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OpenForge 2.0 Wall On Tile Bases

by devonjones Dec 31, 2017
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Hello -- I've only been printing for a short time here, so please forgive my ignorance if this is a setting oversight or something. I'm trying to print 2x2 triplex bases, and I keep running into an issue where it creates this diagonal line while creating the first layer (see attached image), but this one line in particular doesn't seem to adhere about 20% of the time, and sometimes causes the prints to fail by dragging the line across the rest of the layer, creating a ratking of filament.

What I ended up doing was slowing down the print speed significantly for the first layer (15mm/s), and that seems to be enough to let that diagonal line settle so that the next layer will just go over it, essentially covering up the flaw.

I'm wondering if this is a retraction speed thing or something? It seems like the z-axis goes up when it travels diagonally, which makes me think that the filament should be retracted, but I don't have the normal signs of a bad retraction speed (stringy lines running across the final prints). I've tried messing with the retraction speed settings, but don't know if I'm adjusting them correctly, because the description I've read for the setting seems counter intuitive (decrease the mm/s to improve retraction performance? Seems backwards). Do you have any suggestions?


I don't know if there's a bug with this download, but I've tried to download it a couple of times now and there doesn't appear to be anything in the files folder. I've downloaded many other files from thingiverse before and never come across this issue...

Hey Devon! Is it possible that you add the wall bases here? I am missing a vanilla openlock-magnetic-topless wall base.
Also, is it possible to add it to the customizer/scad?

Yes please! Add the wall bases if possible. This Thing would then be a one-stop-shop for all bases!

I've printed a few Inch Magnetic OpenLock and Magnetic Openlock Topless, I would like to use the magnets to attach pieces together. 5mm sphere magnets are too large and stick out the top of the base. I'm using the latest version of Cura to slice the files. The best I've measured the bases are only 3mm high after being printed. Any fix for this? I'm new to 3D printing

Hey i just printed the dragonlock base and was wondering if the thin piece in the middle of the hole is necessary because it broke off but still works fine, just curious because its in the way of breaking off supports and if i can just remove that also I would just like to know.

Testing the options out in the customizer and noticed the sizes dont work correctly, tried making a 6x6, was stuck on a 2x6, changed settings for an 8x8, customizer shows 2x8

Not sure what goes into that, thought i would share incase that issue needs to be escalated with thingiverse

Oh, I see, there is a bug, if you are doing square tiles, it falls into the logic for those very large curved files.

That I can fix.

It's just bad explanation on my side. For curved tiles, 6x6 and 8x8 are so large that each quarter of the circle is broken up into 3 tiles. What you are creating the base of is one of those segments. So for 6x6, it's actually 6x6a, 6x6b & 6x6c. To make it even more confusing, like smaller curved tiles, the 6 or 8 is radius, not diameter.

Hi Devon,

I'm trying to create a 8x8 wyloch curved tiles. I keep getting the error.

ECHO: "Curved does not support ", 2, "x", 8 ECHO: "Curved does not support ", 2, "x", 8 ECHO: "Curved does not support ", 2, "x", 8 Compiling design (CSG Products normalization)...

Hello Devon,
First I just want to thank you so much for all that you are doing with Openforge! I'm fairly new to 3d printing and an absolute noob when it comes to 3d modeling so I need to ask if there may be a chance you might be able to add to the collection bases that would be Wyloch - magnetic - openlock - topless? I've found someone who did a set that is Wyloch-triplex-topless but not magnetic. If you think this might be something you could tackle I know I'd be much in your debt - well even further than I am already given how much you have put up here for us all to enjoy. Thanks for even entertaining the request.

Do the old texture bases no longer exist? If that is the case is there a reason behind it? I prefer to use less filament when able. Thank you for all the hard work you guys do!

They do still exist, but they are not on this thing. You can find them here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1882334

The customizer on that can do openlock and magnetic options.

OpenForge 2.0 Cut-Stone OpenLOCK Base

Perhaps I am missing it, but i do not see any magnetic options for the link you provided. My apologies for my ignorance =[

I am seeking a design similar to the old one posted above- just magnets only. I really liked how the old model had gaps between each superglue section to prevent it from running into the magnet hole. Unfortunately I only downloaded the 2x2 at that time and do not have the others. If you have any recommendations they would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hi there! Thanks for all your work, I am just getting into 3d dungeons and your stuff has been a treasure!

Just a few questions, when I print base.plain.square.25mm.2x2.magnetic.openlock, somehow the openings for the OpenLOCK have these two vertical posts in the middle of them. Am I supposed to cut these away?

And, I am not sure where to find the latest/correct version of OpenLOCK clips to use, is it version 5.4?

Thanks for all your help!

The vertical posts are intended to be cut away. I also have a new option, magnetic.openlock.topless. Those don't have a top at all. I find that for many people they print more consistently successfully.

The latest clips are always provided by printable scenery here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1833963


I also have this question

The vertical posts are intended to be cut away. I also have a new option, magnetic.openlock.topless. Those don't have a top at all. I find that for many people they print more consistently successfully.

The latest clips are always provided by printable scenery here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1833963


I like the idea of the topless bases for openlock. I only see the 1x1 for the topless openlock. Will you be releasing all the sizes in topless? It really seems to be a lot quicker without supports and just using the tiles for the top.

Download the file bases.plain.inch.magnetic.openlock.topless.v20190221.zip, it contains all the bases for current tiles.

I know this is almost a year old, but I have to agree that a "topless" set of openlock-only bases (not the magnetic option) would be great. I finally had to admit to myself that magnets are simply out of my price range and probably always will be, so I'm printing the inch-scale openlock-only bases without the magnetic option because they print so much faster than the magnetic+openlock bases. But the top shell over the openlock hole (and the two columns supporting it) seem really unnecessary and make the print time longer than it perhaps need to be. I've never tried to edit a 3D model before, I'm going to research how to do that in my spare time, but if that's something very easy for you to do, I think it'd be great. Basically the same thing as the bases.plain.inch.magnetic.openlock.topless, but with openlock-only so it prints faster. consider it "bases.plain.inch.openlock.topless"

Thank you so much for undertaking this whole project. I can't imagine how much work it has been, but I know I really appreciate it, and judging from all the google search results, a jabillion other people are grateful as well.

Are there any floors/walls for the 4x4 Curved A/B/C bases? Can't seem to locate them in any of the curved packs

OpenForge 2.0 Encounter: Spirit Shrine

Oh wonderful thank you!

Curious how you all are printing these BASES with out much Missing from the Top Layers? Decided to Try and Tweak the Line Direction and have a Print set up for a (90) Integer Line correction so the Material actually sticks for me. Maybe some one else has the regular solution but figured I'd try this route. Here are a few pictures of the "Default" line direction that Creality Ender 3 has in its Machine Settings, and a Proposed solution for the Gaps Ive been seeing. Had to Acknowledge the Line Direction in the Settings View Tool since its Hidden naturally. Will post up the printed Examples Once Ive trailed it.

Your layer thickness is probably too thick. That being said, I've also published a set of topless bases. Turns out that the top layer there doesn't matter that much, so you can get rid of it.

Look for the zip file with magnetic.topless in the name

Also currently only for for the Single OpenLock correct? Im not seeing a (Magnetic-Triplex-Topless) any where for now. unless Im Mistaken

but you only have this in the Inch bases right ? proper scaling for 98% or 127% to desired base sizes?

Hi Devon, thanks for the great tile kits! I have been printing my first set. I can't find the .5x2 base you feature in the thumbnail. I can only find 1x2 which is too large for just the wall piece. Where do I get that? Thanks again!

Is there a 3x2 Base (like used in the Spirit shrine?)

Thank you! Now I got all the magnetic ones in one file for every piece of whatever I print. Love you!

I'm looking at the .stl for the 1x1 magnetic openlock 1 inch and I don't see the magnet holes? Is there an update of this file?

at 1x1, there's only space for magnets or openlock. for tiles at 1x or x1, there's magnetic.openlock that prioritized magnets when the two conflict, and openlock.magnetic prioritizes openlock when the two conflict.

It would be nice if this listed TrueTiles in the description so others could find these bases.

What should I print if I want standalone corners? That means - 2x2 outside corner wall (from corner prints) that still needs its own base?

If you want walls outside the tile, you want to use openlock walls: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2787903 Even if you want them to be permanently a single piece, the process now is to print the floor and the walls then glue (or use openlock clips)

OpenLOCK Dungeon Stone Primary Walls

Thanks for the reply! A follow-up question if I may - there is no single piece way to do the corners as outside pieces, correct? I need to do the 2 and 1.5 wall and just stick them together.

Comments deleted.

What settings are you using. I can't get it to produce an error.

4x4 with magnet at 0.

Would it be possible to add .5 size increments?

It would not be able to put the magnet on the half increment, which I assume is fine (since the magnets cross exactly at the half increment)

I think what GamerCorman20 is asking is for external walls. So if I wanted to print a 2x2 square with an external wall I could just print a 2x2.5 base and then glue down a 2x2 tile and a 2x0.5 wall. This how you already have the Cut Stone Walls. I would also be interested in a plain version. That would allow us to print out a bunch of pieces in advance and assemble whatever we want. It might also help in organizing things.