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by tristomietitoredeituit Jan 13, 2018
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Do you think it would be possible to provide a wiring diagram for the battery holder? I tried hooking it up as shown in the image and I ended up causing a small fire and melted the wires to scorched slag.

I'm pretty new to electronics, so I'm a bit confused by why you use two boost converts. Is it one for each battery?

Hi, is there any chance to fit an Arduino nano with I/O shield in the chassis? Greetings

  1. I want to add pan and till servo control camera top of quad_power-shell.stl ( OV7670 camera )
  2. quad_power-shell.stl inside clear surface so that I can mount Lithium Polymer
  3. Clear space inside chassis so that I can mount control board. Everything will be controlled from this control board

Currently, I am looking for those changes

Hi, I am designing a custom control board for it. I want to add some more features to it. I am also working on one mobile app to control this. I need some designing change to it. Do you have some time to do changes?

Hi, it depends from the changes. At the moment I'm quite busy but if they are small changes, I could do them

can you put some more pictures of the interior on it

Hello, great design! Can I ask what you used for battery contacts on the power shell? Thanks.

hi i cant upload the code to my digispark...
can you help me please...

I am in the middle of printing all of the parts and have all the components on the way. I there a chance we can get the files in STEP format for Fusion 360. I would love to contribute but I don't want to have to rebuild all the work you have done from scratch. TIA

I'm sorry but I can only export in that format

Hey, Sorry I took so long but I've got a remix up that contains some code and instructions to allow these creations to start walking around. Please feel free to integrate it with your original and once you do I will remove the remix. Just let me know if there are any questions and I'll do my best to assist!

Great! Thanks, I'll do that tomorrow.

I've printed this out and assembled it and starting writing code, but the tolerances in the shoulder joints seem to be too loose.
They pop out of the e-frame constantly and don't fit very well :(
Has anybody else noticed this ?

Yep, same problem here. There is a big gap between the servo case and the support and they just fall down. :(
Did you managed to fix this, I suspect the base part needs to be edited.

I made this revision of the servo case(s) so they fit better into the sockets:

Let me know if it helps.

SMARSD Quad Servo Case with extended mountpoints

Thanks. That seems better, I'll try them out.

Btw, what software did you use to open the files?
I want to alter the base frame for a different controller.

I imported them into OpenSCAD and wrote a short script from there to position a small cube on the end of the existing nobbles.
Since the files are STLs, you could use pretty much any CAD program you want: Blender, OpenSCAD, Fusion360, SolidWorks, etc.

The source files are provided but not in a know format (STEP, ...) they are in A_PRT format that I have no idea what it is.
Is a binary format so I couldn't; even get the tool that generates them.
Edit the STL is an option as well but not as clean.

I’ve built this and got it walking, I even was able to add minor obstacle avoidance using an ultrasonic sensor and control it using a wired joystick. What I don’t understand is how to receive video wirelessly using the recommend parts, and how can I use that receiver to not only get video but also send user input wirelessly. Thanks in advance! Love the design btw!

Hi and thanks. So the video system has to be combined with the Bluetooth or another wirless communication system. When I designed it I thought to use my smartphone to control it by Bluetooth and receive the images with a video receiver with OTG adapter, but it can also work with VR glasses or a monitor for drones.
I don't think that the video transmitter can also be used as a bidirectional communication system.
Can you share your code with the community? It would be really helpful for a lot of members, thanks

Ok that makes sense, I guess the part that I’m stuck on is how does the wireless transmitter antenna fit in with Arduino, is there a library that allows them to communicate with each other, or are they natively compatible, or what exactly? I’d be happy to share my sketch and to make a small wiring diagram so that some of the confusion gets eliminated, but how would you like me to upload it?

They are two separate systems. They just share the same power supply. If you use a phone as controller, you have to use 2 apps in split screen or design an app that combine OTG video input with Bluetooth data transmission. For the upload you can upload all here and mark it as a remix or join the Facebook group and upload your progress there

Thank you! That’s what I didn’t get, but that makes sense! I’ll go ahead and prepare an upload and put it up later today. If you would like you could even incorporate it in the main download that you offer here, just let me know.

I can add your work here and give you the credits you deserve

Was this ever added? Thanks very interested in this remix.

Not yet, I'm still waiting for the work of MattOpara

One thing that that's been left out is that you need to download the original SMARS models as well and print out the chassis.stl file.
I figured this out after trying to find out how the holder board fit and noticing that it looked like there was another part that was supposed to go in the frame_e.stl part but couldn't figure out what it was.

Maybe there are others from the original SMARS project that need to be printed as well, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

If we want to go straight to this quad robot without making the original SMARS, what parts from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2662828 do we need?

SMARS modular robot

Will the "Mk2" version ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2829401 ) work? I only see "chassis_-SL" included in the original SMARS robot, and that has two large connectors not shown in the QUAD Mod.

SMARS Chassis_S Mk2

Did that one worked? The _SL has some parts that seem to fit the wheels of teh other project.

I'm pretty sure that's the one I printed as well (from what I can tell you won't be using those side screw holes as they're used for the wheeled version).

Thanks for the quick reply, both the original smars and this mod are amazing, thanks for sharing it!

I'll be constructing this probably later this month. I was wondering if anyone could post a video of it working. I'd like to see how well it works.

Hi, for the moment nobody in the community shared an Arduino sketch for this model. I made a demo (it simply gos forward), you can see it at the end of this video https://youtu.be/JCqkuDWNzIg (it was still in development at that time, there was an external power supply). Probably with a better code, it can do better than that.

A okay, I was unaware there wasn't a functional version yet. That video doesn't look bad and I'll share my code if I get it working before you post something. I'll likely be using a raspberry pi though and try to eliminate the need for the atmega chips.

That's great, especially because I'm not a good programmer. The idea of the pi is good and with some small arrangements, it's possible to mount a pi zero in it. I suggest to use the I2C servo controller, so it's easy to connect all the servos, give each motor the right current and you have just 2 wires that go to the rPi.

I already spent money for parts please provide with code and instructions

Minimum it takes two weeks (only for the instructions). I made a demo but I'm not a programmer so considering the comparative advantage in doing this, I prefer to invest time in designing. There is a group of french people in the community that are interested in doing some code for this mod, you can try to follow their progresses

just make detailed instructions for each variant of parts and assembly and ill get my friend to write up some code thanks .

even if it takes two weeks

Thanks for share. I very enjoy with your thing
However, I don't fine the file inside quadruped. Are you miss file?
Please provide it

The missing parts, are pieces of the original SMARS and you can find them here SMARS modular robot found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2662828

SMARS modular robot

Would it be possible to control this with a pi zero instead so that you could have wireless control and video over WiFi instead of using the video transmitter?

Sure, I have chosen this solution for a budget reason but it's possible.

hey i really like your project but you say that it's a mod but it's a mod for what ?

Hi and thanks! It's a mod for the original SMARS https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2662828

SMARS modular robot

are there any instructions on how to assemble this thing?

Here's what I did to build(most) of mine last weekend:
Print out all the parts. When you print them, mark which ones are the servo_module and servo_module_m and leg and leg_m. You'll need those later.
Look at the pictures. There are pictures of the robot from the front and the back. If you look at how the robot in the pictures are assembled, you'll get an idea of how it's put together and what you have to do to assemble it properly.

Can I expect an instructions?

Not in the next two months. I'm really busy. You can try to ask to the community