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Gloomhaven Insert

by pdoronila Dec 28, 2017
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Great insert.

For those who are trying to figure out what goes where, this link will help: https://imgur.com/gallery/5kEbRs3

just wanted to say this really helped me, thanks!

Hi thanks for this, total godsend! I have just started printing in PLA, everything seems to be going down real nice however quick question!

I have around 26 files downloaded from this. am I printing every one of those 26 or do I only need to print the 5 trays.

Apologise if this is a stupid question but im new to this.


I managed to get the entire expansion into this. Mostly not a problem except I had to double up some of the monster spaces. Now THAT's good design!

Insert Tray 1 - you use it instead of original insert? And what about all white boxes? no tray for them?

This whole set replaces the original insert. I still use the original white class tuckboxes, there is no tray for them.


Are you able to post some close up pics of all your trays? I am struggling to see where everything fits and how the tiles are also stacked in the box.


Comments deleted.

I have tried to print both of the bottom pieces and the corners keep warping. I know the theory behind warping but I have my heat bed turned up to 75 and they still warp. Do you have any suggestions?

Try printing with a brim, that might help.

I am printing everything with a brim. Do you think if I printed the pieces in 4 parts instead of 2 it would stop warping?

On abs use 95 to 100

Another thing you can try is, find a model of a flat circle. In your slicer, add it to each corner and have the height of this circle pad be one layer height. For example if you print with .2mm layer height, then make that the height of the circle pad. It will act as a brim but with more surface area to keep the corner from warping up.

You can try the 4 parts. Typically warping happens if you are not getting good adhesion. Also ABS tends to warp more then PLA. Try bumping up your bed temperature. Also maybe try using glue, every printer is a bit different.

Tray 5 has some multishell issues that were causing some problems. I had to run them through microsoft tools 3d to fix them, but otherwise everything worked out great. 40 hours in and it's about time for me to see if I even like that game!

Does anyone have a rundown of what goes where? I know there is a link to a boardgamegeek gallery but not finding that to be super helpful. Specifically what cards go where and what the red things are in the bottom tray in the pics!

The BGG linka gain is here: https://boardgamegeek.com/images/user/1163283

+1 I’m still not sure what goes in the first box .. :x

The original that this is remixed from show the layout a bit better. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2735730

Gloomhaven Insert 3mm Laser Cut

Thank you for this, it seems like a good organizer is going to be necessary for this game to even want to play it. I think it's gonna cost me around $35 in filament (Canada) + 40 or more hours printing, but better than paying $110 to buy one online.

I am sure it is staring me in the face but what tray holds the plastic standee clips?

This is a great organizer and much better than all of the plastic bags and Plano organizers I was using. Also, I just posted an add-on for this organizer that adds a finer level of organization (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2959281). This helped me speed up both my step-up and tear-down of the game.

My only critique of this base organizer is that the tray corners are sharp and the construction of my game box too tight. So, I had to clip and sand these edges. Perhaps some fillets are in order. Also, the top tray was not useful to me because I keep all characters in the original boxes. So, I designed a replacement tray in my add-on.

Organizers for Gloomhaven Insert

Awesome job! This is perfect.

Comments deleted.

Could I ask why the tray 5 (ones for current characters and miniatures) has differnt levels to one of its walls? Is it for the tiles to go on top? I am still having trouble telling what each tray stores just from the bgg pictures. Thanks :).

The different levels allow the character cards can be stacked on top of each other without increasing the overall height of the tray. I store the active characters I am using, their items, modifier deck and miniature. I am currently playing with 3 characters, so the 4th slot, I store the monster modifier deck for quick access during setup.

This is awesome! What is the required build volume to print the whole trays rather than the L/R versions?

285+mm along one axis.

Wow, this is awesome, thank you for creating this and making it workable for smaller printers. Super cool work!

Hey quick question. I am pretty new to the whole 3d printing business. Do the card slots fit sleeved cards? Thanks :).

Hi, really great job ! But where can I find the list of things in each tray please ?

Out of curiosity, what has everyone been using to glue/adhere the pieces together?

I recently saw this video (assuming you are using PLA), gives a good run down of the best glue: https://youtu.be/HvIu98A9GA8
If you are using ABS, then you should be able to use an ABS Slurry (I have been researching, but not yet done it, this will be my first project joining parts together).

Any CA or crazy glue will work.

Great work on these! I have Gloomhaven on the way and I'm just going to start printing these.

Would it be possible for you to split GH_Insert_Tray_5_R into two more parts? This part is too large for my FFCP's build size.

I will see what I can do when I get home. What is the build volume on the FFCP?

Was this ever split? If so, can you post the part? Thanks!


All the other split parts fit fine. It is just the one part of Tray 5.

Thanks for looking into this for me! :)

Any luck getting a modified version of this part?

Could you list what components go into which tray?

Yes, I will do that this weekend

Thanks for the cut trays! I'll give them a whirl today.

FYI - I printed tray 2 in 4 parts and assembled nicely! Thanks for cutting them up!

I am glad they are working out. For me, they slide together without much effort but there was still enough friction to keep them together. I still glued them together though just for peace of mind.

When you are done, please post a Make and some pictures :)

Looks like you need a 250x250 print size to currently print the trays?

I cut the bigger trays (1,2,3) into four pieces that will fit your printer. Trays 4&5 should fit your printer.

Those should fit any printer out there now! Thanks a lot pdoronila!

You're welcome, please post a Make and pictures. I am interested to see how it turns out for other people

Or you can print the L/R (Left/Right) versions which are cut up to fit a Prusa i3 MK2S build plate. I will see what I can do, maybe cutting it up in fours, to fit more printers.

Thanks so much for this, i've just finished printing Layer 1, and it looks great. Now i'm at Layer 2.. but have realised that this layer and many of the others don't fit on my bed.. argh! Anyway to make this work on a standard A8 bed? (220x220x240)

I would recommend printing the tray's not the layers. The layers are just references to the original foam/wood cuts.

Sorry I did mean that I am printing the Trays. As an example the L Tray for the 2nd Layer has one axis which is 245mm, which is beyond the standard A8 bed size.

The trays are pretty large. I think I would have to cut up each tray into four's in order to support more printers.. I will see what I can do over the weekend.

Thanks mate, any help would be huge!

Can you add a picture of the character tray (tray 5) without the character and player sheet to see what it can hold. Thanks :)

I uploaded a picture of tray 5

Hello, well done, i like this and i want to print it? Can we use sleeve cards with your insert ? sorry for my bad english.

Im done printing all the trays and they do support sleeved cards.

Comments deleted.

Hi there,

Nice work. :-D
I need to print all of it, correct?

Kind regards,

The GH_Insert_Layers are just for reference. The ones you want to print are the GH_Insert_Trays. If you have a big enough build volume, you can just print the Trays. If you don't, then print each L (Left) and R (Right) of each Tray.