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by spider65 Dec 20, 2017
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I've been using this for some time now and love it. I do have a question, though. What would be a good ABL sensor mount to go with this?

Amazing work on this! This makes the petsfang look heavy and complicated! The only issue, although small is that having the fan at 90 degrees to its X axis movement means its pushing and pulling on the shaft with fast print jerks, which leads to a rattle in the fan, certainly on this 5051 blower. Maybe a new fan will be quieter.. either way this is staying! Thank you! :)

Which one do I use for the stock CR-10S and using the stock fan? Also, what’s the best orientation to print it? I’m having a nightmare getting it to print.
Thanks for a great design.

Hi floydDawg.
fang with open or closed bowden tube, or fang and the best orientation is upside down with supports from the bed, the pic send is for the 5015 fang but the orientation is the same for all.


Is there a version of this using a 5015 Blower fan?
Sorry I saw the file already.
What is the best way (orientation, support, etc..)to print this model?

Can this entire fang be printed in PLA?

is this best printed standing up like in the picture or laying down flat ?

I find it prints better standing up with the top fan connection flat on the build plate

I'm printing the 5015 version now. I edited the F360 file and added some support for the long cylindrical stand off that keeps snapping off in my print and others. I'll let you know how it goes and post pics and the modified file if you like assuming the mod was successful.

How did the print turnout? What orientation and support settings did you use for the file. Thank you

I pilfered your design files to create my new awesome Horn duct. The carriage and hotend models helped a lot and saved me a lot of time.
I redesigned-remixed your shroud model which is now a part of my model.

Thanks for the 3d files.

Love this with my stock hotend. Just wish you had a ezabl version as I plan to buy one soon.

Good looking, accurate, effective cooling and most important “easy mount” design and… you can see what you are printing.
Spider65 – looking forward to see more from you, may be some for… E3D? :-)

Great job mate, keep it up!

Will it work with a Micro Swiss?

not sure, i dont have a Micro Swiss hot end so not sure

Awesome design!
I can see the nozzle squirting the plastic - its a beautiful thing.

Thank you,

Lol Thats cool

I printed with regular PLA, is it bad? Should have been with a better material? (Pet, etc)

Is this based off of the high clearance mod or is this the standard one? I know the original had issues clipping prints.

its based off the high clearance.

I wish i'd seen this one sooner, before i made my own mod. I came to the same conclusion as you, that the design where the entire fang and both fans, hanging on to the hotend and the hotendscrews, is just no good.

I decided to design it so, that you had to assemble the fang, with 4 very easy prints, instead of 1 rather tricky print. That way you can print every part in the best orientation, but also, you can chose which parts to print in which plastic (PLA, ABS, PETG...). Anyway, your idea was also much better than the other ones out there.

Not sure whats going on...... tried to print this three times using Cura. All layers not adhering together. Tried different prints with zero issues . Looking to print the one with a 5015 fan. Any help would be appreciated.,

Hi Hoby1.

sorry to hear your having issues, not sure why thats happening, im not fimilliar with cura i use simplify 3d, but i do know other people who have used cura to slice it and have not had any issues, where exactly is it failing?.

Through ouy the model. Even when I slice it takes an abnormal amount of time. You can tell its different. All layer almost just pull apart. Its very weird.

Got it..... My had moisture in it..... Question how do you but the one screw in the tube mount

Ive Just downloaded the file from thingiverse and loaded it into cura and it loaded up and sliced it in seconds, im really not sure why you are having so many problems, sorry

I think I will try a different slicer.

Great model, best 5015 fang for the cr10, only glitch encountered was the right side rear clip that attaches to the plate the gap size was too narrow to fit so i heated the PLA and opened the gap. Other than that great design so sturdy. Awesome

1....2......3..... just started the print lets see how it turns out.

Thanks for the factory file tovo, it was very helpful!
Question: why did you run the hotend at 215c for PLA? Also, why did you drop the bed temp to 45c after the 1st layer?
I'm still trying to learn the ins-and-outs of 3D printing, and was wondering if there was a specific reason for those settings on this model.

My PLA works good with 215c and after the first layer it have enough liability to change the bed temp to 45c. This ist my standard settings for every model. You have to change the temp for your best settings.
( My english is not so good )

Makes sense, thanks! (your English is fine!)

Sorry for the noob question - does this fang and mount work w/ a E3D V6 clone?

Cool - watching and waiting. I'm looking for the best setup for CR-10 - E3D V6 w/ 5015 fan. Looks like this is close.

I like your design to attach the fang directly to the metal plate instead to the hot-end like many other fang designs for the CR-10 do. And meanwhile it grew into a remarkable collection of fangs.

Just 2 comments:
As other's already mentioned uploading a Factory File (fff) would help S3D users to print your designs. You've spent some time to create the manual support in S3D, why should every S3D user, who wants to print your designs, create the manual support structure again? The exported support structure you've uploaded doesn't help much. It is just for the base design and it is no more aligned to the model, as it is in a Factory File.
For non-S3D users a gcode would be very helpful. Yes, works only on a CR-10 and given kind of material but most people likely print it with PLA on a CR-10, I assume.

As you've built this in Fusion 360, I'd really love to work on the source file for any personal mods (e.g. adding a holder for an IR probe) instead of having to deal with the STL files. If you could upload your Fusion 360 file(s), I'd be very happy.

Uploading a Factory File (fff) would help S3D users.

+1 I recommend this too! :-)

I can sort these things out later but im away now till the 3rd jan, ill sort it when home

No problem, take your time.

Printed the 5015 version with tons of support generated in S3D. Came out fine but it took a long tiime to remove all the support.

Next time I’ll try to generate the tube like support generated in Meshmixer. Knock on wood that it will work as well.

Not sure why its printed fine on mine

I have printed the new 5015 version and found that the lugs for the 5015 fan to be a touch big but also their distance from the main mount to be a touch too close and thus when the lugs are firm in the fan the wings that the lugs are on want to spread outwards due to the lack of room for the fan body.
Not sure if this makes sense and it may just be my print, but I printed it on 2 different CR-10S at 0.16 layer height, 25% infill in PLA+ (eSUN)

It is a great design and the best I have seen so far. My hotend is back to being firmly attached without any hint of movement.
Previous fang mounts always eventually break the plastic from over tightening.

I've printed this fand 3 times and it always seem to break at thr mounting points using abs 20%infill
Some help please

Thank you for this design! I just installed it in my CR10S.
Is the fan pushing air into the hot end or pulling away from it?
I could have sworn I found it pulling air from it but it makes more sense to have it push air onto it, no?

The fan should be pusing air onto the hot end, if its pulling air from it you have your fan mounted backwards, the design mounts the fan in the same place as the original mount almost, it cannot change the waybthe fan blows.

Thanks a lot for your replies. Going to try it out and wait for your 5015 re-mod. Can't wait to try this one.

5015 mod comming, just printing now, if everything fits it will be on here tomorrow

Did it fit? ;). Waiting for the 5015 and or Noctua, before I make a choice on upgrade!

You designs look super decent.

I'm printing it out as I text. I just looked at my unit and didn't realize the current stock cooling fan was a radial. Does the stock radial fan put out enough cooling for you? Have you noticed a difference? Good design BTW.

Thanks, it seems to be working ok but ive had a few rewuests for a 5015 blower which im going to do after i get back from hols after new year, fans ordered but i wont get it in time brfore we leave.

Do you have a link to the radial fan that you are using on this. Great idea to keep it away from the hot end. Can't wait to try it out.

Its using the standard fans that come on the cr10.

If you printed with Simplify3D you can upload the .factory file too :-)

Looks great. Would you share the Fusion 360 files too?

Just printed out and by far the best one I have printed out to date. Would love to see two add-ons here one is a bltouch plus a place to add two small 12v led/chip lights as this can be linked into the 12v power supply.

Does it need supports or it prints like the "old" fangs?

Looks Good, im looking into adding a version for the BLtouch, and the leds is a good idea, where would you want them?, i presume they are to light up the printing part yes.

Hi, looking at a number of lighting options as we all love to watch the hot end lol. I have attached two pictures so you can see may be just what the cr-10 needs. The second picture is a very simple solution it is a modern LED car light this is 12v so it can be wired in direct to the hot wire, it hardly draws any power at all. Hope this helps. Richard

printing right now will tell you how it looks and works

Could you add (blend) to this great project fastening on the left to "bltouch" (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2493610).
Thank you so much for your help

CR-10 BLTouch mount

Following, I would love to see some more BLtouch mount options for the cr-10. I use the one that was linked by wars, but a fang option would be awesome!

I will have a go

yes please, add a BLTouch mount to yhour great fang. Thanks

+1 for the Bl Touch mount option, would be a great addition ;)