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OKAY 2 Synth

by oskitone Jan 18, 2018
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Beauty- good job bud! looks like a 555 - 40106 oscillator circuit!

You're half right! :)

It uses a 555 (timer), 4040 (divider), and 386 (amp).

Could you cut the big parts in half, because they dont fit on my print bed.

Sorry, no, I wouldn't recommend that. The enclosure's walls and floor don't have enough surface area to being glued together if printed as multiple pieces.

you don't share the electrical schematics on this project, only option is to order the electrics kit?

Schematics are in the guides, which are online. https://www.oskitone.com/guides

Fits perfect on the Prusa MK3. top panel is about a 4-hour print and the bottom case about 12 hours.

I too have ordered the kit and am printing the parts as I await the electronics. Thanks for a great looking kit!

I'm really excited about this project. It looks great. I've ordered the hardware/electronics kits and its on its way.
The assembly manual is beautifully done as well... really impressive work!

I've notice one odd thing so far, though. I think the case top needs to be rotated 180 degree about the X-axis for printing, as otherwise there are "floaties" in the OKAY 2 text area.

Correct. You'll want to print the top and bottom with their flat side down and the walls going up (in other words, the bottom is normal and the top is flipped upside down). Otherwise you'll be printing lots of waste support.

Dude! this thing is awesome, can you emulate old videogames music with it? Do you have too many kits in stock? I would like to buy one but I haven't the money right now

Nice design, would you share what software you used to make this? thanks

Thanks! OpenSCAD

Thanks for the reply, I had not heard of this software, will be taking a look at it. Hopefully I will be printing this synth soon as well.

This project brings me back to my single digit years when i was most ignorant to reality...the small piano circuits in soft plastic cover...hold in between hands press with fingers, ole macdonald had a farm, iaiaooooo....man so much peace and tranquility looking at this post...one day ill get the mods and build one with this shell

how do i print this on a 200x 200 printbed?? could you cut the model in half so i can glue it togather?? Thanks for posting this design it is realy amazing quality and i've been waiting for one of these for a while.

I wouldn't recommend cutting it in half. There isn't enough contact area for glue.

Check out the original, one octave OKAY. Maybe this will fit on your print bed? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2556995/

OKAY Synth

I want to make one of these! But where do I get the parts? Your post isn't very clear about what parts you need, but it looks awsome!

Hi, thanks!

I've just updated the description to be clearer about where to buy the parts. Thanks for the recommendation.

(It's here, btw: http://www.oskitone.com/product/okay-2-synth-diy-kit)

If i didn't already have too many synths i would do this in a heartbeat :)

Love this design just wish electronics kit had a better price point, like at least 1/2 would be the only way this makes any sense.

Great design, well made !

I agree, I was really interested in the project, but on a tight college budget, $50+ is a bit much for something like this.

Hi, thanks for this feedback.

I'm hoping to get the price down in the future, but for now, at the small scale that I'm at (I'm just one guy, running this out of my house), this is as low as I can do.

Stay tuned though. I'll have projects in the future with fewer PCBs and parts, thus lower cost.


Did Glitchpudding leave again? that's the only explanation for something so good to be featured...

Well done man, great design!

Whats the real production cost?

Is the design files available for if we have a dual color printer? Id like to try some dif designs

What is the build size required to print this model?

My printer is a Crealty Ender 2 and that's rather on the small end, so I expect I probably can't print this. But I'd like to know what build size is required so I can keep that in mind when I buy my next printer.

240mm wide by 112 long and 38mm tall. It's a pretty big print!