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Articulated MWO Timberwolf

by 7Fish Jan 2, 2018
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I apologize, but how do I print the right leg/arm variation for this? I am attempting to get this printed from another source and was curious on to how to mirror it. Thanks!

I just finished printing the two feet after spending almost a day calibrating my printer to virtually perfect dimensional accuracy, and man is this going to be awesome to build. Just, gonna take a while to print with the amount of detail I want, it was already 2 hours per foot. :)

I did notice that at the rear of the foot, one of the supports is inside the ball cup, and at this scale it's really tricky to clean without also risking taking the bottom of the cup with it.
Is this intentional, or an oversight?


The error which you point out is an oversight to me as i did not notice that when i edit it's model and build it which that oversight was did not fused with the model it self and it still break off with accordingly along with prebuilt other supports. therefore it was left behind with unfixed...

i was assume it was alright, but if it caused seriouse trouble then i will fixed it.

i am sorry.

Ah, I guess my dimensional accuracy isn't quite spot on then, the underside supports did break off but that one didn't.
It's not anything serious though, just needs more precision to clean if the print isn't absolutely perfect to get the most articulation downwards.

Comments deleted.

Any chance you could upload an assembled version?

Can i ask you back which versions specify before i upload at your request? it's mean is which either 3ds max doc, completed assembled STL with intact joints, or for assemble instruction preview.
waiting your confirm.

Hey there.
I meant an assemble STL. But if you wouldn't mind sharing yor 3ds, that would also be awesome!

Hello again,

the file you asked is updated, and it's name is 'All' also i added working 3ds max 2011 doc.
i hope it is you asked for, please check it out.

Thank you.

Outstanding mate! I'll be sure to post results!

I'm having a problem (and a solution) in Slic3r printing the foot set. It looks like the right "claw" has some inverted normals until I "split" the model. As soon as it's split, the normals return forward. Without splitting, the slicer acts like the right claw pieces don't exist, but the left ones show up normally.

Also, how did you design the custom supports? I would like to print the torso rotated 90 degrees (so the "nose" is up) with the supports on the back instead of the bottom, but my own supports fail to connect properly.

i was just mirror that part of Toe as the Foot set and mirror in the Max tend to flip the normal which unnoticeable until reset-xfrom.

i build those prebuilt supports in 3ds Max with use of Boolean operations as well Push modifier to make distance between parts and supports.

And please cancel your tipping as i nor it didn't deserved it.

Thank you.

What am I doing wrong here? No matter my settings, the bottom of the torso is solid and without the hole :-/

Which Slicer that one you used ? it don't had any open border left in the model as far i checked. in preview, Cura was fine and slic3r was something wrong that i can explain and i did not had nor used Simplify.

i am sorry that i can not help you for this trouble. only i can suggest is trying it in other Slicers and trying file with prebuilt supports if it can.

Thank you.

I used Cura and tree-support. Printed in the same orientation as with the custom supports. I tried printing it with the custom supports but it failed after a few mm in height - and that version didn't have a hole either.

Anyway; it's a GREAT model and I was planning on glueing it anyway and make a book stand :)

Thanks for your awesome work!

how'd you manage to get the balls into the socket?!?

With some force, it inserted in the soket, i used this kind of ball joints a while throughout my other works. i am sure it worked with other makers.
did it braked off ball's neck at attempt the ball into the soket?

I'd like to suggest a mech, when it comes out can you make an articulated mwo sunspider? I love this so much I want even more!!

If you are unable to make it then that's fine, I just like the mech design!!

Sorry, as i leave repley to you, MWO bushwacker is about to finished the build, i would consider your suggest if i had not much a time before i leave and i had almost run out material and no plan to replenishment it any time soon.

Thank you!

Those mechwarrior 2 , hardware 3d accelerated flashbacks.

Hi, love the model :D
Do you know what scale it comes to printed?
1/48 should be about 22-23 cm i think, if a timberwolf is 11 meters tall

I don’t know what it’s scale are but this model’s height is about 135mm to top.

Really cool model! Can you post the file without the supports please?

i add file as zip file as your request, but it may can happend that lower leg's ball joint neck be break off if you try it as vertically place as it is one of most vulnerable point in entire model.

This looks awesome! Definetly going to print this one out.

can you Please leave note if you have some problem in assemble like joint break off? when i working this model Lower legs joint was break off twice before reinforcing by insert some mesh-face fliped piece.

Thank you.