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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

RC Jeep JK Chassis complete scale RC Car kit 1/10

by domi1974 Dec 29, 2017
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Hi there,
I don’t have a crawler. But want to make one. Would this be similar to the SCX10? And also will it fit the SCX10 body’s etc?
Thanks heaps

Hi, you can fit a lot of bodys on it.
You only have too choose the axels that are wide enough. MST axels are more narrow than the yota axels. the SCX10 I oder II axels are even wider.
The wheelbase you make fit via the links you use. The mounts for the rear suspension are made for approx. 300mm WB. You can simply cut the rear rails and extend them so that you can fit alomost any WB. I guess for stability reasons a WB up to 313mm is ok. If you want to go for a longer one you have to try maybe add some parts to make the chassis more riggid.
If you have any further questions pls. ask.

Hey can you send me the list of all the components that you used pls. thank you

Hi Ram 2500, what kind of motor mount/transmission would you like to use and if you will use the cantilever suspension. If I know that I can tell you the parts.

I am really looking for something that can handle some mud put still has some speed.I am kind of new to building from scratch. thanks for so much help

I don't really know witch one did you like better .

Hi Domi, I added some more pictures to my make. (I changed my name)

I'm gonna try it out and see how it goes

Hi, of you have any questions pls do not hesitate to ask.

from where i can download axles, shocks and body parts ?

Hi and thanks for your interest.
I havent made any shocks so far.
As bodyparts you can use this desgin: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2956295
for Axles I made this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3247744
Non funktional axels also come with the Body.

Suzuki SJ 410 Body / Karosserie 1/9 SCX10 Chassis
RC Axles with SCX10 I Parts

thanks and will do

Hallo! Das ist wirklich ein geniales Modell! Wunderschön. :D Bei der Karosserie hast Du einen Lufteinlass auf die Motorhaube gebaut - ist der auch 3D gedruckt? LG Robert

Hallo und vielen Dank für das Lob. Die Hood habe ich von hier und auch bei Shapeways drucken lassen....hatte damals noch keinen 3D Drucker :-) https://www.shapeways.com/product/D7GN6PAA3/aj10037-smittybilt-stingray-hood?optionId=59995815&li=marketplace

loving that this is a continued project and everytime i come back i find a new part to try out.

Just curious, how strong is this frame? It looks awesome. Planning to use with MrCrankyface's drive-terrain and NEO72's M35 body.

That's what I'm doing.. Also trying some ossum parts.. One thing is that the transfer case are to big..

Here you can see how it performs....

Awesome video. Definitely gonna use this frame.

the frame is, if you dont only glue it, quite solid. I screwed it together. I added some parts to print in order to have less twist. Today I made a short clip how it behaves von light offraod Terrain. I'll post it here when it is published.

What size screws does it use?

Hi I used M3 Screws so that it works toghether with the Axial SCX10 parts.

Hey Domi1974, plastic just wasn't good enough for me. It's turning out pretty good but I should have went with something that wasn't so THICK, Thanks again.

:-) thats cool and very decent regarding thickness :-) Having such a saw I would also go for something more solid if needed. I saw that you still kept some parts. Have fun with your new rails.

How are frame rails attached to each other since not printed in one piece? Nuts bolts or glue?

Hello Tcrump1985,
the rails are made to be used with bolts and nuts. There is no problem if you use it with bolts and glue it. If you only use the model as a "Roller" I guess glue should be ok. For real driving I would suggest Nuts/bolts. I use it with nuts/bolts and that works fine.
If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

Awesome thank you! It will not be a "roller" i will beat it up forsure! Thank you will post a "make" as soon as i print!!!

Thx. I am always curios :-)
If you want: I posted a Video on Youtube with a Model I made with the rails. You can see it here https://youtu.be/scuSDA9STbw.

Hey, Got everything on and working great. Just the 3d Printed frame rails have lots of flex side to side while steering, other then that works great. I used a Team Raffee Co. 10:1 Gear Reduction Unit so i had to modify the motor mount and servo plate.

Also I had to flip my rear crossmember upside down to have clearance for the rear axle. I think im going to buy so aluminum and just cut my own frame rails, seems easy enough... I can not Cad or anything like that so everything that I edit or make is done with 3d builder.

Ah I see you already did. Cool looking Car!

Hey Albin0420
Thanks for you Info. Pls Check the Thing again. I added 2 Parts to make it more rigid and a new Crossmember ... to have more space for a Lipo (with less clearance) but maybe you can take it as an Idea.
Would be nice if you add some Pictures.

Cool I'm going to mess with it now i did add a couple pics to my "Made" post, I'll add a couple more here soon when I print these new items.

I also added pics of my tail light backing i made for the Jeep I didn't upload them, I just thought it was pretty cool, with the light kit it had working brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights

Would be cool if you could send it to me for private use or upload it :-)

It doesn't let me upload a .3mf file.

Edit: I made the holes tight so i used a razor blade to fit the led perfect

Well it worked. Thx.
I converted it with 3D Builder from windows and saved it as .obj /.stl. With that format I was able to open it with fusion 360.As soon as I am at home I have to check if my LED set fits.

Sorry im not sure how to do any of that.

Dont worry, everything is o.K. :-)

Added more photos, the supports seem to help a lot thanks.

Hey domi1974, How do you mount the front of your JK?

Hi, I used this file. I also added it to the other files.

Thats awesome thanks

Hi, i made a Clip similar to the one for the Back. It is also Mounted to the stock Holes of the Body. I can send it later that day.

Hi albino420,
thanks for your Info. As far as I can see you are going for a short wheelbase.

In this case it can happen that if, you use an axle with shock-mounts facing towards the front, you will have to mount them like you did.
I added you two files with an additional hole faceing to the front. Because I am abroad I can not check if it still fits under the JK Body maybe you print just a part of it and tell me...
Hope this will help you to make them stand in the right position.

Hey thank you i will start printing now

Hope it will fit. Good Luck!

I cant get my rear shock to stand straight up

also added more pictures

Great job on the rails and setup. Trying to build one now but ran into an issue with the motor mount. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong here, but maybe you have some insight on this. See pics....

Hello FourDogs,
the two files with reduced width are online. Have a nice Weekend.

Hi FourDogs,

I see what you mean. With my Prints its the same. I gave it a litte bit of tension by bending the rails. In my opinion its a little bit stiffer this way Pls give me an hour and I will upload an additional Servo- and Motormount. Thx for your Question.

That's awesome. I'll get things printed shortly. Am going to try this chassis out with my Bronco body.

Do you have a link to the RC Modelex Gear Reducer you modeled this around?

yes of course. You can find the unit here http://www.rcmodelex.com/www-rcmodelex-com/eshop/18-1-Transmissions/0/5/1080-MEX-G-BOX-7-4-1-BLACK-5mm. I will also post it in the Thing. Thx for the idea.

whats the wheelbase on this chassis, looks ace, if it fits my shells i will make a few

Hi, actually I use it at 275mm but should work fine up to 313mm because the original Rails are sold as replacement for the scx10 rails. Would be fine if you show the results.

I will start printing this tomorrow and its going to replace a rc4wd printed chassis, there is too much flex in the other

Fine. Hope it will work like you expect it.

Thanks. Took some time but now it works :-)

aaaa I am looking everywhere for this... THANKS many thanks for this work !!!!!

:-) If you make one let me know an show the car.