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Tatara A8 Steel Frame V1.1 Hayabusa - Anet A8 Swap it and more

by TataraTeam Dec 29, 2017
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Very nice frame, but not without cons. There is no assembly instruction - I had to disassemble it midway because some parts had to be assembled earlier. The holes for M3 nut are too big! In original Anet frame they fit perfect, in Tatara it's such a pain to hold them in position - they rotate 90 degrees all the time. Last thing - can somebody finally answer the question how to properly electrically ground the frame?

You can find many videos and tutorials on the internet on how to assemble the frame and also a pdf with the right order but for any question always refer to the official FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TataraFrameOwnerGroupOfficial
The size of the nut slot is perfect unless you use the right nuts and the laser-cut is precise. You can find hundred on M3 nut size in the market we made the size for most commons self-blocking nut as we suggest to use

How do you Electrically Ground the Frame? Please guys I been searching all over and asking so many people getting no reply, not even on the Facebook page.

Grounding is as simple as it gets, but no one is going to give advice due to liability. If you don't know how to ground a object I'd suggest you take an electrical course at the local college, or youtube university.

I am also looking to upgrade to the linear guides and did some searching.
Here is the official IGUS Drylin document. The screenshot is from page 7
To order, find a local dealer for bearings, linear guides etc. that sells to private individuals. In the Netherlands, Duursma aandrijftechniek will sell to private individuals. For other countries, search the web.


where can i find the version for the igus linear guide?


where i can find the version for the igus linear guide?

How do I know which files I need for my printer ?

So I am having a local manufacture in the states making a metal frame for me. using these plans.
What is the states equivalent of H7 tolerance? The manufacturer is not familiar with the this standard.

Probably late to the game, but if you tell them "minus zero plus half a thousandth" they'll get it. You're looking to get a nice snug fit on the guide rods so they don't wobble around.

Hmm... could not find the files " Custom carriage"
Can their can be find in another place?

Printed Parts For Tatara A8 Steel V1.1 Hayabusa - Variant A8-LG15-S-DE-xxxx

Please, for questions, refer to the Official Tatara page: https://www.facebook.com/tatarasteelframe/
or official Tatara Owner Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TataraFrameOwnerGroupOfficial/
You will get faster response than here.

Hey, you must indicate that your design is a remix from the original Prusa steel version "P3STEEL".

Don't be unfair.

I have this frame, and have seen a P3STEEL, and can thus safely say that this is an original work, and has nothing to do with the P3STEEL.

I agree, I have one PrusaSteel and few Tatara and is really oblivious that is not a remake.
Inspiration?? Yes of course as soon you see once something you get inspired but a rework is something else.
Moreover the improvements that this frame bring compared to any other prusa/cartesian frame are huge and is the the best frame you can have in howday, is also better than the original mk2 prusa (I can't compare to the mk3 because I don't own one).
The v1.00 was already very good but the tatara Hayabusa v1.10 with linear guide on Z axis is performing like a charm at insane combined speed . Can't wait for the X carriage with linear guide upgrade.

Sorry is not a remix is designed from scratch, in V1.00 the bed support is indicated to be Inspired on Prusa Steel one. On this version we completely redisign also the bed support (25% less weight).
We think Prusa steel is a great project but, sorry a remix is something else.
We did not modify any file or use any mesurement from prusa steel project.
Is obviously a generic Prusa/cartesian frame and for this we must credit Josef Prusa I'm self.
Is not because we use the same material is a remix.
Is not because some solutions are similar (but superior) is a remix, engineering problems often lead, smart designers, to a similar solutions.

We take measurements on our Anet A8 and double check it on somes other Anet A8 alternative frame drawing, then we design from a blank sheet.

We know very well how CC licences work and we are the first to ask to respect it.

We think 'unfair' will be direct people on this page from Prusa Steel one (free ads), marking believe this is a remix when is not one.

But tyvm to allowing us the opportunity to explaining the facts.

"in V1.00 the bed support is indicated to be Inspired on Prusa Steel one. "
Only the bed support?? Sorry but... No.

You use the same concept of frame: central square plate, two lateral with "L" shape, front and rear plate...
The same interlocking system with M3 bolts and nuts. This is a very characteristic feature of the P3Steel.
The same solution for locating the Z motors and even the top plates for the Z rods...
You have even the same type of voids with triangular shape.
Yo use even the same thickness 3mm... , come on!!

To be a remix its not needed to have the same dimensions, a remix is a design evolution based on a previous design, just it. Without the P3Steel design you would not make a steel frame like this, it will be different. You have taken the P3Steel design, adapted to Anet A8 dimensions and also you have improved it, yes, but you must be fair about the degree of innovation and give credit to the basis of your concept. This is how open source community works.

Nobody will regret you anything, nobody will complain about your business with the design if existing but you must be fair.

For sure you know better than us our workflow.

Maybe you are used to do copy and paste we are not.

You must know very very little about engineering to point out silly point like you did. Sorry we live in EU and we use metric system next time we will use Martian system units.
Maybe you don't know that triangulation beam shape is very often used on engineering to manage frequency resonances on a structure.
You are right we have give credit to Gustave Eiffel for that.
What you do not understand on the sentence:"engineering problems often lead, smart designers, to a similar solutions." ????

P3Steel is good project but also with to many week point to be used as starting point. Starting from scratch is much easier and faster if you know what you do, and we know what we do.

That said and to conclude: belive what you want we know how we designed our frame and we are very happy to give credit when is necessary.

The rest must be classified as "trolling".

It seems very difficult for you to discuss about this issue without insulting me?

You don't need to go so far until Sir Eiffel to discuss about this simple topic. It's very easy:

Your design is a remix from P3Steel which is itself a remix from Twelvepro's prusa i3 for lasercut which itself is also a remix from Josef's Prusa i3 printer that itsef is based in the Mendel and Darwin RepRap printers (they were really designed from "scratch"). This is how open source community works; the designs can be evolved step by step with the collaboration of the users.

Now, you can negate it if your ego does not allow you or simply recognize it.

We have HUGE EGO because we have superior mind and we are proud the be f.....g smart. That why we like to share our f.....g good work with the community under CC licence share alike 4.0.
BTW, dude, don't try to teach us what open source is, because we are into open source before your baby face show up in this world.

Now, please, go troll somewhere else, or keep talking alone, this went already to far.

Comments deleted.