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by iomaa Feb 25, 2018
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Impossible to print on FDM. Print will always pealed off the bed and it's design is over complicated. It is good design for injection ABS but for 3d printer ... never.

Could you make a pipe clamp version of these?

Can anyone comment on how strong these are? Seems like they would be very weak due to the layer orientation. A different version that printed laying on its side would be much stronger.

That's what I always believed, too, but someone did a bunch of tests on YouTube and showed that it basically doesn't matter (at least for PLA, ABS, PET-G, and Nylon): https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/a3h1q7/strength_of_printed_parts/

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Thanks for the design. I printed it scaled to 50% and came off the bed at about 80% progress. The main joint was printed so I guess it's usable anyway.
I advise to use gluestick when printing.

I just printed and broke pretty easy due to layer orientation, guess its because PLA...

This is printed right from the stl file? Or must be printed in separate parts? Yes, im VERY new in 3d printing

Yes, prints already assembled in one piece, one stl file, print without supports and don’t change the default orientation.

I'm just asking, but what's the point of saying that your design is Patent Pending if you've uploaded it to Thingiverse for anyone to download, modify, and re-upload?

You cannot modify or re-upload, see the license we used to upload.
We still own the rights to the product, even if we provide it free of charge for anyone to use.

our bakercube - measuring cube is a great example.
For 5+ months, it was the most popular object on thingiverse.
On June 4 we will introduce the commercial version of bakercube on indiegogo.

We hold patent rights to bakercube - you can download it for free, or buy our commercial version, but you cannot compete with us by producing and selling our bakercube once the patent is granted, so that’s the point of our patent pending disclosure.

I see. Thank you for the clarification!

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Congratulations, very nice design, I am going to print it. Question: I assume it must be printed vertically (as it is in the stl file) am I right?

Another question: can it be scaled?

Again, congratulations, very nice design.

Yes, it’s designed to be printed in a default vertical position without any support.
It will not print correctly in other orientations.
Yes, it can be scaled, we printed it at 50% without any problems and you can scale it up to ∞.


"Some persons mark articles sold with the terms "Patent Applied For" or "Patent Pending". These phrases have no legal effect, but only give information that an application for patent has been filed in the Patent and Trademark Office. "

Yes, but without seeing the actual application, you don't know what is claimed until the patent is issued.

You are absolutely correct in your reply and I take no issue with your claims of originality or grounds for a patent.
However in Thing Details you claim "The Clamps are protected by US patent pending."
The "protected by" part, is just hot air for nothing.
If you do get a patent granted for some concept of originality, i truly congratulate you and wish you great success.

Simpler wooden rubber band clamps like these :
are easy enought to cut a bunch for a quick DIY but are inferior to common spring clamps as rubber band looses holding force with use.

The use of the word "protected" is similar to a sign: "this property is protected by a vicious dog.”
It doesn’t mean the property is not accessible. It just means that if you choose to enter, you may feel someone chewing on your leg.

You are correct, “patent pending” or “protected by patent pending” does not give you any legal rights to prevent others from selling your product.

For this 3D clamp, you are free to print it for yourself, your family, your friends, or at your work. All we ask for is for you not to sell it and not to create versions of this product available to others. You can still modify it for your own use in any way you want.

Is there a reason to use a injection moulding design for 3D-Printing?

This design cannot be manufactured using injection moulding technology.

But it has a hollowness that is often used in injection molded parts. Since 3D printing has infill, including features similar to those on injection molded parts will weaken the model and make it look worse.

Your conclusion is incorrect. Nope, it doesn’t weaken the model, it makes it extremely strong. The design process included 3 weeks of CAD stress calculations, deflection geometry, 50 prototypes of various shapes and infills.

We are operating at the very border of capabilities of PLA; frankly, we crossed the line a bit. Each shape follows the specific geometry from stress tests, otherwise it will crack.

It makes it look worse? Did you just call my baby ugly? Well, it looks much better than her 50 siblings with broken legs and pads, so at least she’s fully functional, and, in my impartial opinion, absolutely gorgeous.

I recommend that you add a wall covering the hollow part (it may not change the strength, but it will look better)

There was an early prototype with the full wall, fell apart, but it would probably survive in the current configuration, maybe

are you assuming its gender?

I love this whole thread....

And the clamps. I will print them, and hug them, and name them George.

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