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Creality CR-10 Z axis cable drag chain

by stevenfayers Jan 15, 2018
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hi, can i get a file file of: (combo_YZ_bracket) ive printed eweryhing for my CR-10 mini and ive modified the heat bed bracket to fit the connector. but now i only miss the combo_YZ_bracket and it will be complete but its 10 cm to long because the cr 10 mini has 10 cm lower print height. thanks, awsome design by the way

i made all the parts this weekend for the CR-10S. They do not fit. The cable from the control unit to the Z axis motor and limit switch is just 40cm. No length enough to guide them through the chain.

Hi Nacra61

Sorry for delay in responding. I did mention in details section that it works only with cable extensions. Sorry if it wasn't clear enough.
Best Regards

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the top and bottom drag chain are the exact same so how do I print the correct bottom if the chains are the same

If you look closely, the top and bottom brackets do differ. One has the cross brace on the same side as the 45 degree section, the other on the other side.

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Are the hammer t-nuts and screws M4s?

The ones I have are M5.

Which set of cable extensions do I need for the CR10s, if someone could post a link or give some guidance on length etc. please

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hi is thay a video showing how to fit this thank you

Sorry, I don't have a video.
Is there a specific bit your are stuck with?

The top bracket doesn't seem to fit my CR-10s. The connection from the stepper motor can't be connected.

Any thoughts?

I think you need top bracket with cutout - the one without the cutout works if you have dampers fitted. Alternatively a bit of snipping to remove a piece of the print would probably work.
Hope that helps.


With the cutout it fits. Thanks!

Will this fit the cr-10 mini


Unfortunately I dont know for sure.

I have one issue with the design. The combo bracket is very flimsy where it attached to the 'chain' pieces. It has broken on me once already. It seems there need to be a thickening of the bracket to give it more strength

Sorry for not getting back earlier. Which part of the bracket? For the Y chain pieces or the Z chain pieces?

Hello, you could have the file "top bracket with cut out" in a Cad format (step-igs) because I would have to adapt it to my double shock absorber printer on the X axis. Thanks

CR-10 Double X stepper damper bracket

I managed to edit the piece, it is not the best but it works. if it is interesting I can share the file

Please post it! Did you convert the file to a solid model?

I create a remix as soon as I can. thank you

This is great! Thanks a ton for sharing! One problem I'm having ... the chain links seem to be too tight and it takes force to get them to turn inside each other. I used the Chris Elkin's Cura profile on my CR-10 to print with 100% infill. Any suggestions?

SOLVED: I vape so i just used a drop of vape juice in each socket and sanded the blobs of any mishape. and gavbe it a proper good 30 second articulation and it made it alot smoother to bend.

Dude we get it you vape. COOOOL

Hmm. Interesting one. Perhaps slight over-extrusion is causing slightly oversize printed sections.
Where is the tightness - on the surfaces that rotate against each other with the pin or on the edge rubbing against the next link?

Perhaps reducing extrusion multiplier a bit to reduce the flow slightly and trying again. If you have digital calipers, some measurements might help?


I turned the extrusion multiplier down and they work well now! I had the multiplier up a bit and I think that made a big difference since the infill was set to 100%. Thank you!

Good idea. I'll try turning down extrusion a bit and printing a couple links and see what that does. If that doesn't do the trick I'll bring out the calipers and post some measurements.


for bolting this down to the frame do I put one on the side and two on the top

Hi. 3 bolts is overkill. 2 is OK. Whichever is most convenient to use and holds it tight.

the y-axis stepper motor cable seems kinda short is it supposed to be like that and how do I connect it to the power box with it that short

You might need cable extensions.

Hi, great idea! Could you post some photos taken from behind? It's not clear for me how to use the chain for the X axis cable, where the bowden tube goes (if it does) and, mostly important, if there is enough room for the filament sensor because I own a CR-10S....


Does the YZ combo bracket need to have 100% infill? I have had multiple failed prints, but only with this design/model. After every fail I recalibrate and reset everything and test a known successful print, but soon as I print the ZY combo, it fails. Also to note I use Cura, and when i load the file it loads upside down, so I rotate 180 degrees for the correct orientation.


In order for it to be rigid 100% is best. If you have repeated problems, I would suggest the separate brackets for Y and Z. They can still be used together.


Design looks so good. But when I printed it and placed exactly the way you did (with 20 links) after Z150, it got squeezed and popped out.

If you move the bottom bracket back a bit does it still happen?

Thank you fort our response, the bottom bracket is mounted further away as much as possible, almost on the corner.
Btw I have dampeners and using the proper top bracket.

Hi, Super design! Just printed and mounted. Fit perfectly. Thanks.
Ps: I just added a couple of holes at the end of the "bottom bracket" to keep incoming wires in place around the place where the bracket is screwed on the 2020 frame. Thank you for sharing your work with us

Hi. Thanks for the feedback and the tip. It is much appreciated. Steven

does the extruder and hot end wires run thru this? i cant see clearly from photos how they exit the chain

Yes, and filament sensor wire if you have that fitted near to the extruder as well. Sorry photo is not that clear.

Would this design work with the Tevo Tornado? I'm wondering if it would because the cable management is not the best on the Tornado.


The accurate answer is "I don't know". Tornado looks like a CR-10 clone but I don't know for sure that the way the X carriage is connected to the Z is the same. Perhaps if you try it and let me know :-)

Thank you Steven for this wonderful design,

After I printed out the set, I realized that you have a stepper moter damper. I do not have one so the bracket wont fit with the cable. I will cut a piece out of the print so it will fit.

I am still waiting for my extension cables to arrive, I will post a picture of the end result as soon as i have everything attached.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to amend the design to cope with both.


I had the same issue as BamboMango.
I cut a 10mm deep x 18mm wide notch in the bracket to account for the motor connection.
I've uploaded a picture via the I Made One link as well as placed a copy here.

The cable chain works great and I am really happy with it. Thumbs up
Thanks for the design!

Looks Awesome and I would love to clean my cr-10's wiring situation, but one question? Are the stock cables long enough to support the mod or do you have to upgrade the cable length? Also is it necessary to print in 100% infill or can you cut that back.

Thanks for any advice in advance

Hi. I have extension cables on my printer. In fact in the picture you can see the chrome connector just hanging at the bottom of the picture.
I think it would be very tight to do it without an extension and may require removing some links from the drag chain and not being able to get to the full 400mm height.

For the upright bottom bracket and the chain links I think 100% infill is needed for strength. The bracket that is under the X stepper could probably be printed with lower infill.

Hope it helps.


Ok thank you. I have been thinking about moving the box to a shelf below the table anyways so I will look into finding some longer wiring. Thanks again and great design

I printed 2 bottom brackets. I thought there was an under extrusion problem but it seems cura has a problem to slice the bracket perfectly. There is missing a complete layer, someone has a solution for this?

not the model! z axis issue ... seems i need to clean the z-rod :(

its possible to use https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2793110 with the drag chain?

CR-10 Double X stepper damper bracket

Hi, I'm doing a remix on this great design that will combine both :)

k i watch out :) ty


I printed this and it came out great! Very nice design. A small note is that i needed only 18 chain link's (9 of each). I would love to remix this model to add a 2nd stepper damper on the backside of the motor. Also i want to add a small connection box on top of the stepper that allows easy change of the hot end.

I'm a bit of a noob with Fusion 360 i'm afraid, so i'm having problems importing the STL. Could you please share the original design files?

Best regards,


Hi Kristiaan

I saw your message and sorry I havent responded earlier, i will try to get the files to you soon.


Thank you so very much man! i've been busy with these files for a while now. Almost done with the remix!

Nice design and much needed. I find the CR-10 and most other "kit" printers have terrible cable management. I'm in the process of creating a control box delete similar to Ric-3D's but with more cable management. This will be a nice addition but I need to make some slight modifications. STEP files would be great if you could include them. This will help me check for clearance and tolerances.