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Nintendo Switch Single Joy-Con Grip + And -

by manabun Jan 25, 2018
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After reading that some people had problems, that the controller stuck in the grip: did somebody tried to print it with flexible Filament?

Single Joy-Con Grip - Nintendo Switch Joycon Controller Holder
by Halasox

These work really really well.

Printer this on an Anycubic Mega i3 with PLA. I printed this with buttons facing down, no support, but with the experimental bridge settings on Cura. This was mostly for the pocket the print has for the controller rail. Other than a very minor trim with a craft knife, fits like a glove. Very cool.

I printed with an Ender 5.
I've found it works great printed upside down at 100%. Though turn on support everywhere. The area that the joycon slides in needs it, else it won't fit

Followed uploader's print setting and they came out beautifully on my Makerbot Replicator+. Just needed a bit of trimming with an Exacto knife.

DOES NOT FIT JOYCON! Beware of this design! I was super excited to be able to more comfortably play my nintendo switch but could not take off grip from joycon. Ended up having to snap the grip to get the joycon out, SCRATCHING it deeply in the process.

Comments deleted.

Printed at 100% on a Prusa MK3 with PLA, a light sanding and the joycon still won't fit. Currently printing at 102% to try and get it working

I am very new to 3d printing. i am using a Monoprice Select mini v2. i am using a MAC running Cura 15. the .stl is converted to a gcode and i send it to the printer. the display shows that the print has started but nothing happens. the extruder doesn't move or anything. anybody else had this issue?

I figured it out. my SD card was "questionable" loaded everything on a new SD card and presto 100%. my prints still have some minor quality issues eg. poor surface quality above the supported areas and blobs and zits on the surface.

What are your temps and filaments? I'm using black Hatchbox PLA with temps @ 200 and 60. Is the filament dry? Try storing it in a sealed bag with desiccant for a few days.

All of the printed parts came out extremely well for me, though I'm having difficulty removing the controller without breaking the buttons. It would be great to have a stop or a ramp that protects them during ejection.

I printed these with a Geeetech A20M / ABS Filiment / Scale: 100% / Profile: .1 / Head: 250 / Bed: 100 / w/ Brim. Rotate the image Buttons Down and it will come out Beautifully.

very good design, fit's perfectly, for mario kart thx a lot
i printed it the button holes on the bed on a bit down on z to make it flat

Which type of supports did you use? because I used zig zag (printed in the position of the image) and the part that is on the bed is awfully printed.

MB Rep 2 - worked perfectly

Hey is anyone else having issues with the grip buttons breaking off? I am printing with a Prusa I3 Mk3 Pretty PETG v3 profile with eSun PETG Black. 20% Infill with supports. I have flipped the controls on the side of the grips as everyone suggested. Should I print it in the orientation that the Manabun posted in the picture? Or should i up my infill to 30%? Or maybe try printing with PLA?

Hey, your mistake is the direktion. Lay the buttons down, so the layer goes with the stick. PETG is the best for this.

Hey Hawk73, I will try your suggestion when I get home after work. Should I print with supports at 100% infill as well?

I've printed 6 of them, and snapped 5. So I'm right there with ya man. Gonna try higher infill per other comment's suggestion

100 % infill on very small parts, support on both small pins and fine layer

I printed this at 100% It did not fit at the beginning but after some sanding it fit perfectly. Nice design!

Comments deleted.

Very nice! I printed them at 100% on my Robo3D R1+ with very few issues. My only complaints are that I wish the triggers were a little better (maybe inserted from the inside and unable to fall out the top) and I wish that I could see the controller LEDs, even if there were just holes in the top to look through.

Either way, the people who I play Smash Ultimate with will be thrilled to have these awesome controllers!

Hello! Would you be so kind and help me get the exact measurements of a Joy Con's connect rail, or what should be the rail size on the print itself? I would like to know it in milimeters if possible.

I want to make these as a gift, but i don't have a Joy Con for testing. Please help so i can make a good fitting print!

Thank you so much!

Measuring mine, I get 85.5mm x 9.4mm x 2mm. It looks like the lip of the connector is about 1-2mm on each side. The bottom sides lip appears to be around 6mm. Hope that helps.

Thank you so much! I assume this is the print's measurements. Let me know if i assume wrong.
I will slice the model and print only the rail part so i can compare.
Thanks again for your kind help!

I have no idea, sorry. I imagine he gave it a bit of wiggle room. I measured my joycons myself for the numbers above.

By rotating the top (button-side) down, the body printed great on my Prusa i3 MK3 with zero supports at 0.20mm, 20% using just the flexible PEI bed kept clean with 91% alcohol between prints. This was using the PrettyPLA V3 configuration with Green Hatchbox PLA. I printed the buttons with supports which separated cleanly. I may try to print them without supports, too. I'll post a make.

Question: compared to https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2874416 has a slightly looser rail system which clicks in and out compared to your friction fit. Did you do this "because it is how you did it" or did you find this to be more reliable? Anyway, thanks!

Nintendo Switch Comfort Grip

how did you do it without supports? wouldnt the sides of the rail receiver need them since theyre a straight 90 degree overhang?

When I printed it, the shoulder buttons of the controller are against the bed. See https://photos.app.goo.gl/oVSoVpVDADCWumoV7

Hey DorffMeister, I too am printing with a Prusa i3 MK3 and tried that orientation as well but my joy-con slot was way too tight and required filing and sanding. Did yours come out that way or perhaps the PrettyPLA V3 configuration is the key?

Thanks for the tip about printing button side down. The '-' grip printed perfect on the first try. (Gotta love the MK3) The '+' grip is a little different and may not adhere quite as well. Printing it now. The buttons will be next.

Printed at 100% with a FormLabs Form 2. And it doesn't fit. Going to try print at 102%

I tried at 101% and 102% and it was still too tight for me. I am not sure if I should print again or just start sanding like crazy.

Sanding, sanding and sanding again.
Printed it 100% and it just fits the first 2 cm. After this it blocks.
I had to edit with with a Dremel afterwards.

Thanks, I'll try more sanding tonight while I watch TV.

Creality Ender-3, sliced with Cura 0,1 mm / layer, 15 % infill, no support (placing the L R side on the heating bed), 20 mm brim, 100% scale isn't large enought.
Actually printing à 101% like suggested

didn't fit :/

can someone give more instructions on how they printed it when it fit like a glove ?

like their slicer, their printer, material, temperature, bed_temperature, infill, support or not.

Do you still need help? I just printed them on my Ender 3 at 100%, they were a bit tight, and after a light sanding they were perfect.

You may need to work on calibrating your extruder. I found mine was underextruding, perhaps yours is overextruding. Get a digital caliper and test check how much filament is actually extruded when you try to manually input +100mm or -100mm of filament, then adjust the esteps/mm in the menu by the same percentage.

Love the design and how the controllers felt in my hand, but the L & R buttons tend to fall out when not in use. It also makes the L & R buttons a bit sloppy, missing the occasional press. Any suggestions?

Fit like a glove, printed at 100% with no problems.

Good file, just in cura increase the scale to 101% and it's good

Not sure why. I downloaded like 5 other files today off here but for some reason the website doesn't allow me to download this file.. I've tried several times...

Are you using download all files, or are you going to the thing files and downloading each one by itself? That might help...

Yea was using dl all. Good idea. I'll try that. Thanks

Looks great! I am wondering if I should scale up 1%. Anyone want to help?
Also, can anyone give me the exact percentage change for Simplify 3D?
What type of filament and infill should I use?

What are the dimensions of the final product?

Many said that the extra 1% works well. If no one replies, I will check it out.

I tried scaling it up 1%, but it did not fit. I will try 105% then 110% and keep going up until it fits.

i printed mine without support by orientating them to have the small flat side down. they turned out great without any support. I only printed them for my brother so i dont know if scaling them up 1%would help yet but puting them in this orientation def saved a lot on material.

thank you so much for this tip. printed at 101% with cura small flat side down. perfect print perfect print. no supports so no sanding!

sliced in Cura with small flat side down, Cura didnt want to lay it flat for nothing. Had to manually adjust the models position to get it flat. printing without issue after that!

Comments deleted.

mines stuck on help

Would it be possible to get a version without the handles? Like just the Joy-Con Strap with buttons? I have a pair of joy-cons I bought used and they didn't come with straps.

Comments deleted.

Would you be willing to share the original design file? Mainly so I can make some minor changes, thanks.

Could you explain to me how you get that background for your models?

Thanks for making this!
I would love to see an 'equalizer' variant, where the handles have an offset based on the joycon button position, so that both game pads will feel the same.

I hate the idea that one of my joycons is 'the good one'.

This is a nice design. I saw some people mention 101% for a better fit. I did the same and it worked well. The joy-cons fit nicely with that extra 1%.

Could you please link me to the file of the 1% higher? Im not 3d savy at all and the only printers i have to work with are on my campus if I submit them the code. The only problem, is it tried the code provided and the joy con is unfortunately just a tad to big for the print i got. /:

I just downloaded the original. Then I scaled it in Cura (slicer software) to 101%. Whatever slicer software you are using should be able to scale the original.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Awesome model and has worked out beautifully for me. I printed at 100% and the fit is rather snug but it works. I might try slightly larger (105% maybe?) but I'm good for now. The only thing for me were the buttons. I had a couple that miss-printed and I needed to print out another complete set of buttons to replace the ones that didn't work. Not a big issue but it'd be nice to have a single button so that next time I can print them individually.

I printed it in flashforge included abs and it came out fine. However, it did run tight when using hatchbox pla with similar resolution settings. Rather than printing again and again to get a right fit, in my slicer I isolated the rail and printed only it to save filament. Still a great design. Thank you

Comments deleted.

I found that I was able to run both the V1 and the V2 designs just fine with the grips rotated upwards, no supports. I used a raft on mine and also scaled it 101% since the original file ran a bit too tightly for me and I couldn't slide the controller in.

The new design is much better since the buttons don't fall out. Thanks!

The best thing since sliced bread! Amazing print. Thank you so much. I saw some other comments about the controller not fitting. I didn't have that problem so all I can say is that I didn't do anything fancy with the print settings. I'm using Cura 3.2.1 with stock settings on an Anet A8 with Hatchbox black PLA filament. 200/60 on extruder/bed. I'm certainly no expert on the subject, but I've tried Repetier and Simplify 3D and went right back to Cura. Simplify 3D was a nightmare to set up and the prints were horrible, even after following several posts on suggested settings.

Hey guys! Any tips on helping the controller fit? It's way too tight and won't slide in. I'm trying to sort some way to save the print (8 hours) or improve the next print. Thanks

I found the fit quite tight as well. I don't think the creator added any tolerances. I highly recommend to anyone that they print at 101% scale to help with the fit. My joycons will slide all the way but you have to push quite hard. If yours do not fit all the way you might have problems with your printer or how you're printing. The measurements are exact.

To avoid re-printing, you can try PTFE dry lubricant, but I might just re-print. A bottle of PTFE lubricant is $5, and the prints use only about $2 of filament hahaha.

Edit: Also, the best way to print is on its head. It does not need support if you print it so that the handles stick upwards, and use a brim or raft because the small surface area will be prone to lifting. Not sure why its shown printed sideways; it's very inefficient.

I appreciate your input. I haven't tried it again as of yet and was greatly disappointed that it didn't fit since it's probably the cleanest, smoothest print I've ever done. Even better than the OP's pictures. I'm thinking that scaling it a bit as you suggest and running a test of just the fittings would be a good idea.

love the update!!! the loose buttons were killing me haha

i printed the old version using Cura 15, 0.2mm and 40%fill on an Ender2 and my joycon did not slide into it... Too tight... Is the new version any different?

Did you ever figure this out? Mine is too tight as well. Slides in about 30% before it won't budge.

Comments deleted.

I need supports in any position but, whats the better way for print this?

I think, you could lay it down on the gripper. Tweak a little bit with the rotation and you should be fine. But I am not sure if the Joy Con could slide in, if the lines aren't perpendicular. I will do it like on the pictures

Any suggestions for keeping the buttons in place when not in use? Also, I can't seem to keep the top support areas from getting rough, any suggested settings for Simplify3D on that?

Never mind on the cover, I made one. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2790211

These grips are such an awesome design, I have printed six so far.

Single Joy Con Grip Cover
by amp1276

Printed this as 100%, 105% and 115% and none of them fit..

what slicer were you using? i want to print these but i def dont want to print 4 of them. plus what printer were you using. i had to adjust my esteps on my tevo to get it to exactly print 25mm cubes. mine was off by a mm. thats a lot when printing something like this.

Used cura, I have an anet a8, mine is probably a little off, there was another joycon thing from thingverse that I printed, 100% was too tight and 105% it fit like a glove, this one was different but with a little sanding it fit too, https://imgur.com/a/GnV9X

this is very helpful! thank you

Did you calibrate your Anet a8 X,Y,Z axis? If you don't calibrate your Anet then it doesn't matter what size you print it isn't going to work properly. unless all of your axis happen to be off by the same amount.

2cm cubes as still being printed as 2cm

For those of you that this model seems too tight, give a shot at printing this model:
and following the instructions included there.

I spent a TON of time tweaking outside dimensions and doing calibration prints and extruding 100mm and calibrating steps...and even after all that I had to reduce my extrusion multiplier to 82% to get the right amount of plastic through the nozzle.

After doing that, many models, including this one, are fitting perfectly.

Thanks for the model, manabun!

Extrusion multiplier calibration cube
by hrishib

You are a hero! This was exactly my problem, I suspected for a long time that my printer was over extruding, but I didn't found a good fix. Now I printed the calibration cube you suggested and my walls were around 0.88 mm instead of 0.8 mm, so I adjusted the flow to 92% in Cura and printed the cube again. Now the walls are exactly 0.8 mm :D

When printing this model at 101% scale, it is a perfect fit.

Thank you very much for this suggestion!!

Also thanks for the model Manabun! It is a really nice improvement to the grip.

Awesome model and print! We have featured your model as our Print of the Week!

very cool ! nice design