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Grab Toy Infinite

by ecoiras Jan 24, 2018
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does anyone have advice so i printed one but its stuck together this is my 3rd time trying last to times i was trying to get it unstuck from each other but ended up breaking it

Well, there is clearly a problem with the printer or the print settings.

If you want to find the cause the first thing would be to check if the thing is fused everywhere or just at the bottom layer:

  • If it's just the bottom layer you can try to recalibrate the Z axis so that the 0 is a bit higher (see your printer manual) or check the bed temperature is not too high (for PLA it should be 50 or 60 Celsius).

  • If it's fused everywhere then:
    • the printing temperature could be too high (which makes the plastic flow more and spread out),
    • the positioning accuracy is not good enough (cheap parts, printer frame not sturdy enough),
    • or the nozzle has degraded (this can happen if you have been printing with metal or exotic filaments).

If you don't need to find what's wrong and just want to print the thing:

  • Print the hinge test from GrabToy++ at 150% scale:
    • If the 0.5 hinge is not fused you can safely print the Grab Toy Infinite at 150% scale without fusing.
    • If the 0.5 hinge is still fused print the test again at scale 200%, 250%, ... until the 0.5 hinge is not fused, then use that % to print the Grab Toy Infinite, which should work now.


So I printed the 10 one and I'm kinda new to 3s printing g but as I was taking it off it broke. Any advice going to try one more time?

im printing the 15 frame one i hope it dusent fail:)

I'm so bummed right now, spent 12 hours printing this and it looked so glorious once complete, a beautiful print.

But it was so stuck to my glass print surface that I broke it in 3 places when I struggled to get it of. I may just go ahead and do a raft next time, 12 hours is a long time to wait and risk breaking it again.

This happens to me often when I print ABS or HIPS, because I have to spray glue on the bed. Some chunks of the Ultrabase bed may even come off!. Eventually I found that printing on masking tape removes this problem completely.

But in general, for any print, I would recommend waiting for the bed and the piece to cool down completely. Then, when detaching the print, don't try to pull it free; instead hit it at the very base sideways with a small mallet or similar object. It should detach easily.

Is there a solution for rendering the fingerholes correctly yet?

Yes, use the file "GrabToyInfinite_2015compatible.scad" or update your version of OpenSCAD to a more recent one.

I'm using version 2015.03-2, the most recent Windows version, so I will try the other file this evening :-)

Printed the 10 frame one :) Uploaded photos here. ABS, 20% infill, 1mm walls.
It can extend every side and even upwards, but bends pretty scary.
Jaws doesn't really close, unless you extend it sideways, but it can grab some things anyways.

i just tried that many frames but mine was stuck together and when i tried to pull apart it broke im trying for a 3rd time but if it dosent work this time i am giving up but the main reason im doing this is to know if you have any advice or know what im doing wrong since i am kinda knew to this whole thing

Awesome! Never thought the thing would even work with those many frames =:-o

I just saw this on Adafruit, so I'm going to make a run at the 2 frame one tomorrow and if all goes well, I'll have to try the 6 frame one too.

Any particular infill\resolution settings? Thanks!

Resolution 0.2mm works very well for me. Printing at 0.3mm works too but there will be some more friction and squeaks.

Infill I have always used the default 20% and the prints are quite sturdy. Please share your results if you use less than that, because it would be nice to reduce the weight for the bigger models if possible.

Well I kept it to the 0.2 and 20% and the first one didn't QUITE separate at the joints like it should have (for which I blame my own impatience), but the second one I printed today works PERFECTLY!

Thanks again!

My printer has 12x12 cm cube build volume so how much can I scale 6 frame version down?

The only constraint is the resulting slack for the hinges. If you use the STL with the 0.5mm slack and scale it down 80% it should just fit in your printer bed (11.6cm long) with a resulting slack of 0.4mm. If you print with 0.2mm layers or less it might work.

Actually, when I make it %80 It is 12.2 cm so cant fit but if I make it %76 so can it work? Or just make 4 frame version?

You are right!

Silly me I was measuring the physical printed object, which when fully closed is actually shorter than when being printed (where the spacing between adjacent parts is not zero).

At 76% you will have a slack of 0.35mm, which is quite tight. If you print at 0.1 or 0.15mm resolution it might just work. The smallest hinge slack I have managed to achieve when printing in PLA at 0.2mm is 0.35mm but only at low temperatures (185-190ºC).

In any case the 4 frame version works much better. The more frames you add the weaker the grip of the thing!

Comments deleted.

Ok, I added the 8-frames version. I haven't printed it so I can't confirm it will be functional. I would recommend using a low density filament to minimize weight, and perhaps experiment with reducing infill for the same reason (keeping in mind that it will impact structural strength).

It will be a difficult print, share your results if you manage to make it!

Thanks! I went ahead and pieced together an 8 link version which I printed last night. Of course the lettering doesn't match up now but that's fine :)

I'm at work but will update when I pull it off.

Sorry you had to piece it like that. The 8-frame version was ready last night (Europe time) but for some reason the uploads didn't work, so I had to upload this morning.

I also managed to work around the problem with the finger holes when using OpenSCAD 2015.03, so it should work on the Configurator. I'll try tonight and enable the option if it works.

lol no worries, not your fault I'm super impatient! Nice work, can't wait to play with it. I printed like a dozen of the smaller ones on here and want a bigger one real bad


can you do a 8 frame version? ^^ my tevo only has 20x20cm and 10 frame is a bit too big for me. Or do you know how much i can scale it down?

Ok, let me render it and I will add it to the list of files.

By the way, I tried enabling the Configurator so that people could do things like this more easily but it seems to be running under an old version of OpenSCAD and doesn't render the finger holes properly.

thank you very much <3