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Fucktopus (Smoothed Version)

by MasterFX Jan 22, 2018
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Hi, i made a lucky cat version - thanks for the idea to combine things :)

Naka yubi neko (Rude cat)
by makkuro

Cool print I love it but I did not care for the text on the bottom. I am not a Christian but believe in the Ancient Alien Theory even though I do not believe in making fun of other people's beliefs. I
I printed it with transparent blue so it does not show.

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i made this for my bestie and she loved it so much. I'm making myself one soon :)

OK, this may have said. Why not 8 middle fingers? Can someone better than my make this happen? Happy New year!

This is great! My settings can be tweaked to make it cleaner, but I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Comments deleted.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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This is just about the greatest file I have ever seen in my life 11/10 making them for all my friends

Could you edit the fingers to be curled more inward and touching the hand so that it can build perfectly without supports? That is the only issue. Even with supports, it messes up a lot. I've yet to get a perfect one

This is why I made this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3026607

Fucktopus (smoothed + easy to print hands)

While I appreciate yours, it doesn't say Fuck me in the ass because I love Jesus and that is just not acceptable :)

:-D I'm sorry for that

I reccomend a name change to the "F%$#offtapus!"

Those are the jokes i have been making about it..
Mom: Ph--
Me: ...topus... My fuckofftopus, have you seen it around?

I made this with no supports and it came out fine and well. Maybe a lil stringy on the fingers but otherwise it's as good as I need a 5-middle-fingered octopus to be. Great work.

I almost missed the text on the bottom.

Comments deleted.

Every time I see this I remember a reddit post on r/todayIF*ckedup where this guy's professor told him to send this file so he could print it in the division heads office with an excellent printer and when the Div. Head saw the bottom he was very disappointed in the professor and the student. Neither of them ever looked at the bottom of the file. I then checked the bottom of the one I printed a few days before and saw the message and was amazed by how that detail could slip.

I do monitor but this should be a safe site for them. Is the language needed? Trying to get my 9 and 10 year old girls interested in 3D printing and wish I could give them free reign to this site...just saying

Please remove this my young girls use this site to find stuff and don't need to see this crap

You can literally download and print fleshlights from this site.

there are way worse things on this site. There are people that specifically publish nude figures of men and women. And other inappropriate "objects". It's artistic and there probably is a setting to not show NSFW content

I'm glad it's here. Thank the author!

But then over 3000 people will be disappointed because they liked it. Do the job of being father and look over the shoulder of your children to see what they are doing. There are much more worse sites out there and this is why you have to monitor what your childrens are doing in the internet.

we've been calling it the fuck-offtapus

After having just received my very first printer, I think this is a worthy first thing to print.

Will look great on my office desk next to my 0 F*** given folder!

This right here is why 3D printing was invented.

If there was a dislike button


Jesus knows exactly what you put on the bottom of this... lmfao....

Just thought I'd point out that this isn't my design and as much as I wish I could say it was, all credit goes to the original designer..... Whoever that actually is haha

This is humanity's greatest achievement. I've go the first layer going down at 200% scale.

I'm not sure what I need one of these for, just that I need one.

What kind of sick mind would think of this, and why didn't think of it first? LOL

This is great. Although I cant stop calling it "Fuck-off-topus"

Hahaha. You make me laugh, that's actually great

Now to make one out of 18k gold on shapeways....

Easter Egg on the bottom :)Negative value off z coordinate solved this...

printed great until the hands...tried using ideamaker to slice and repair. shame. the rest of the body came out great, smooth and clean looking...

I had issues with the hands the first time I printed it too. I was very let down because it was my first 3d print and it was so close but with the hands because the filament gets pulled through enough to do a dot on the finger then gets pushed back over and over it grinded into it and the filament got jammed and I had to start over again. But anyways it worked in the end

love it just wish fingers were closed more so could super size hard to support fingers the way they are

Agreed. The fingers are the only part that has problems.

making this tonight for my last day at my current job tomorrow hahahah

if you sink the model -0.4mm, you dont have the slogal at the bottom.

Comments deleted.

Butthurt much?

YES! because I love Jesus.

I love the quote on the bottom.

What is it? Mine isn't clear at all it just looks like squiggles

whats the matter, you dont like jesus?

Garfunkel and Oates LOL!

nice one love it :d
printed perfectly on a anet a8 with supports (pretty useless tho) .2 pla s3d

Prints nice in 100% size (which is quite small) **without supports! (made 2 with my ender-2 in 0.2layers and 15% infill, no brim, no raft... (sorry can not show pictures at the moment)

Slic3r has some real trouble slicing this. For some reason the right eye is a hole.
See pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/hYpAG

I uploaded a fixed version (fixed via 3D Builder). Please give it a try

Naise .. Hoffentlich kommt wirklich mal ein Kaffe per PP.