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Laundry Detergent Cup Drain

by davwilso Jan 6, 2018
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Thank you for making and sharing this!

I've printed the Kirkland V3 version and I'm sure my wife will be ecstatic.

Quick design question. Why is it so tall above the bottle? Is the height required by the internal design, designer's aesthetic preference, because of viscous liquid flow, or something else? By external appears, this seems like it could be more compact.

This is great! Thank you davwilso. It didn't fit the cup for the Gain i purchased so i designed an adapter ring that fits inside this design for Gain from Walmart as of 6/18/2019.

Adapter ring for Gain

Nice design. I should have measured first. Does not fit All Brand detergent.

Would you be willing to upload your F3D file with history captured so that we could modify the actual diameter of the drain? Totally understand if that's not a place you want to go, but it would be nice for adapting to new cups and such... Thanks!

Brilliant. We stopped using these liquid dispensers because of the messy cups, maybe time to reconsider.

This is a great design. Awesome.
Tenthrow is right they changes the cup size bigger and the threads are different. Someone else on here made the cup size bigger and gave full credit to dave - the cup size on that one is great but it does ooze and leak no matter how tight you make it - so I think they did change the threads somehow.

Really great! I saw you added the .step file and that's awesome too! I was trying to find the sketch or variable to set the diameter and thread pitch but it doesn't seem to be included int the file... :( Do you have any ideas how I can change it without?

Really great! I saw you added the .step file and that's awesome too! I was trying to find the sketch or variable to set the diameter and thread pitch but it doesn't seem to be included int the file... :( Do you have any ideas how I can change it without?

You guys know most people just rinse the cup out in the washer as the water is filling in, right?

Sure, if your washer will let you. Ours however will not do anything, including filling the water, unless you close the lid.

some of us are rebels.

That is exactly what I was thinking! It absolutely unnecessary.

Unless you have a front load washer

First and foremost, this is one of my favorite models to print of all time. It's ingenious and I love it.

So my wife bought a new bottle Tide about 2 weeks ago, and this drain would no longer fit. It seems they reduced the size of the bottle opening a little but and widened the measuring cup. I managed to get the drain to fit the bottle with a bit of force but, then detergent just ended up running down the sides because the cup is now to big.

Have you noticed this change yet? I am going to try to edit the step file but I didn't see the sketches or design timeline when I loaded it into Fusion. Thanks for the hard work and enriching my (and by extension) my wife's laundry experience.

Next time I’m at the store I’ll check them out, I haven’t seen a change yet. I’m glad you like this thing. It’s been really rewarding to share this idea with so many people. I’ll update it as soon as I have the chance to take measurements of the new bottle.

Comments deleted.

I printed this recently and followed the comment about 80° support settings and it worked flawlessly on a tide bottle. A great and handy print

I resized it to 82.5% to fit Snuggle Exhilarations fabric softener bottle

This was too small for our Exhilarations 96 oz bottle (siplyify3d). Threads on that bottle are 1-3/16" OD. Or it's a different slicer thing...

How do I free the collar? Is my printer just over extruding?

the collar was stuck on my print with supports too.

This is an amazing idea and exemplary design. Thank you for doing it.

Have you thought of including supports in your model between the cap and body around the backside? It prints in place just fine using supports "touching build" except for the back part of the moving cap where it overhangs the model itself (not the build plate). if you modeled in some pointy supports there ever 5mm or so you could get the overhangs and bridges printed fine without having to worry about adding them in the slicer.


Thanks, I'm glad you like it. If you are using Cura there is a work around, I didn't think it was worth making custom supports because you can adjust the overhang support angle to 80 degrees and the supports to support everywhere. This will support overhangs only above 80 degrees, which will keep supports on the cap and the overhang at the very top of the print but not inside the drainage channel. Hopefully this works for you and everyone else too!

thanks for the reply and hint. will changing that from the stock 50deg to 80deg for "everywhere" supports also remove them from INSIDE the throat of your model? trying to avoid having supports inside the structure for proper drainage

Yep that’s the idea, you can play with the angle and check in the slicer to verify the supports are only where you want them. I set it to 80 degrees and it eliminated the supports inside the throat but kept them for the cap and the top of the tray where you need them.

Anyone knows if this works with the Arm & Hammer Oxi-Clean Max bottle?

Took 5 hours to print one on my delta mini. It came out great... it just won't fit my oxiclean bottle. Dangit.

This needs to win awards!

Any chance you could do one with a different thread pitch, or release the Fusion file for editing?
Or just post as two separate pieces, I can make my own cap. :-)

Cool! But I'm always just put it inside the drum ) So it's perfectly clear every time.

You set it on this and it’ll be perfectly clear every time. )

I love it when I find something I didn't know I needed. Cool design, going to have to print one and try it out. thanks!

Brilliant! much better idea than losing every cup in the laundry pile!

Wait... You mean to tell me I shouldn't just wash my detergent cap with the rest of the laundry? I've been doing it wrong all these years.

HAHA, This is a really great idea and glad to see it working for so many people. I need to get my printer up and running so I can get one too!

Genius! I'll be printing this tonight! Great design I'll post my results.

Very clever and well designed, so I don't mean any disrespect by this but I'm insanely curious... why not just set the cup back on the shelf right side up when you're done? Sure, it will have a little detergent pooled in the bottom of it when you go to use it next, but what difference does that make? Seems like a lot of effort to fix a problem that isn't really there. I'm probably missing something...

Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you asked that question actually. Ironically, I used to do the same thing. I’d pour the detergent into the washer and put it back on the shelf with a little left in the cup. Over time you may notice that it begins to build up in the cup, which I’m guessing is the water evaporating and leaving behind a thick gel. Eventually you’ll have to rinse it out because it doesn’t just pour out in the next wash if it’s been sitting for a week. Or maybe you don’t have that problem. If you don’t, maybe ask your husband/wife/mom if they rinse the cup out when they do laundry.

But why not rinse it out every time as the washer is filling up with water???

This. Lol, it's like paste after 3-4 washes and only gets worse!

By the way...BRILLIANT idea!

Tried it on our big bottle of Purex, and it's just a bit too small by about 1mm. Still an excellent design, and I'm going to keep it just in case we change detergents.

Sorry it didn’t work for you. I’m wondering if this design is potentially scalable...it’s possible because the top tray is a few millimeters larger than the cup. If it’s just slightly off size for you maybe it’ll fit if you scale it? Let me know if you try that what happens!

I printed one out hoping it would fit the my detergent but was too large.
Can you post the source so we can remix it for other brands?

I should probably spend some time cleaning up the model before I share it since it was a bit rushed, so there’s some clean up to do to make it easier to modify. My plan is to release a second version that is slightly more efficient in terms of print time, plastic usage and some minor improvements so I’ll clean up and share that model once it’s finished and you can remix that version.

Hi, I printed it last nite, and for me as well, the bottle is just a bit too big. I know you want to clean up the model, but until you do, could you post a STEP file (or any other universal solid model file) please? It would make the modifying much simpler than with the STL. Once you cleaned it up, then you can post the new clean one if you like, take this as a "temporary" step if you like... haha... If you prefer not to, that's fine, I'll make my own from scratch, but yours is perfect, so why make another one right!
Thanks for the cool idea!

Ok, I’ll post a step file tonight.

Awesome, thank you!

Well now there's a problem with my printer, I ordered a part last nite, so I'll have to wait for that before I can print, but I will, and appreciate it!

You sir are brilliant :) I will be printing one of these ASAP!

Nice design! Tried it, but doesn't fit Costco's Kirkland Tide clone. Should've measured first, but turned out nice.

Why didn't I see this comment before printing?

If you're interested, someone has remixed an adapter for the Kirkland brand laundry detergent container

Here's the link to the Kirkland adapter: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2762010

Kirkland detergent adapter for laundry soap holder
by Tails86

If it’s really close you might be able to scale it...I’ve never tried it but now I’m really curious if it’s possible

Great design. I'm printing one out right now. It will fit my 'Downy' bottle.
I use "All" detergent. It has a smaller top cap. Did you get the cap dimensions from an online library?
I would like to tray and modify your design so I can use it on the smaller cap size of the "All" bottle.

I just saw in your description how you used pictures to make the threaded cap.

What material do you think would be the least likely to react with the detergent or leach a color into it?
I may have to throw a few samples into a bowl of Tide and see what happens!

Shouldn't have a color leaching problem with PLA but worth noting 'natural' uncolored PLA is widely available as well.

I would suggest PLA, it is very stable, easy to print, and I think you will find that there is no reaction whatsoever between PLA and laundry detergent. In fact you would be hard pressed to find a chemical that's not lethal that can leech colour out of PLA.
If you do the test anyways, post your results! I'm interested to see what you come up with!

This is an absolutely awesome idea! Can't wait to print it and try it out.

Thanks! I hope you like it!