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Brushless R/C Racing Hovercraft - For 200x200 printer

by Apru Dec 17, 2017
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Such mal bei eBay nach "Ripstop" das ist sehr leicht und dafür geeignet.

I noticed the back of the upper deck has drill holes but the thrust duct doesn't. I was originally thinking people were just drilling holes and screwing it into the hull, but in the pics I've seen it seems to just be glued. I was just wondering what people were doing to mount the thrust duct.

I originally uploaded the wrong STL file. The refinforcement holes aren't needed, just glue the two hull pieces together.

I'm not an engineer in any capacity, so just wanted to confirm my understanding of the anti-torque configuration. A clockwise motor is going to generate counter-clockwise rotational torque and the airfoils generate clockwise lift (like an airplane wing) to counteract this correct? Also, this shouldn't have any negative impact on thrust output right? I was thinking of adding a similar feature to a single motor hovercraft I have that seems to have rotational torque issues.

the airfoils are generating an "anti-torque". You want the leading edge of the airfoil pointing in the same direction as your prop rotation. The lift duct isn't necessaryily creating thrust and surely there's some efficiency loss because you're redirecting the airflow. The lift duct has more than enough power, even on 4 inch propeller, to generate the needed pressure and mass flow rates to hover the craft even with the directional vanes in the duct. I generally run mine at 50% power on smooth surfaces on 4s battery and maybe 60-70 on rougher surfaces. on 3s, it's closwer to 75/80 and 90% power on the lift duct.

Thanks for the info, I read about anti-torque stators/vanes, but for the life of me couldn't find info on proper orientation. I was asking about thrust BC I was thinking of trying to use something similar on the thrust motor of a single motor hovercraft (bottom portion of motor is redirected to fill skirt). The craft currently seems to have different rudder "center" points for different throttle levels, so I figured that was probably due to the motor rotation.

The thrust motor also contributes varying amounts of torque to the stability of hovercrafts, too. It's much harder to account for unless you use a pretty even amount of thrust power. on this particular design, I found it's really only affecting stability a small amount.

sorry for asking, but any more i info on how you made the skirt and also attach it to the craft. plus electronics used and placement. any special mix in the handset between lift and thrust motors?

The original design hovercraft "Thing" has a video on how it was done and I followed that. I've installed a skirt a few times now and my technique has matured a bit. It's not hard to follow the video and install the skirt, though.

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on the bottom of the "Upper_Hull-FWD" and the "Lower_Hull-FWD" are 0,2mm unused material. Have Problems with printing, is it possible for you to fix this?

See first layer and second layer in pictures.

That is a design defect from the original hovercraft. Mine is simply a remix. What I did to fix that was nice the whole piece down in Z axis by that amount to make it last flat in the build plate. Seems Like i got a bit of a mixed set of files but used your lift duct and someone else's split hull as it had no joiners on it.

Brushless R/C Racing Hovercraft

Hi, nice work.
Is there any reason why the three connections on the side of the upper hall rear aren´t the same size?

STL upload error. Sorry. In hindsight, they aren't really needed.

Printing in progress! Love the lift duct. Petg is a bit messy but strong i cant wait til its done :)

Thanks for the compliment. I think it looks pretty neat with the curved inclined stators.

I had issues with PETG at first, too. You'll need to tune the settings. I have found PETG to still be somewhat brittle but not as brittle as PLA and it certainly doesn't melt at as low a temperature as PLA. I don't think PETG is as tough as ABS but it's a bit easier to print without an enclosure. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

Printing one right now, will post pictures once all the parts are finished printing

Awesome! You won't be dissapointed. Be sure to post a make in the original design so the designer knows, too.

Its working great so far just using two 4 inch twin blade props. I need to get tri blade props to save on rpm for the lift fan but even with just the twin blade she seems to have plenty of lifting power. The thrust fan does ok even with 4 inch twin blade fan though I am sure the proper 5 inch tri blade will work way better. Im using some 2205 2300kv motors on 20amp esc's and 3s 30c 1300mAh battery. I have separate lift and thrust channels. Lift is counter-clockwise rotation and forward only. Thrust is clockwise rotation and bi-directional so I have some reverse. It works fairly well on a quadcopter flight controller but I almost think it would make more sense to use something like a 3 channel rc car transmitter with a wheel and throttle trigger, the pistol grip style ones if that makes sense?.
Ill get some pics of it soon once I get the wiring a bit more tidied up. I was impatient and had some fun with it in the snow with electronics exposed, naturally I killed my lift motor/ESC. Not to worry though I gutted my quadcopter for parts for this project so I had spare bits to get it up and going again in short order. Also super fun, I pulled the FPV setup from the quad and mounted that at the top of the lift grate facing forward but tilted slightly to parallel the lift grate. Its almost like you are siting in the middle of the machine flying it from a cockpit. So far the only thing funky I noticed was the reinforcements on the upper rear hull piece has a weird scaling on one of the vertical walls. It causes the reinforcements to come out small and misaligned but I just used some extra glue to help keep that side stiff. Now to print another and start marking off the track around the house so the wife and I can race....

How much skirt material is needed? Want to order that as I start printing.

I initially used a 5 mil construction grade trash bag for testing. The orange material is rip stop nylon from amazon. I ordered a 60x36" piece from amazon, I'll be able to get 3-4 skirts out of that piece.

Do you have a link? I'm also looking at getting some ripstop nylon, but there are so many variations of it, so many different deniers, that I can't tell what's going to be the right material

I just searched ripstop nylon on Amazon.

Awesome, I'm glad someone was able to improve on the design. I rarely have time to model anything so it had to be quick and dirty lol, but I'm definitely going to be printing a few of your upgraded models. :)

Quick and dirty works great! This thing is so much fun that I'm making three. Two for my boys for christmas and one for me! Thank you for the design and I'm happy to create upgrades for it and improve on it. Let me know if you have any further suggestions.

Which motors are you planning on using? Thank you

I used some Multistar45a 2204 2300 kv motors. They work well on 3s or 4s. I run the lift fan at constant speed at 50% throttle on 4s, 75% throttle on 3s. Prop is a 4in 5x3 cut down to 4in.

Any 2204 to 2205 motor 2000-2600 kv will work fine. Lighter is better and the 2204 2300 run this thing really great!