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Apple Fanboy - Wireless Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch + AirPods

by malencar Jan 6, 2018
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Thanks! Works great and printed without a hitch!

Thanks for this design Malencar, I just finished printing my first one. Super awesome design, I love it!

I was going to release a 3-coil version but unfortunately the PCB I bought from Amazon is no longer available.
Instead, you'll find here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3390656 an updated version of this 1-coil design that is easier to print, accounts for the Apple Watch Series 4 slight size difference, offers more stability for larger phones (XR, XS Max) and is much easier to post-process.

Also, for those of you that requested a non-wireless version... It would take a complete redesign to make the cable fit behind the watch charging puck so, I may still do it, but it will take me a while as I'm super busy with other projects right now. In the mean time, you can try this other , earlier design I made a while ago: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1736958



Apple Fanboy (Updated - 2 main parts)
Apple Watch + iPhone Stand + AirPods Charger with Watchband Storage

Hi everyone,

Stay tuned as I will soon post an updated version that will be modular, easier to print (2 parts), accounts for the Apple Watch Series 4 size, updated for a 3-coil charging pad and with a non-wireless option. :-)

Ha! I just decided to look here tonight to see if your design has been updated since I have printed two of these for my wife and I to use.

This is such a great design, but I am having problems printing the bottom lid. The first layer is always very stringy and has very little adhesion. The other two small components printed out just fine. I have tried multiple slicer setting variations, rafts and brims, and even different slicer programs, all failed. anyone else having this issue?

Also check temperature isn’t too high, could also try manually slowing the print just for the first layer.

May sound silly but try wiping the bed with alcohol wipes, I don’t know what the best thing to use is but I use brake cleaner, seems to get the small features to settle on the bed rather than get dragged.

2 Questions!

1 - Will this hold an apple watch series 4?
2 - Can you post a new link to the slim USB cable you used? The link in the description is dead. :)

I can answer question 1. Yes works, but design should be approved to hold the series 4 even better.

  1. There is much space, no need for a special slim USB cable. Usually one has micro usb cable lying around and there should be one which fits.
    regards Peta.

Really great. Since the new apple watch (version 4, which has different size) is out, I would ask for a redesign as it fits but it is kinda fiddly to fasten the watch around the dock.
Would be awesome if you could do that.

Comments deleted.

This is nice! Though it’d be awesome if it could fit one of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/QI-Wireless-Charger-Charging-Pad-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7-S6-edge-Note-5-Nokia-HTC-8X/32912578256.html, then there’d be no stuffing with parts, may print it anyway and see if I can modify it myself.

Hey malencar, really a beautiful design, and the parts are amazing. Fun project too! Thank you very much!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

this is fantastic! is the placement of the Qi coil ok to charge a Plus model iPhone?

Hey Malencar, I'm loving this design, and the previous version too. I know it's probably a big ask, but how difficult would it be for you to convert a version of this one, for non-wireless chargers? I know the other one's got it for lightning, but I just love the AirPod placement on this version.

I would love to have a non-wireless too! Pls do it for us!

Funnily enough, I did just that... Uploading Remix soon.

EDIT: Remix Published: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3295132

Apple Fanboy Dock (Lightning Remix)

Let me know when you do that

Your Amazon link is not working for me, can you post a description for me to search on? "Wireless (Qi) DIY" has tons of different options.

Do you have a link where you bought the flat-head M1 torx screws? I tried looking for them on Amazon, but no luck.

Your 3D renders are absolutely stunning!!
I love how you braided those 3 cable out the back btw