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Anycubic I3 Mega 1.1.9 12 Volts Firmware Mod Ultrabase (1.1.0-1.1.XX

by 3D_Rapid_de Dec 26, 2017
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Könnte mir bitte Jemand zeigen, wo ich in Marlin die Spannung einstellen bzw. überprüfen kann? Was für eine Spannung hat der I3 Mega werksmäßig? Weil ich habe bereits eine andere Firmware geflashed und würde den Bauteil Kühler gerne auf 12V konfigurieren.

Vielen Dank schonmal.

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moin moin zusammen vielleicht kann mir hier einer helfen ich hab es auch versucht marlin 1.1.9 drauf zu flashen war auch alles gut soweit so jetzt kommt es wo ich nicht mehr weiter komm und nicht mehr weiter weiß ab eine höhe kommt kein filament Extruder dreht sich nicht mehr druckt aber weiter und der Extruder in laut am knacken es sind TMC 2208 von Watterott eingebaut und die kabel gedreht sage schonma danke

Guten Tag,

Ich bin gerade dabei meinen cubic umzubauen. Jetzt kommt mir die Frage auf:

Muss ich Marlin vor den neuen Treibern und mega-s Extruder installiere. Oder danach?


Hallo, das spielt eigentlich keine Rolle:)

Thank you so much for this :)

Vielen vielen dank für die tolle Arbeit :)
Läuft eigendlich alles Super nur eine frage : Muss ich etwas noch etwas ändern wenn ich TMC2208 verwende ausser für den extrudor ?


Bestimmt eine blöde Frage aber mein Any Mega S ist noch original.
Welche Datei müsste ich dafür nehmen? Muss ich umbeding ein PID Tuning machen oder kann ich es erst einmal so testen ?


kann ich deine Firmware-Version auch einfach benutzen, wenn ich statt dem Original-Board ein MKS einbaue, wenn ich einfache
die Steppertreiber und das Board ändere?

This looks great...I can't wait to try it out on my new Mega-S! As soon as my TNC2208/new fans arrive and I get them installed, I think I'll flash it. BTW, I translated your original Deutsch pdf instruction file to English using Google Translate and adjusted/reformatted it slightly. Here it is zipped up in pdf & docx format for your use: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10qFqVdAboBrF4KeXAeXth_77ouI8ogGr Hopefully it's not too far off!

Since I made very slight changes to the google provided translation, I'll include my own disclaimer similar to Max/3D_Rapid_de's. I accept no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of these documents. The information within is provided “as is”, with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness. The attached translation of the original guide serves only as a guide to his guide. If anything bad happens to your device, that's not my problem. If anything good happens, direct your praise to the author, Max/3D_Rapid_de!

Also, I see that I'll need to do a little calibration for the linear advance: http://marlinfw.org/docs/features/lin_advance.html
Was the procedure fairly simple and straightforward?

Thanks again!

Hello and thank u. A english manual will be released soon. But thank u for this great translation.
LinAd is an additional feature wich is not essentiel for normal use. greetings

Hallo, gibts die firmware auch für den Nachfolger Mega-S ?

prinzipiell kann sie verwendet werden, es müssten nur die Extrudersteps umgestellt werden.
Ich lade heute Abend eine weitere Version dafür hoch.
Ich schreibe Ihnen direkt eine PN hier auf THingiverse

Moin, ist in dieser Firmware M600 Filamentwechsel aktiv?

Hallo, aktuell noch nicht.
ggf. demnächst

I Have a problem after the print, y axis motor push the bed to the limit and dont stop until the belt starts to slip, how can i solve the problem?

this issue happen sadly to a smaller group of users. please send me a private message! Which FW exactly did you flash?

Problem is gone, thx for support;)

how did you fix ? i have the same issue with prints i use cura

In my case it was a mechanical problem, send a message to 3D_Rapid_de for a fix download link.

i think 3d-rapid-de is busy at the moment, he did not reply to me. can you forward me the link please?

kann ich deine Firmware auch mit einem komplett originalen Anycubic i3 Mega Ultrabase v3 benutzen, oder zerstört das die Lüfter?
Hauptgrund warum ich die Firmware tauschen will ist die fehlende Thermal Runaway Protection in der original Firmware. Mesh bel leveling klingt aber auch super, meine Base ist schon recht schief.

Viele Grüße,

Hallo, kannst du gerne benutzen

Alles klar, danke für die Antwort.

I have had to install the 1.5 version due to layer shifting on the Y axis but my part cooling fan (5015) is permanently on, also the fan controls in octoprint seem to be reversed (on/off). Is there something I need to change?



was the same with the original firmware ?
that sounds more like a broken transistor to me.

Comments deleted.

Hi 3D_Rapjd_en,
I am running the original 12V mod firmware (Blackcombify-I3MegaModStock1.1 (first 12V Mod for I3Mega ever).. I want to replace my extruder with the E3D Titan, but E3D states that I need the source code of the firmware to make the change but I can't find it on your page. Do you have it available? If not, since I don't have any other features except the new TMC drivers installed, can I use one of your most recent firmware without any problems, without making other modifications? Because I think the source code for these is available... Thx for your time

So the code for the old 1. 1 is the same as the original one offered by Anycubic.
You can find this on my Github account. Link in the description at the bottom.

You can also use a newer version. The difference is only the direction of the motors.

The TMC version is inverted and the TMC 2208 was also defined.

Ok by that what do you mean? When I installed my 2208 I had to flip the connectors... With your new firmware I must put the connectors back to their original orientation?

if you have the connectors allready turned around, u have to use the version for original ok ? if u have not switched the connectors use tmc for 2208 steppers. Its only for the direction.

In der Anleitung steht, man soll die zu flashende Version anhand der verbauten Treiber wählen ...
Welche Datei muss ich den nun genau flashen, wen ich "nur" mein Bauteil-Lüfter gegen ein 12V ausgtauscht habe, ohne andere Veränderungen?

Ist auch das 8bit board ja? sonst geht es nicht.
wenn ja dann 3DRapidMarlin1.1.9(PIDbed,MBL,scurve).hex nehmen. wenn du danach y verschiebung hast dann nimm

Danke dir schonmal für die Antwort.
Blöde Gegenfrage: Woran erkenne ich, ob das ein 8bit Board ist?
PS: Wenn ich es richtig gelesen habe, ist die mitgelieferte Firmware Version ein Anzeichen dafür (?)
Ich habe 1.1.0 in der Info ... Sollte also 8bit sein (?)

Ja glaube das sollte passen.
Du kannst aber auch nachsehen ob du die Treiber für die Motoren hast zum stecken.
Wenn sie gelötet sind geht es nicht.
Kein Thema :)

witch file I need if I use the tmc2208 v2?
The version TMC or Original .
because withe the tmc2208 v2 you don't have to change the cabels of the steppers

Hi, if u dont have to change the cables, you need the file for Original :)

I have taken a close look at the linked version
the version is a simple copy with custom changes.

I've been using Versions of Max/3D Rapid since the beginning! Always without problems.
there is no better!

Dear thingiverse users, we ask you not to start a quarrel among our things. That is not the goal, it is up to everyone what he uses how and where.
I know David, and we're doing fine. So please stay decent.

sorry, but I have no insight, especially because davidramiro also asks for money. . .
He had absolutely no effort and 5 weeks ago he asked what Marlin is at all. . .

Comments deleted.

davidramiro are you serious?

I'm also in this group, and I have to say: Lol, 5 weeks ago you had no idea about marlin.
you're begging for money by paypal? For what? an open source copy ?
you're the best man. . .

What are the differences to Firmware https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3249319 from davidramiro?

Anycubic i3 Mega / Mega-S Marlin 1.1.9 Custom Firmware - Extra Features & Quality Tweaks

What answer do you want? Please pay attention to the Thingi date.
You are here on our Marlin Fork.
We don't know any details from every other publications. :)

I would have liked at least an open and honest answer. It is a bad habit to answer a question with a counter-question :-(

By the way, the exchange of experiences between programmers is an essential part of the Open Source scene. Therefore my question was quite justified.

Excuse me,

let's start all over again.

The Firmwares seem to be identical!

With ours the acceleration values are original.

The acceleration values for the linked ones are set lower.

We do not have to contact every single uploader. That would be insane :)

We have our circles in which we exchange our experience!

Our experience goes back to years :)

Happy new year

Comments deleted.

Hello felix

if u are switched the connectors you need to use without tmc :) other stuff is the same, only directions


Thx for the quick reply, wasn't totally sure if perhaps there is some minor tweeking in relation to the TMCs insinde :)

Hey Max and many thanks for your hard work on the AnyCi3 :)

Is there a diffrence between TMC and stock drivers other than the switched directions?
I use TMCs with already switched connectors on the board and don't plan to reverse them again, as I understand I had to do, if using your TMC Firmware??

Thanks and all the best,

Does Marlin1.1.5MegamodwithoutPIDBed.hex have thermal runaway enabled?

Could you maybe share a list of changes/settings you made in comparison with the stock firmware? (except of course the 12v, maybe more?)

yes of course Thermal protection!

in few days ther will be an upload of 1.1.9, so i create a lsit :)

Hey max, bist du noch an ner 1.1.9 dran? Wurde ja erst von einem veröffentlicht, diese hat aber ein paar bugs. Schöne Weihnachten.

Jetzt verfügbar :) Bei Fehlern einfach Feedback geben. lg

Kann mir jemand die Unterschiede zwischen den Dateien erklären?

  • Blackcombify-I3MegaModStock1.1.hex - Die muss ich flashen um 12V an Fan0 zu haben oder?
  • Marlin1.1.5MegamodPIDBed.hex
  • Marlin1.1.5MegamodwithoutPIDBed.hex

Edit: Wie henri_l schon schrieb, die Firmware Marlin1.1.5Megamodxxxx lässt meinen Drucker auch freezen, sobald ich ins Print-Menü gehe...

Danke im Voraus


also die Stock 1.1 ist die original FW von Anycubic.
die 1.1.5 PIDBED ist mit PID gesteuertem Heatbed.
die 3te ist mit standardmäßiger Bang Bang Steuerung des Heatbeds :)

Das Problem mit dem Freez ist leider noch nicht identifiziert, da es nicht bei jedem auftritt.

Ich denke das wird sich mit der neusten die jetzt dann geuploaded wird erledigen.

Just implemented this firmware modification and seems to be working well. I used it so that I could use two Noctua fans ( one 40mm x 10mm and one 40mm x 20mm) as detailed in icecap's thing:


Thanks very much for posting this thing. Just one note, the hex file named "Marlin1.1.5megamod.hex" didn't work for me, it just froze my screen whenever I went to the print menu, the hex file named "Blackcombify-I3MegaMod.hex" did however work.

Danke schön!

Anycubic i3 Mega Silent Parts Cooling Fan Bracket
by icecap

hab jetzt mit der Firmware das Problem das OctoPrint diese Fehlermeldung bringt....Heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed

Hallo, ich habe die Thermal protection times etwas höher gestellt. Bitte nochmal die 1.1.5 downloaden und neu flashen. lg

Can someone tell me what transistor I have to buy as replacement?

Hallo, habe leider keine genauen Daten zu deinen Lüftern, allerdings ist wurde der Hotendlüfter nicht verändert. Nur der Bauteillüfter.
Liefen denn beide vorher? Ansonsten kannst du ja die originale wieder aufspielen. Testen kannst du das mit 12 V aus anderen Quellen.

ich habe das Problem das meine Lüfter die ich verbaut habe, nicht anlaufen bzw. gar nichts machen. Ich bin leider auch ziemlich neu dabei und dachte das klappt schon, Pustekuchen xD
Ich habe folgende Lüfter verbaut:
Titan TFD-4010M12Z Lüfter, 40 x 40 x 10 mm
YOTINO DC 12V Lüfter Ventilator für 3D Drucker 50 x50 x 15mm
Ich habe die Lüfter verbaut, den Drucker am PC angeschlossen und die Firmware aufgespielt. Leider laufen die Lüfter nicht an wenn das Hotend heiß wird. Jedoch wird der eine Lüfter, der am rechten Port angeschlossen ist, heiß. Wie kann ich die Lüfter denn ansteuern um heraus zu finden ob sie überhaupt funktionieren?
Ich bitte um Hilfe ´:)

I flashed this firmware and connected a Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX. If I sent "M106", it will not spin. If I sent "M106 S255" it will spin. Is this how this firmware is supposed to respond? I assumed if you sent M106 it would be full speed. I have a A4x10 that will spin if sent "M106". I'm not sure if I have a defective fan, or what. I have 2 printers and one of them I was trying to check the voltage and I think I shorted the circuit, because now the fan is on all the time.

When I send "M106", the FAN0 LED on the main board will flicker. If I sent "M106 S255" it will be on solid. (This is how it appears to me.)

Thanks, Happy Printing.

Hi, I think you should rephrase the english notice to "!!Important!! Never operate the fan controller without the fan connected! You will kill the SMD transistor on board!!", you wrote "disconnected", it is a bit confusing :).

done. thank u

Alright need some help here. Im running firmware 1.1.0 and flashed the hex file according to your instructions. Now my FAN0 is constantly on! It comes on when i power up and remains at full blast. I cannot adjust speed in anyway. I have tried to flash original firmware back and fan is still running full blast. Any ideas?

it seems that the transistor on the picture is damaged now. i have the same issue at the moment but i made to mistake to measure voltage without load....

Your transistor is dead. Mail me dir infos. You have to solder a new one

Du bist deutsch oder?

jup, habe schon neue (IRLML 2502) bestellt. wage mich am wochenende dran die umzulöten. gibts dabei was zu beachten?

Hi, how about an updated version based on the newer firmware (Mega.hex_ULTRABASE_V1.1.2_2018.3.15)? Thanks.

There are no benefits on 1.1.2.
noone knows what they changed, but there is no other configuration needed! If you want more , than you have to upload a Marlin branch.
Anycubic calls this Firmware 1.1.2 but dont know what it is for an release candidate.
If you want real updates, you have to do your own changes withh marlin. If you have any questions, send me an pm

I have only 10.9 Volts, how can I get full 12 Volts?

the most common problem is that most multimeters are too slow to measure 12V PWM controlled

Hello. I Just received my i3 Mega. And it comes with 12v fans. (Fan0 and Fan2) Do I need this firmware? or maybe latest stock firmware already outputs 12v? Kind of confused here!

hi i think you're i3 is on version 1.4 ?
the mod is only for 1.1


Did it! Wow! Works like charm! Thanks man!

Hey, do you have some reference/discussion thread that not connecting the fan is bad? I want to connect a radial fan with another extruder design directly to the PSU possibly. Would that already damage it?

How adjust the fan after this ? The transistor will blow up if he get 9 or 12V without any customer.

I usually have the hotend fan running always, so I don't need to adjust the fans.

you have ti clear all fan settings out of your slicer . M106 set the fan speed. Wich firmware is Running? Otherwise plug the partscooler directly on the mainboard in your printer case.
So you are save

Would like to give my Anycubic the update too so I have 12v on fan 0 concern. I downloaded the corresponding hex file from Thingiverse. I have connected the printer to the PC via USB cable and this is also detected without errors. I have installed the driver on the supplied SD card. Use cura 3.2.1. I start the process via firmware update.... Shortly thereafter, the operation is terminated with a communication error message. On my mega is currently installed the firmware 1.4.0, is already the new board with the soldered drivers. Do I have to feed the printer first with the new firmware 1.4.1 so I can transfer the 12v hex file?


Franz Josef

I think its not possible. Maybe try to tun Marlin

Hello, 1.4.1 is currently not supported. Sorry

Other than putting a meter on the fan pins ,how can I confirm that this firmware is loaded. I have tried to update it through Cura but I get a communication error but it looks like it is updating because the green bar keeps moving.

Hello, check for latest Cura Version! If it doesnt work, try the old 15 Version of Cura.
Cura should do this! Or try an other USB Port or Calbe

I sent the M106 S255 command and checked the voltage. it reads 12v. So I guess the firmware took.
Many thanks.

Comments deleted.

Has anyone installed this??

Yes and it work fine

Awesome thanks. I am assuming I can always reload the stock firmware. Is there a tutorial for Cura. I haven't googled it yet

II did it.
I know where you changed the code in the firmware and what value.
Everything works correctly.

Congrats. Cheer . Doesent matter

can you tell me where you change the code and what value you are use

no, again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again

Comments deleted.

Only hex, no sourcecode available :)

Hello Rapid

it seems you have not understood the concept of open source software. you are violating the GNU v3 license if you publish compiled firmware code without releasing the according source also.

If Anycubic would have acted like you, YOU would tap in the dark to modify the output voltage.

think of it and act for the society!

Hello Psybit,

If you had informed enough, then you would know that at the time of my mod-release the source code of Anycubic was not yet official;) The file is based on the Marlin 1.1.1. I was the first to access this code, so it does not infringe any license because I did not have permission from Anycubic to release the source code.

This file goes to people who do not want to edit this by there own.

All other interested parties have access through my other designs to my current marlin branches on Github.

So I would like to have another change of attitude regarding my work.

I would be interested in the meaning behind this comment. Because if you have enough know-how of ​​firmware mods, why interested in a hex file with power change.

there are few of Marlin branches for the i3 Mega now....

I have the source code for i3 Mega ultrabase 1.1.0.
Can you tell me where you change the code and what values

Can you share this firmware? I need modification for bltouch. Thanks

Pasting the file/define you changed would be infinitely more useful than a hex. And comply with the Marlin license.

Mind telling us what changes you made to the firmware so the community could participate? Don't like to use a compiled firmware with changes from a third party! ;)

Hallo Alex, schon wieder mal :) Die Spannung am Fan0 Socket wurde von maximal 9 Volt auf 12Volt angehoben :) Wenns dir net passt, dann weiter. Grüße