a program like MeshMixer and cut it up into smaller parts. If you don't mind a bit of glue and sandpaper, you should be able to put it back together... if you really want to:)

Best of luck!

Howl's Moving Castle
by ben2015

CHECK if your printer software
WHEN you load a stl file and you goto slicing for printing you have a settings menu
IT has a choice of slicing engines

1 skinforge
2 Sic3r
3 Slic3r Prasa Edition

Pick one

Configuration button click on it
When it opens you should ha a icon on your taskbar now
Right click on it and pin it

Now drag and drop your STL on the view payn
When you right click on the image it should give you a choice of options

Use the help menu or goto youtube for tutorials of cutting and scaling
Enjoy the new world of modeling

This is so GREAT!! Thanks a lot for sharing this great model!! I'm almost done printing this. Can you share how did paint it? did you use airbrush? acrylics?

You're welcome. I just used a paintbrush with acrylic paint. I would suggest using a wet palette and paint retarder. Good luck!

I have attempted to print the top (all other parts came out well) but both times the "crow's nest/lookout's stem broke off at the base at about 6-7.5 cm (2.5") height for the lookout (about 95% complete) I was using 20% infill, 90mm/sec print speed, 0.2 layer. Any suggestions/? I'm using a Creality CR10, Brand new spool of Hatchbox PLA (gray). As I am making this as a holiday gift for my daughter in law (she will paint) I'm a bit confused as to what to do next. I used the above settings for the first, and the Cura "recommended" settings for the second

Thanks! Will try that

As it's such a long print, I'd just reprint the part you need and glue it on. Use Meshmixer to cut the file up.

As to why, I can not say. If you have problems just printing the crow's nest again, that should tell you a bit more about the issue.

Good luck!

Thank you for this. I am printing now. Longest print I have ever done. What a great model!

You're welcome! Good luck on the print! It'll need a bit of sanding when done (mostly around the mouth) but usually comes out nice!

I love Howl's Moving Castle. Your modeling is so cool. (^^)

I'm currently printing this now and i'm just wondering how you actually painted the model, like what brand or type of paints did you use. Thank you so much for this awesome design!

I just used a mixture of paints I got from the local art's and craft store. In this case, lots of browns and reds. I would suggest using a wet palette and paint retarder. They both go a long way to keeping the paint usable. Very helpful with big models. This is what I did for the palette. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96mjmqWTPfM He has a series "Painting With the Pro" on his channel that's very helpful.

Hope this helps!

I love Thema Movie, thank you very much for Sharing this super Design

Currently printing the top half and it's looking awesome! Loved the movie and thank you for sharing this make, it's awesome in every way.

I'm having some issues with the strength of the legs though. Printed the bottom twice now and the legs broke off both times when I accidentally bumped into them when cleaning the print up. What infill/perimeters did you use for the bottom? Will try 3 perimeters and a higher infill, third time lucky hopefully :)

Glad you like. I run 3 perimeters with a 20% infill by default. I haven't had too much of a problem with the legs breaking... yet.

It could be a layer adhesion issue or a partially clogged nozzle? Check some of your old prints (in the last month or so) for parts that measure around 3-4 mm (the diameter of the legs) and see if they're as weak as what your getting now.

I'll run this file sometimes to see if I have a partially clogged nozzle.
It really shows up in fine points.

Good Luck!!!

Retraction test

Thanks for the reply! I just changed my hotend on my CR10 Mini to a genuine E3Dv6 so I can rule out the clogged issue :) Printer is only 2 weeks old and have only printed a few benchies, some xyz 20mm cubes, misc parts for the printer and a e3d mount/cooler which all printed well and measured true but I'll run the retraction test file you posted above before trying the base again.

I was only using 10% infill with 2 perimeters before so will try it with 20% infill and 3 perimeters next. I'll be sure to post my make once it's finished printing!

OMG THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!! I've been looking for this for months! what a beautiful model! can't wait to print it. i'll post you a most lovingly painted 'made' in a couple of weeks.

You're Welcome!!! xD I look forward to seeing your make and good luck printing.

I'm absolutely gonna print this.. which silver filament did you use?

That is 3D Solutech Silver Metal. Have fun!

Hey very Great Piece is there a Chance That you can Add a File Without Support and the Whole file?

Regards :)

I won't be putting together a complete file (way too busy right now) but you should be able to using Meshmixer. The supports are separate shells so you can just select and delete them in Meshmixer.

Great model, printed great.

Thanks. If you have a chance, post a photo or two!

fantastic model! upper and lower are done, and am 60% complete with the detail bits. can't wait to paint him! thank you for sharing!

My pleasure. I dread painting!!! You've got some great makes btw!

Hi there, I printed your design which I think is fabulous! Just the thinnest of the chimney broke at the second last layer :(
I´m Close to assembly and have one question: Where did you put the mortar and pestle? I will post pic´s after assembly and coloring.
But so far, I just love it!

Wow! I honestly didn't think anyone would try to print this! He's a bit of a monster... :)

The mortar and pestle go on the back. I built a platform to the left of the big house that it sits on. You can kinda see it at the top left, in the last photo. I look forward to seeing your photos.

I have printed (with Tevo Tornado) and assembled... now i need to find time to color it. But it is my best and loved print... really a wonderful project.

cool, thanks for the hint!
I will post pix as soon as I assembled it, just missing some epoxy glue!
And yes, he´s a Monster, but a beautiful one ;)

I'm drooling. This is fantastic.

This makes me want to step up my game. Great job. Thanks for the share.

incredible work. thanks for sharing this with us

I absolutely love this, great job!

Incredible detail. I'm just blown away.

Thanks, glad you like.