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by RynosaurusRex Jan 6, 2018
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100% de relleno ? :O

Amazing! Out of curiosity, how did you make the model?

I don't have a printer myself so I'm trying to make use of an online service. Most don't allow files over 50-60(?) MB to be uploaded. Can you reduce it without compromising structure/detail?

Gracias por compartir me encanta
Filamento fluorescente

hello, thank you for this beautiful objects. Would you like to make the moon so successful? because I find that the stl of moon in line are far to equal the stl of your planet Jupiter. thanks again

How do i print this model well without supports? The top few layers have perimeters printing in mid air


I just made a stand for this amazing creation.

It's one of my first creations, so don't go too hard, I'm just triying to help :)

I hope it helps you!


jupiter light stand

Cool, thanks! What did you use for illumination, where did you get the LED and circuit to run it?

Hi! I use a regular led like the ones sold for educational purposes. It works at 5V, so with a 3AAA pack you don't need anything else but soldering the positive and the negative wire from the batteries to the led. You can also search for a led that works at 9V and use only one battery.

I used a part I took from an electric candle because it has a switch on it, but I added to the model a bottom so you can use any support that fits on the bottom and close it :)

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Like this I'll have to throw it on the printer.

What's the diameter of the hole at the base of the model?

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Hi, great design. I already made my own, but yours seems to be (in the picture) some kind of colour between the different clouds and spots. Is it real or is just a high contrast in the picture? I suppose you are using white filament.... Thank you!

It's a lamp. You put a light inside, and the thicker areas of the sphere appear darker.

Which filament did you use to get this awesome look?

Did u print it also in white? How turned that out?

Just a bit more work to get my Tarantula to a reasonably capable state and I'll be printing this. Thanks so much for sharing it RR. :¬)

did you really print this with 0.02mm res?
Or did you mean 0.2mm?
140mm/0.02mm=7000 layers and I don't know if your printer could really print such thin layers.

nope it was .2mm

Super model!! How did you do it ? I try to do the same for Saturn with Catia but it s a little complicated ^^'

Could you make something almost exactly like this but earth and around the same size? Like just the profile of the continents and shading appropriately based on the color visible from space? I would really appreciate it!

This one is too big, after resizing to 140mm it has open surfaces. :/

eventually ill get around to all the planets

If you do SCALE them as much as possible, If Jupiter is 1 foot Dia, then the rest get much smaller in size. Venus about the same, Mercury and Pluto will be tiny. I would make Jupiter Bigger first...

THANK YOU!! <3 that will be awesome!!!
can't wait to print my own solar system.

Can’t wait to print this one! Looks amazing!
Do you think it’s possible to have it in two parts like this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2531838 ?
This way, I will be able to do like with the moon, put all the electronics inside, and just have a DC connector at the bottom of the moon…
If you don’t want to do it, could you just send me the full planet, this way, I will do myself a remix of yours?

Glowing Moon

In my original design its flat on the bottom

Yes, but is-it possible to have the missing bottom part, so we can glue the two parts, and have a full round planet?

Making this now.... looks amazing. Did you also create the stand, or did you pull it from Thingiverse? Link?

no stand made i only made the planet. gonna put a light socket in and use it as pendent light

WOW That's crazy!!! Great Idea really good job :-)

Wow this look amazing! How long did the print run on this?

Took about 15hrs printing at 45mm sec

I'll do it as a lithopane like I did moon and see how it turns out

nice design But not so sure on the infill at 100%

Lithophanes need a smooth back to work properly so the wall inside is not following the image. It's smooth like a bowl inside so the image retains a smooth back side for proper lighting to work. Yes you do need 100% infill or the light wont shine through correctly and all you will see is your infill pattern.

Are you sure for 100% infill ?

Its hollow so yes the couple of millimeters of thickness of the sphere should have 100% infill so that theres no space between the inner and outer surface for even lighting.

Stunning print! What are you using to light it?

I just used my cell phone im going to put in a socket and make hanging light