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TFM 8 - 3d printed Transverse Flux Generator

by TanyaAkinora Jan 17, 2018
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Do you have information on its output?

I do not have the ability to run all the tests yet.

Would it work if I scale everything by a factor of 2?

Привет, у меня есть вопрос.
Какое напряжение удалось получить? и при каких оборотах? ю
На перед благодарен.


Thanks a lot for your design.

I 'm trying to create this generator, the coil is ok, the ABS parts ok and magnets too. So, i have a great problem with the iron yoke.
could you tell me which iron used and can i use big iron part 7mm wheight ,instead of stickness 0.5 X 10 parts, because it's really boring to cut the 180 parts of iron in L form.

Could you give me a reference of steel please, i don't find it ?



Hi, Renaud,
I strongly do not recommend doing 7mm steel. It should be a package of iron parts. Ideally, they should be as in the picture.
I used an old transformer. It cost me some broken nails :)
Best regards

I have build it, tested it but unfortunately it is not well suited for a small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.
Due tu iron, it has a lot of cogging while not providing enough current to be interesting :-(

I will continue investigating Axial Flux generators :-)

Thanks anyway for your work !

You're right. This type of generator has a cogging. In this way, I strongly recommend Gen6 for small wind turbines.

И уж пардон, но не повлияет ли такое положение металлических подшипников на работу? Для эксперимента попробуйте заменить их на напечатанные подшипники скольжения. У меня пока нет времени испытывать и печатать..

Ещё вдруг родилась идея: если пластины и (или?) магниты наклонить так, чтобы образовался как бы замкнутый поток силовых линий (сумбурно объяснил :)), то как повлияет на работу. Получится, что магнитный поток не замкнётся в одной П-пластине, а перейдёт в следующую и образует как бы контур,намотанный спиралью трансформаторного железа. Это мой поток сознания, требующий обдумывания или эксперимента :) Пардон.

Здравствуйте. Спасибо за новинку. Про такой тип не слышал.
Если использовать П-образные пластины от трансформатора и соответственно немного поменять конструкцию под них, КПД будет выше? Как раз есть небольшой транс. Кстати можно и Ш-образные пластины взять под две катушки. Пока не знаком с физикой работы, но простота подкупает.

Hi Tanya !

So you improved the first idea you had for the wind generator !
It seems great with the iron parts, it should improve efficiency of the generator :-)

It's a DC generator then ?
About the coil : Is 50m of 0.7mm copper enough or I need more length ?

Thanks ! I will order everything to make this generator and post my results :)

This is not an improved version of the Gen6 generator. Both generators work on different principles.

  1. It is an AC generator
  2. Take the wire 0.4 mm or slightly less- AWG26 to AWG30.
    I did not have a wire less than 0.7 mm, unfortunately.

Yes my bad, it's AC 2 phases, I was not awoken ^^
Ok for the wire so I double the turns ?
Do you have some simple figures like how many volts it produces when turned by hand ?

Thanks :)

This AC one phase.

Yes... :s
Do you have some figures to share ?
I'm printing it at the moment, the stepper Nema 23 I use as a generator requires too much torque for the Wind Turbine and there are too much losses...

Thanks ;-)

I gave generator for testing. The results will be later.

I started to build the beast, I just received the magnets and waiting for the coil.

Just for your information, the housings for the ball bearings are too wide for 608 bearings :)

Anyway, I'm going to test the generator and make a housing for the wind turbine I have. I'll keep you posted !

Comments deleted.

Could you add the STL for the rotor spacer?

I added an STL file (TFM_spacer).

Please include some information like how many loops in the coil, what size wire was used for the coil, what is the inner diameter of the coil so we know what to wrap it around.. what is the voltage or amps used... I look forward to seeing a video of it working at different speeds.

I printed a coil 67X45X12mm from pla to verify fit, and now will make a 2 piece bobbin to wind the coil.
The bobbin will have lacing gaps to allow you to tie the turns before removing it from the form.

Coil 67X45X12mm 200 turns. Wire 0.7mm dia.

Very cool! Any output diagrams for RPM, what kind of output power does this thing actually generate...and is it scalable?

Thank you!
You can scale the model, but with a strict account of the rules for building such machines.
I will conduct bench tests later. My grandchildren do not let me work long :)

да, внуки - это святое :)

Татьяна - поздравляю с новым генератором! Подробности будут? думаю повторить как свободное время будет. купил PetG от ABCmaker, как раз подойдет для этого проекта.

Спасибо! Недавно я завела сой блог и скоро опубликую статью. Чуть позднее я дам ссылку.

Thank you!
Recently I started a blog and will soon publish an article. A little later I'll give you a link.

did you publish the article? link?

thank you

Добро, жду. :)