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AM8 X Carriage & 40mm Rear Fan Duct

by AnotherDIYGuy Jan 6, 2018
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Very compant design. I like it. However there was no nuts across bolts. This may cause bolt licking problem after a few attempt to remove/re-assembly the hotend.

Would it be possible to make a bracket for the original Roko SN04 level sensor for this kit?

gracias por compartir este carro para mi am8 es un buen trabajo, pero estaria mejor con unos huecos para poder coger los cables con bridas y el final de carrera del eje X incluir en carro, gracias

thanks for sharing this car for my am8 it is a good job, but it would be better with a few holes to be able to take the cables with flanges and the end of stroke of the X axis included in the car, thanks

Hello ! Thanks for this great design !
I'm planning to use it for my AM8 + E3D v6 + BLTouch upgrade :D
Can you provide the probe position setting for marlin with bltouch mount (normal & v2 ? )
Thanks a lot !!!

Thanks for the design, it's great, have you thought about using a 5050 centrifugal fan, how the next? I would be very interested in designing a support to include the mistral, could you send me the files for solidworks, inventor or the program that you used to design it?


can be modified for Igus rj4jp 01 - 08? Does it work actually for anet a8?

I used RJ4JP-01-08 works fine

The only mods to make it work for stock Anet A8 is I had to make a spacer for my x-endstop, see attached pic.
I used a scrap piece of carbon sheet to space the endstop screws about 1/2 inch away from the bracket holes. Otherwise the carriage will crash into the frame before it hits the endstop.

a remix of the fan shroud. it has a third hole for air for better cooling
kühler2 is for 60mm fan
kühler is for original 40mm fan

assembling my carriage, and running into issues with the BLTouch v2 Mount. It is hitting the new fan shroud. looks like it needs to be spaced over to the right side of the carriage a bit.

Comments deleted.

Hello, thank you for the design.
I have backpressure problem and a bad cooling (for the model).
I use a very cheap 40mm fan from Aliexpress.
If i usa a 40mm×20mm Noctua fan, will it resolving my cooling problem?

Thank toi.

hello saw that you change the fan to cool the stamapa, what settings should you put ??

Great job! I have a question. I must be missing something, but how do you mount the X endstop. I do not seem to have any horizontal platform to attach the x endstop holder.

Nice design! Im going to convert to a bowden extruder on my Anet A8, still waiting for it to get delivered and Im going to try this design.
I like the fact that the fan is located in the back, it'll both distribute the weight and also gives a clear view of the nozzle.
Time to start printing!

Hi, it would be really nice if you could release the Fusion360 files. I tried the carriage with some Igus bearings and it‘s just a tiny bit too small. The bearings don’t like to be pressed and therefore make a light grinding noise. Or maybe you can release another version with some bigger diameter for the bearings?

This model can be printed with PLA? Or only ABS?



I printed mine in PLA and haven't had any problems...


Thanks my friend!

Perfect job!

Cheers from Brazil.


Hi, thanks for the shared files.
I printed it and I confirm that the BL touch is too close to the fan duc arm. so I did one in aluminium to put it one mounting hole far, it's mutch better like this. I make two other holes in the back face to install the x cable chain support , also in aluminium.
and the all mount is on my Anet A8 not the AM8 ;) . as you can see on the pics. need some modif on the firmware.
good job overall.

hi thanks,,
nice design ive printed it and used it but cant get a decent airflow through the duct,
tried 40mm 50mm 60mm fans but the airflow is really poor most of the air is back pressure,
ive printed a combined hotend fan with a bolt on part cooling fan duct,i would like to put one on the other side as well but the bl mount is in the way,any chance you could design a bl mount to attach to the back brass nut inserts on the same side as original as im not very good at design,
i really appreciate the work you have put into this,
keep up the good work

Hi, Sorry about that... I redesigned the duct to be much larger to solve the back flow issue a few weeks back and forgot to upload it. I just replaced the smaller duct with the newer version in the files tab. I have been using the larger version on my printers with great success...

As for the BLTouch mount. I don't even use a BLTouch on my printers. I manually level the beds. I only added because people requested it. So spending time to design a rear mount that I won't benefit from is not on my list of things to do. If you print the new fan duct you won't need to relocate the BLTouch...


printed the larger one and just tried it it seems to have a lot more air im using a 60mm fan im going to try a 40mm fan when it arrives,
found the bl touch mounts both foul the arm but if you move the straight one one pitch of the hole it works fine till i can remix the mount,
thanks again for your design,
cheers eddie

Yeah on the bigger duct I am not getting any back pressure using the stock Anet 40mm fans. I did purchase a bunch of Fractal 40mm fans which should provide similar flow albeit a bit quieter. They will replace the stock Anet 40mm fans for the fan ducts and the hotends on all three of my AM8s... It felt weird buying $65 worth of fans. o.0

What do you mean when you say "foul" the arm? Mine printed so the holes both lined lined up with the carriage holes...


cheers for the reply ,ive managed to design a touch mount for the back of the main carriage some big offsets though lol,and remixed a fan mount so i can use a 40mm fan on either side,still using the carriage though and many thanks for that,

Hi Thanks for this design.
Maybe a stupid question : i have an issue with my heatsink fan (can't reach 190°C with it); disconnected it to reach 190°C, and of course it melted the support doh!
Can PLA be used with this design ? or should we rely on another material ?


3 hours later : Reply to myself (insert Alone meme here)
Actually my heat block was in contact with the heat sink.
Just separated them with a Nut + a layer of insulator All is fine now

Very nice concept.
I found that a single Noctua 40mm fan is to weak to act as a parts cooler unfortunately.
Also, if you're planning to use this on a P3Steel frame, you wont be able to move the x gantry to the far left as the fan duct will collide with the frame. So a loss of about 3-4cm print area on the left will be present.

It would be totally awesome if you can add a mount for the original radial fan. ;)

What size hole did you design for the 46mm Carriage? I am trying to attach the clam to the carriage 3mmx10 do not work? Any suggestions?

The design calls for threaded inserts to be used on both the 45mm and 46mm versions. The holes are 4mm on those two versions I believe. You will need to purchase these (https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Female-Knurled-Threaded-Embedment/dp/B01IYWTCWW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1518404703&sr=8-2&keywords=3mm+threaded+insert)

I have also added another 45mm version with 2.8mm holes that allow for the use of 3mm screws.

When I get around to it I will add a 46mm version with 2.8mm holes. It might take a couple weeks though as I am working on other projects....


Thank you for the reply. I would wait for the update 46. I did print the old one, I love ur design a lot. Thanks again. I will check in few weeks for the updated.


Whats offsets for e3d and bltouch

For the straight mount:

Is these the only parameters that have to be changed in the firmware to get this beauty to work properly?

Hi ! i've seen your carriage on the fb group but couldn't find it until now ! i have some questions, is it compatible with the anet a8 or only AM8 ? will it be adapted for igus bearings ? also, for the LM8UU stock anet a8 bearings, how to know if ours are 45 or 46 mm ?

thank you for this carriage, i plan to use it with noctua aswell :)


The problem with using it on the Anet A8's acrylic frame is that the fan shroud hits the frame when returning to the X endstop...

The openings for the bearings on this design are 15mm in diameter. So any bearing with an O.D. of 15mm will fit. I am pretty sure Argus bearings are 16mm O.D. but there are others out there that are 15mm O.D..

In order test the distance of your X axis rods, use a set of digital calipers and measure from top outside to the bottom outside edges. Then subtract half of each rod diameter 4mm each for a total of 8mm. This will give you CTC. For example mine measure 53mm on the outside edges minus the 8mm equals 45mm CTC...

On a side note I am finding that stringing is an issue. I have created a couple new fan shroud designs and testing another as I type this. Keep an eye out for a new fan shroud to be posted soon..



Would it be possible to share the Fusion 360 files?

The threaded inserts you said to use are not all that easy to get unless I go online, can you upload an stl that has smaller holes to just thread the screws directly into? I have everything swapped over to this but I am unable to attach the hotend...

The carriage with 2.8mm holes is now available...

IS this for the 46mm carriage and Clamp? (or only for the smaller Carriage)


Yes you will need to purchase them online. Amazon carries them as do places like Aliexpress. I can alter the file to except 3mm machine screws. I am just worried they won't hold up. With that said, I will create one and add it to the list...


Tips for how to orient elements (and requirement for supports during print) ?

Fan Shroud - exterior supports only

Carriage - supports optional, if you use support removing it from around the belt tensioners might be an issue. If printing without support you will need to file the E3D mount hole a little to get it to fit.

I printed the parts with 30% infill

I think there is no need to add support for the Fan Shroud. I printed perfectly without support. See attachments