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7SoulFox's "Dice Box/Tray/Thing!" v.1.4.2

by 7SoulFox Jan 4, 2018
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Why do some people list their Things as a dozen+ separate files to download one at a time instead of a zip file like everyone else? Just wondering what would be the motivation for doing at that as I've seen it a few times now...

I see there are .rar files in the download section. I have no clue what those are. Are they necessary to print this on an Ender 3?

I also, in order for me to fit the stl files on my ender 3 plate it looks like I will be reducing the X and Y to 60%. Does anyone see any potential issues with doing so? I will keep the Z as is.

Really looking forward to printing this!!! Thanks for creating it!.

Comments deleted.

If you intend to print the full box, scaled down, there is no need for the .Rar files. Theyre essentially a collection of smaller subsections so that smaller printers can handle the size for people wanting to print near full scale.

You should have no issue scaling down your print though, as long as you scale all parts the same percentage in the x and y.

So happy you like the design though! Make sure to post a make when you finish

HI Soulfox, what program do you use to put the designs in the dice cover? I printed out this box and I absolutely love it. I wanted to make some custom dice covers but was wondering what the best program for that would be.

I'm glad you like it! I use 3ds max for my design work, though blender should help you get the same results I believe.
To create my lids, first I convert the image into a vector format using something like photoshop. Then I import the file as a shape into my 3d software. After, I extrude the design into a 3d object taller than the lid, and then perform a boolean operation to subtract the design from the lid cover. I'm not sure how to do this in other programs, though I believe it should be a similar process.
Essentially I'm just cutting out the design from the lid covers.

Hope this helps!

What did you use as wall & top / bottom thickness? This looks like an awesome project, but it also looks like a hell lot of plastic, if walls are printet too thick.

The thickness is about 3 mm or so I believe. After a few layers of solid foundation, most of the box ends up being infill, so you don't really waste too much plastic when you print (well under a single roll, perhaps half). I hope you give it a shot and let me know how it turns out!

Hello !
Sorry I don't understand what's this piece is use for for please ?
Thanks a lot !
Such a great job !

This piece is used as an attachment piece for people that have the old box design. It allows the use of magnets to hold the lid cover onto the box. Hope this helps! And thanks for the kind words

Can you do a USN dice cover? Thank you
Also, I would like to see a corner piece sort of like the magnet holders but large enough to mount in the tray and hold one dice in the corner.......... Sort of like roll the dice and then place it up in it's own little corner keeping its number on display till needed for another roll...

Hey Fox , just trying to print this with the mag box top but seem to be having some issues getting them to fit, pulling the files into fusion and it looks like the mag box top is slightly shorter than the old top (approx 4mm) is this intended as it seems to throw the placement off to the bottom

I really apologize for taking so long to fix this issue (Turns out it stemmed from a deeper rooted issue that I needed to fix). But alas, the scaling should be correct now. Let me know if you run into any further issues! and thanks again for pointing this out :)

Sorry for the late reply! Hmm I don't know how I missed that... Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it asap!

Hey Fox

this looks great! I'd love to get this printed off. I just wanted to check in and see how you print these off yourself at 100% size, is your printer bed simply big enough to handle the size, or did you have to cut it down and glue it?

Sorry for the late reply! But yes, my printer is able to handle the large size fortunately. Im using the creality cr10 which has a pretty large build volume :)

Ended up staring from scratch and designing my own take of the dice box. Here is a link to some photos. I might start selling these to friends haha


I agree with Attna. Are you willing to share the file for this? Looks nice and clean. (And hoping it might be a better size to fit my print bed without xy scaling)

I like it! Do you have the file for it uploaded somewhere?

I love that you made a Marine Corps logo that I can use on the dice box. This will be printed as soon as my wood pla gets here

I'm glad you like it! Make sure you tell me how it turns out, and maybe post some pictures!

I will for sure!

Can you recommend a type of glue for the wood PLA you used? I am in the process of printing the model and loving the look of it so far, but I've never worked with wood PLA before. Thanks!

Hey! Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I personally have used both wood glue and superglue with good results. Wood glue definitely helps the 'made with wood' look, but you have to be a bit cautious sanding the excess flush as the wood filament is still based in plastic, and will create a bit of a melted look if you sand it.

Hope that helps!

Hey! Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I personally have used both wood glue and superglue with good results. Wood glue definitely helps the 'made with wood' look, but you have to be a bit cautious sanding the excess flush as the wood filament is still based in plastic, and will create a bit of a melted look if you sand it.

Hope that helps!

Thanks a ton for making this box available for everyone. I do have a question: Now that you added tabs for magnets in the top of the box is there a way to put magnets into the lid? I tried doing it myself in FreeCad but I can't get it to work/. Thanks again!

Would a 1/4 in. x 1/16 in. magnet fit this?

Yep it definitely should! You'll have a bit of a gap around your magnet, but it should hold it just fine with enough glue. The ones I used are roughly 0.4 in. x 1/16 in. so you shouldn't have any problems :)

One of my party members showed up with this and I had 2 thoughts right away. 1 How do I get him to print me one? and 2 If only there was a slot along one of the longer sides to rest an iPad in I would be gobsmacked.

Do you think this is an edit you could do? The size is already perfect to allow for a full sized iPad (not the massive iPad pro) to sit in landscape, if there was an angled slot, it could hold either an iPad or iPad mini no problem, allowing you to see your DnDbeyond character. And the item already has the weight to hold it up which would be the issue with smaller dice trays.
For all of those wondering about travel, could you not add recesses in the lid to allow for magnets to be added?

Thanks, this item is AMAZING

So happy you like my dice tray! And thats awesome to hear someone showed up with one to your game! I really must apologize for not having a version that supports magnets yet, but I am (finally...) working on an update that includes small magnet holders in the corners of the lid. I need to do a bit of testing before I upload the design, but I assure you it is coming soon! (hopefully within the next couple days).
As for an Ipad slot I really like that idea! The trick is trying to think of a way that an Ipad can be held without impeding your dice rolling capability too much. I'll definitely look into it though!

Well I excitedly await the update!

I was thinking that if you were just to widen the side wall there should be enough room to add a slot. It doesn’t need to be very deep. The side bezel on the iPad is only about 1/4 inch.

I just added a new version of the top that includes tabs for holding up to 10 mm magnets :) . There are also optional tabs that you can manually place if your party or yourself would ever like to add more security to their box ^-^ . I'm also working up some designs based on your suggestion, though that may be a bit of a ways off before I can actually begin distributing a version with Ipad support. Hope you enjoy!

Ahh, I see (I appreciate the picture btw, it really helps haha) .Yeah, I'll see if I can come up with something!

Would you be open to sharing the STEP files? I want to print one of these for myself, but I want to make some little tweaks here and there for personalization, and STEP files are much easier to manipulate than STLs in Fusion360.

Glad you like the design! As I designed my box in 3ds Max, I don't have an option to export as a STEP file unfortunately. Would OBJ files work ok for you? If not I can look into trying to convert my files to STEP, though that may take some more time.

hey there! in the sectioned version, how difficult is it to glue the peices together? is there like a guide for making things fit smoothly? i just dont trust my gluing skills, but i'm limited to a 220X220X250 printer (ender 3)

I have a suggestion for the dice storage bin, add rotating toggles/latches to lock the lid and prevent spilling the dice out during transit or storage.

I was gonna ask how one expects this to stay closed during transport.

this design is awesome and i thought of a small suggestion after i started printing my own. for the sectioned design, if you could add dovetails or something similar to help with alignment when gluing the pieces together.

I wonder if you could make a lid that acts as a lid for travel and a spell counter. Maybe held on by magnets. This would also allow you some space for mini storage and travel as well.

Hi 7SoulFox! This design is amazing, thank you for your effort! I want to print it, but my bed is 254x254x254mm (10" all around) which is too small by quite a bit. What do you recommend in terms of resizing? Should I stick with X and Y only or all three axes? I'm worried about the dice not fitting under the lid if I go too far down on the Z axis. I can always print it sectioned but I dont look forward to all the gluing together. I appreciate any advice you can give me!

Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend scaling down in the X and Y directions while leaving the Z axis alone or with minimal change. Make sure you scale all parts to the same percentage though, as it may cause issues otherwise. Happy printing!

I love your design almost as much as your commentary! I have some wood filament that will look amazing sanded and stained, and that fox imprint is perfection. Thanks for posting this!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like it. Let me know how it turns out, I would love to see it!

This is a really cool design and me (along with some of my friends) plan on printing it. If you ever update to a version with magnets I think that would be even more amazing! :)

Will definitely show pictures once we get ours done!

So after many months trying to fix my printer, I have finally had the chance to prototype and add a version that supports up to 10mm magnets! Don't know if you ever had the chance to print your own, but I thought I would let you know ^-^

Awesome! I look forward to seeing them! I'm working on a version with magnets right now, but am unfortunately unable to test right down due to my printer being out of service. I want to make sure everything works before I upload a design for you all though, and am working to get it fixed asap. Thanks so much for the support!

I really like this design, I'll be printing it as soon as my new printer arrives (my previous printer, Anet A8, didn't have enough bed size to print this).
One suggestion, if I may, from my understanding mostly all pieces will not move easily apart from the top lid, and so, for travel purposes, would be nice to have magnets to keep it in place. I was just thinking in 5mm x 1mm magnets on each corner of the lid.

Thanks for the suggestion! I've actually been working on improving the design with magnets for both the drawer and the top design cover, but unfortunately my printer recently broke, so it may be a bit before I can test my design and upload it. I'm glad you like it though! I'll look forward to seeing your print :)

What magnets are you going to use? 5mmx1mm?

Sorry to hear that, I'll look forward to see your improved design :)

So after many months trying to fix my printer, I have finally had the chance to prototype and add a version that supports up to 10mm magnets! Don't know if you ever had the chance to print your own, but I thought I would let you know ^-^

This looks amazing, am wondering does this have a top lid cover ?

I downloaded this and saw that you included the "How Do You Want To Do This" piece and it made me smile, i cant wait to get enough money saved to grab a 3d printer and get to work.

Glad you like it! I knew I had to add that plate when I decided to add the variable plates. Let me know if you ever get your hands on a printer! I would love to see it one day!

Printing this now! Very cool idea. Suggestion, maybe add a third level tray that is the full sized to the bottom. Should be able to hold a character sheet folded in half.

Awesome! I look forward to seeing pictures! And thanks for the suggestion. I'll see what I can come up with :)

This is a cool design. What are the dimensions of the box?
Have you considered adding a bottom level to store character sheets?

Thank you! The dimensions of the box are roughly 295mm x 210mm x 52mm (Including added width due to the handle). That would actually be a pretty cool idea to have a space for character sheets. Unfortunately this box isn't quite large enough to hold them in it's current form, but I do like the idea and will see what I can do about having a version that can support holding character sheets and such. Thanks for the suggestion!

This is really nice! Where did you get the designs for the covers?

Glad you like it! I essentially googled various designs I liked, imported then into Photoshop , simplified and cleaned them up, imported them into 3ds max, converted them into shapes, and then cut those shapes out of the face plate :) .