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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by 7Fish Jan 30, 2018
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hi. is there a way to have the neck pieces #12-16 seperate? or all bigger pieces seperate?

Are these cylinders support material or part of the model?

maybe i am too late, but it is support

Hey I'm trying to print this on an F370
I don't need supports
do you have a full file with out any per generated supports?

i am not planed to provided files without supports, as i was currently in progress to trying to build the new and last generation articulated dragon. even there shall not take much effort to provide those versions asked but some reasons i will not provid it. which is mostly i think this model as Experiment and hard to build so i did not recommend try it.

i am sorry.

The pre-gen supports don't come off very well, if at all, so could you include models that don't have them? Thanks

None of the balls and sockets work. Usually they are way to tight and end up breaking. If not, the joints don't seem to fit very well. Really wish I could figure out how you got such a sweet model.

at your word, i have re tested built this one and it seemd too thight even to me. no wonder it keep destoryed at assemble, i will start edited it into have 0.05~0.1 Tolerance for ball and soket, make slightly larger scale, but it will take some time with another test prints

i am sorry for your wasted matrials and time because of me.

Which program did you model it in please?

it is 3ds max student licence.

I know you've done a lot of hard work on this at its lovely, but would it be ok to share the original 3ds files so we can each improve the joints? Id really like to make this model but its too hard as it is.

Please Look at last of file list 'Wym 2011' as it is already on share.

i only wish it help you understand it's experimental Wing structure and help build your own dragon.

Thank you!. and i am sorry that i made it so hard to build.

No matter what scale I use none of the joints seem to fit properly. I put the head and first neck section into meshmixer and measured them and it was saying that the hole is smaller than the ball joint that's supposed to fit into it. Is there supposed to be a gap so they can fit together or is it supposed to be that tight?

It was supposed be that thight to point the ball it self squished a bit. It’s why parts oriented weird angle to ball’s neck withstand strain under soket. It need quite force to ball put in to soket.

When I tried putting the ball into the socket they usually just broke and then still didn't even fit properly. I even tried sanding them down but no matter what I tried I couldn't get them to fit together. I think part of the problem is that my printer is on the cheaper side and cant print things that precisely. Would it be possible for you to post alternate versions of them that have a bit of clearance in the joints? It would make things work a lot more smoothly for people who cant get the most accurate prints such as myself.

Edit: I would also like to print it scaled up very large and to do that there would need to be a bit of a change to the ball and socket fit so that it can be scaled properly. If it's possible I would love to have an alternate version of the models available.

i tried printing. after 3 attempts it finally printed. but it wouldn't go together. ill try again tomorrow, probably increasing size to 125% see if that gives my printer enough tolerance. i really want this to work. it looks so good

I rather recommend you print part by part, even I provided whole Sets. build set of wing system first, then body. It was hard to build, even to me.

Holly crap man!.... why is my printer not working?!? I need to rpint this.... i need to fix that bloody printer.

I printed the first set, and every time I either remove some supports or try and put two parts together, the ball joint breaks off. I think I should print one piece at a time at a much larger scale and that might help, but do you have any suggestions for printing or assembly that would make this go smoother?

Can i ask you link imeage that how the ball was destroyed? i have certain suspect that may cause broken off of the ball. there was filiped mesh inside of the ball that originally intended forced fill the ball as you can see in slicer preview, but i think it intead cause weakend of the ball which i was did not experience of it when i build model part by part.

I am sincerely sorry for your waste of material and time, i will trying to fix it.

Totally okay about the material and time; I knew it was a risky print for my rig.

Unfortunately, I don't have a image for you because I trashed the failed parts. The balls just snapped off at the skinny end though.

I think printing at a larger scale might be a big help for me, though I also welcome any advice on putting together ball-jointed prints. I've only succeeded at two (both pangolins) and have failed to print or assemble a few others. I couldn't seem to find assembly advice in a google search.

hi =) Awesome design,
one thing i've seen, on Set 1, the Dragon head seems to have problems once it's sliced (missing lines at the height of the eyes) any ideas how to fix that?

When i checked that parts i found that inner eye soket was open and not capped and welded, i have upload fixed and replace now. hopefully, it shall be fine. but not sure.

Thank you for point out, i was dosen't notice in my slicer .

Wow! Looks incredible. What you did with the wings is really great... and you made a template for cutting the fabric!

And your Dragonology is incredible too. after i made this one i started build your own dragon to overcome base deformation trouble and welding parts because your dragon is too pretty to not to print :)

Thank you!

Another amazing model! Thanks for sharing!

Very clever wing design. I've been trying something similar but haven't gotten good results. Yours looke quite good.
Are the wing bone halves just snapped together or are they glued?

Snap together first but that was not enough, so i had apply gule a bit on Wing limb A,B,C Snap fit point.

Thank you!