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Rock Solid Cr-10 E3d V6 5015 Fang with 40mm fan

by Searchworlds Jan 23, 2018
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Will this work with the microswiss hotend?

What fan goes in the fang?

the bltouch fang the mount is 2mm to high and the fang is very tight on a heavy duty mount the support arms need moving out about a 2mm on either side would fit better tried the version with out a mount fits fine after a lot off work th the bltouch mount is to thin and a least five mill out still not managed to sort it yet please don't pay for this like I did comes with no instructions and looks to have had no testing

Comments deleted.

your bltouch fang is on a bent angle which is making prints bent.

The bltoucb file I purchasers did not fit the heavy dudy mount

It's messed up to put a for-pay product as your primary image. It's not even an original design - it's based off countless others (free) here.

I hope you tip every designer you've ever stolen from.

Others mentioned that the mesh was broken. Although this one might be fixed, the EZABL version I purchased was still broken and had to be run through makeitprintable.com.

Thanks for the models, though. I have high hopes. :)

I remixed this one with a different type of ABL holder i like better and found that this "rock solid" version has a weakness.
After printing i accidentally dropped it and it broke right where the two air tunnels join.
This should be reinforced.

what are the settings for the probe for the firmware?

The fang file is corrupted sadly :(
Slic3r creates a ridiculous model of it :P

Thanks for the feedback! I have solved the mesh problem, please try download again and it should be fine :)

Is it possible to get a version for 5020 fans?

no idea whats going on but i cant get a non corrupted gcode using slic3r for any of the fangs.

I have solved it now, you can download it and use it in slicer with no problem

Same here :'(

Hi, really nice design, could you add a BLTouch Version?
I added a picture with the dimensions

Thanks in advance

Done, but not free

I printed this and it is great. Definitely very solid, best I’ve printed. Thanks for sharing this.

I am really happy you liked it

Working good so far, just had to dial my fan WAY back to keep from getting crunchy delaminating layers. Also tossed on an E3D silicone sock to help the heater block along. Seems to be a pretty good upgrade and it is definitely lighter than the stock setup.

Can you share the step file so I can make a Remix? Or can you do it for me? See I have a v6 and a volcano block which I would like to swap on the same radiator so I need the fang to be able to go up or down depending on the block I'm using. The guy from the heavy duty mount has a step file for the adjustable rail that goes in the sides I need to merge both so I can get an adjustable fang.

Can you make a fang with Bltouch mount? The Entire length of the BLtouch with the probe retracted is 42 mm. Tia

Finally made it

I will! If you can give me the exact height at which the bltouch should be mounted.
The total length as you say is 42mm, but what i need is the exact distance from the top mounting holes to the bed :)

Update 1: I found that you can mount the E3D V6 hot end 2 different ways with the all metal mount. One way where the neck of the hotend without the push fitting is flush with the top of the mount or you could mount it a little higher. I believe the neck flush with the mount is the correct way. I believe this mount will work with the all metal hotend if mounted correctly for those looking to see if it fits. Will update at a later date if I get around to mounting this fang again.

So I added my own BLTouch mount to your fang BUT the whole fang setup does not work for the all metal cr-10 e3d v6 mount. The exhaust outlet is too long and the tip will touch the bed before the nozzle will touch the bed.
What type of information do you need in order to fabricate a fang for this particular mount if you're willing to make one.

In regard to your question, "exact distance from the top mounting holes to the bed" mounting holes of the BLTouch? with the probe tucked in touching the bed?


If the ALL METAL mount does not work it's probably because it has different dimensions than the "Original Modular Heavy duty Mount". Strange, because i supposed they would make it the same dimensions, but apparently not...
Anyway, o got the correct measures for the BL touch from their websites, with a cad draw, so i got all i needed. In the next day i will make one!

Have you finsihed with the BLTouch version? Looking forward to printing it. Thank you.

With the all metal e3d v6 mount, the E3D V6 is mounted higher relative to the build plate. That is why with this fang, the exhaust tip touches the build plate first. The the screw holes are correct. Anyway you can release the CAD file so we can make edits. Or I can provide you with dimensions if you want to make the edit yourself. Thanks.

if you could add a file with a EZABL mount attached id use it 100%

Well. I made a couple of versions, with tiny difference in height of the ABL mount! let me know if it is ok if you print it !

printing now ill let you know in a few hours

Did it work for your EZABL ?

Yeah it worked pretty well I used the lower one

I could try to implement it in the near future! but have to do some research on optimal position and dimensions for such mount, because i do not use it.
Does the height matter a lot?

Na the height doesn’t matter it just has to be strong so it doesn’t move when the extruded moves