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Thor Mjolnir Hammer Bic Pen

by effektz Jan 7, 2018
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Printed with no problems. Anycubic Kossel PLUS. Handle needs some finishing with file or sandpaper, but overall is great

Everything is printing fine except for the pen portion, once it gets more than half way up the print gets ruined.

i have the Anet A8 printer and i try to print the pen-handle in vertical but when the printer goes in 70% the pen-handler does
not sit still, i try it in horizontal but it doesn't so good.... any help to vertical??

The pen handle is full of supports from the bottom to the edge, did someone try to print the pen handle without support?
I use Cura with ender3 profile

I printed the tip and hammer with supports, handle without - just slowed down the printing speed and no supports were needed.

What is the weight of the full hammer in parts or whole in grams without the pen? I am looking at printing from a place that charges .20 cents per gram and would like to roughly know the expense.

May I know what kind of refill this pen is? I have never seen such a refill.

Comments deleted.

By any chance you have the solid model? I want to remix it for a different ink pen refills?

Printed successfully with my Dobot Mooz 2Z.

Also used Wood PLA for the handle and painted with silver Tamiya hobby paint.

Comments deleted.

Cannot get the pen handle to print for Prusa i3. Tried the bundled Prusa software, tried Cura, even tried Tinkercad. Cannot get an actual complete gcode. Did anyone get this to work? The Hammer base and pen tip work perfectly.

OK, got it. Apparently this is the issue with multiple prints i have tried. Large areas not rendering at all. Tried the Prusa, Tinkercad and Cura. BUT.. Open in 3d Builder from Microsoft, save as .obj, open in Prusa slicer, save as .stl, works perfectly!

I'd love to get this to work but I've printed the handle 4 times with different settings and the middle gets so gunked up the pen won't fit. The stand and the hammer came out great.

Do you have a pic you could share that shows the issue?

Anyone have one of these that is printable on the Monoprice Mini V1?

May i ask what Infil level people used i had 3 pen handles break and i was at 20% to 25% when those happened and trying 40% now.

The pen handle should be almost solid. How many shells (perimiters) are you using? Is there a specific place where it breaks?

between the middle and a tad further up, if you mean outer perimeter speed it's 45mm, i use Cura currently.

it seems very solid now at the 40% that i used on the infil

In Cura what is your Wall Thickness? It is under the Shell part of the settings

says Shell thinkness 0.8mm and the top bottom thinkness is 0.6mm

I like many others can't seem to get the handle to a printable state. It is full of errors. See the image below, can you help at all?

What slicer is this? I have sliced with cura and Simplify 3D and have had no issues. Can you try one of those?

It's Slic3r. I will give it a shot, but it wasn't working in cura for me either.

pasted from above...I got it to work. I think it's a Prusa issue.
Apparently this is the issue with multiple prints i have tried. Large areas not rendering at all. Tried the Prusa, Tinkercad and Cura. BUT.. Open in 3d Builder from Microsoft, save as .obj, open in Prusa slicer, save as .stl, works perfectly!

What did you use to paint the handle?

I used Bark Brown acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby

I used Wood PLA for the handle and Silver PLA for the hammer. I then stained the handle not done but close

Comments deleted.

Yes, I was printing from a SD card. Card was formatted and had only the files for that hammer on it.
I downloaded “Cura and Simplify3D”. I just started using Simplify 3D and so far I love it. Works Great. I will try Cura next.
With this program I am printing with USB cable. I do like this much better.
Thank You So Very Much for your quick response to my problem.

I have Both Prusa Control and Prusa3d Slic3r MK2. I tried to do a REpair, but didn't work.
The handle starts to print just fine, just a few minutes into the print, the extruder moves up about 3", spits out some PLA, Stops again and moves up again about a half inch and stops......print done. when you look at the print in Prusa control, about 3" of the handle is missing. ?????? any ideas

Seems like your slicer is causing this. I have used Cura and Simplify3D and both work fine. Curious, are you printing from an SD card? If so you might want to check and see if your card is full. I have had that happen where it only saved partial GCODE on a SD card. Had to reformat it. If not, I would try using Cura and see if you see the same issue? I'll check out the Prusa3D slicer to see if there is some issue

I downloaded the files to print on my Prusa i3 MK2, BUT it seems that the "Pen-Handle" file is corrupted.(everything else prints just fine), Is there a site I can go to , to download these files clean. Or perhaps you may have a suggestion on how to print.
Any Help Would Be much appreciated. Thanks

Had the same issues, worked it out and pasting from above. Apparently it's a Prusa software thing..
OK, got it. Apparently this is the issue with multiple prints i have tried. Large areas not rendering at all. Tried the Prusa, Tinkercad and Cura. BUT.. Open in 3d Builder from Microsoft, save as .obj, open in Prusa slicer, save as .stl, works perfectly!

What slicer are you trying to use?

In which orientation did you print the hammerhead? I am asking because there is this protruding on the bottom.

And I've got an idea for a remix. As a hammer is heavy as we all know, this hammer should also be heavy. I tried to hollow it, put a hole in it and fill it with sand you use in bird cages. But when hollowing the hammer I realized that there are two faces inside the hammerhead. I think this comes from the modelling process. Did you combine the two beveled sides of the hammer to the main body?

I tried to get around this somehow but to no avail. Also when hollowing it out I wanted to create internal support using Meshmixer. Still that results in a doctoring around and looks far from "how it should be done" i.e. messy and botchy.

I printed the hammer head with the end on the hammer flat on the bed (see pics attached). I thought of doing that as well making it hollow however since the hammer is so small, I found that since you have to split the hammer in two pieces it was incredibly hard to hide the line when you mate the two surfaces. I am sure it can be done however I did not see the value in spending so much time on something that small. I did print the big hammer which was hollow inside and I had an insanely hard time feathering out the line where the two halves meet and that was on a large print.

Also note that there are problems with this model too from the original. I am still new to modeling so I could not figure out ways to correct all the problems with the original model. I have a friend who is much more profiecent at modeling than I help me with this and he said in all honesty that it would be easier to remodel the who thing than to try and repair it.

But in the end this remix is still a great piece for most of the users to print out and have on thier desks. I encourage anyone who has better modeling skills to fix the original model :)

Yes this model is not optimal for FDM printing. The insignias are extruded without overhang-protection. From every possible alignment there are 60-90 degree overhangs.
I tried to fix some faces in Blender but STL models are a pain to modify. Fusion 360 or most other CAD tools make no difference.
Best would be to remodel the whole thing with FDM prinitng and predefined alignment in mind. Maybe printing the hammer sides with the insignia seperatly and model some connections.
Would be nice to have the pen tip retention section in a CAD compatible mesh format.

just use supports....

Hi, what kind of pen is this? Iam in Austria and on other countrys are other "tolerances" or "qualitys" ... btw very nice!
What kind of color do yo use? Acryl?

I'm from Germany. Those are Crystal Big Pens. You can get them in Austria aswell.
I have printed the tip and they fit. Albeit the tip and handle fit too losely together. But I switched to gray filament for this print and haven't put much effort in calibrating extruder steps and extrusion multiplier.
Just search for Bic Crystal Pen.

Tx for the remix! Printed out great BUT...

How do you affix the handle and the tip together -- it's not a snug fit and I don't want to glue it or it's a one and done type thing -- what am I missing?

You can glue it, however mine was really snug. What happens is you insert the the ink pen in through the hole at the tip and it will stay in place. So you are fine to glue it if you want. I made it with a cap also incase anyone wants to do a fancy feather tipped pen. Hope this helps!

Hmmmmm...Tx for responding so quickly -- I tried a BIC Cristal pen cartridge and it was loose at the tip too -- guess I'll have to come up with a solution to fix both together that is semi-permanent. Thanks again for the model - it will surely be a conversation starter on my desk!

No problem! It seems like somehow the tip you printed had increased in size. You could try just reprinting the tip at something like 2% smaller and see if that fits better

Yeah I was thinking about that as well -- I'm probably going to take a mic to the BIC I have and see how much it will need to be reduced and then mic the handle portion and see if that will tighten that joint up as well.

Way to look out for your fellow "Maker" bro!! I'll be sure to post a "made" pic as soon as I'm through post and paint!

Awesome! I can't wait to see it. Let me know if you have any other questions!