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Snap Together Mini Lamp

by MakerBot Jul 19, 2012
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What kind of spring did you use? what are the measurements?

I'm afraid without proper assembly instructions, this is too easy to get wrong. Once they're snapped in place, those joints don't want to move. A shame, as it's nicely proportioned. Maybe I'm just doing the assembly wrong, but one photograph from one side isn't enough for this fool!

Would be nice if the P, A,X,I and R was included

Hi. Would it be possible to put individual components here?

What kind of bulbs did you use for the lamp?

Comments deleted.

now just make the Pixar letters and do some stop-motion animation!

Great print! everything went together very smoothly.

Ich musste ein paar kleine Teile nachdrucken. Die hatten sich vom Druckbett gelöst .

Is there a difference between the parts in the zip "tom luxe arms" and the "arm parts snap"?

For the love of god, assemble left side then right side then put them together.....

Otherwise you will go through what I did, and those pins are TIGHT, and meant to not move once in.

This print was easy, not long like 4 hours or so, and came out SOOOOO GOOOD!!!

A great design, is a bit difficult to ensamble some parts(I recommend to wear out)

Which lamp socket do you use for the lamp?

problems with the lamp mesh
fix them

Printed with Anet A8 and Cura 14.07, Everything's fine! I love it !

Printed the base and lamp no problem. None of the pins fit it to any holes.

Printed this but I couldn't get the arms to connect up. Bits ended up snapping and so I just ended up throwing it in the bin. :(

Reminds me of the Pixar one. love it

Reminds me of the Pixar one. love it

Reminds me of the Pixar one. love it

printed but having trouble with upper arms and pins breaking and not turning,
would love to see a remix where dowel could be used instead of pins, and upper arms were bars with holes,
maybe when i learn to design i will give it a shot :)

For those having problems, I repaired the stl files using Meshmixer and Cura was then able to print all files with no problem.

Hey, could you send me those files? It would be great!

It's been so long I don't have them. However, this is my go to now for fixing stl files:


The piece that connects the arm to the hood is problematic, because unlike the other parts, it is printed upright. The layers have to take all the force when pushing the large pin into the hole, and in my first 3 prints they couldn't handle it and broke. Ideally it should be printed lying down as well, but this is not trivial due to the pins. Eventually I edited the model to make the bulge at the end less thick, and the gap deeper, so it has more springiness.

this happened to me, but the part can be glued back on while the hood is on.

Anyone in the uk, pound land sell usb powered light bulbs, just strip the plastics off & the LEDs fit nice inside this lamp

can you print this with the makerbot mini?

Do you need springs to make this?

did the lamp head require support for the back end of it ?

Problem with STL files fixed using 3D Builder

Had some issues getting slic3r to work properly with the .stl files (no layers detected). I sucked up my pride, installed Sketchup, recreated the .stl files, and it seems to be working now.

Anyone who has printed it, how tall is it?

Does the lamp head need to be printed with supports?

This is great! I printed it 1-1 on the UP! Mini and added in some springs, i'll be wiring up an LED light to it at some point too. One thing to note, the bottom snap-in shaft that connects the arms to the base snap-in part fits great but doesn't provide much resistance when you get it together, i had thought of making the tolerances less but in the end i fused the base snap in part with the two triangular plates, its lost the lower portion hinge but it works nicely :)

Very cool design, we will also build this at Felixusa with our Felix 3.0

Very nice lamp!
I don't know if it is my CAD-software but some of the parts was not working to print, so thanks for uploading the raw files as well!
Do you have some pictures of the lamp with working lights? I'm working on making it with lights and would like to see some project solutions to make my work a bit easier ;)

KISSlicer shows several zillion geometry problems with this model.

Just force it to slice. There is no problem. At least with slic3r.

Comments deleted.

Thanks for sharing this very cool design, I put a nut and bolt at the bottom joint as it was a bit floppy and a washer on the base joint to make it a bit stiffer. The small springs were found and stripped off an old bit of kit I use for stripping parts, but works very cool.

I'm actually working on making it myself and i'm thinking of adding an LED inside with an AA battery clip under the base.
Keeping you posted :)

From the pictures I see some people's lamps are "hollow" in the hood and some people have inserted lights. That is what I wanted to do but when I print (Lamp_Snap_Luxo), the bottom half of my hood (for lack of a better term) is solid and many of the pictures of people's lamps shown are the same. I'm wondering if the ones that have lights put inside them have had to dremel out the lamp hood? Seems like it could be printed with support material so that it is hollow like the one shown in the picture above. Can someone enlighten me?

Has anyone had any issues with the 'heat vents', my Solidoodle3 just destroys them!

Does anyone know what exact size of spring to use?

Several of these STLs are "broken" and need fixing in NetFabb (or similar software). Makerbot/Stratasys, fix your sh*t.

could you publish the parts of the lamp in separate files because they wont all print in one print on a replicator 2x

To avoid the snapping problems that some of you are having, I keep a butane torch next to my printer (also great for blowing away little strings and flame polishing after you sand or file away defects). A butane lighter would work in a pinch. Heat up the pins for just a few seconds before inserting to soften them. Seriously just 2 to 4 seconds is usually enough. Keep the flame moving! Keep a damp cloth nearby. Insert immediately after heating. When they are a little bit soft they won't snap as easily and they will "give" a little when inserting. They will also tend to spring back after insertion and harden/cool in about half a minute.

It doesn't seem like Slic3r will take the files, manifold errors :/

use kissslicer I had the same issues.

printed it to day awsome

This is BRILLIANT thanks !!

You could also print the springs!

Do you have a CAD or STL copy of this project where it is assembled?

Super easy print. Snapped together without any changes. I would recommend to those that have not assembled it yet to do the following:

Always put the pins into the parts that are in the innermost positions of the lamp first when possible. For instance, the u-shaped part that snaps into the base will have three other parts inside it: two small v-shaped parts and in between them, one end of a support rod that connects to the larger v-shaped parts. The u-shaped bracket uses a short pin to hold everything together. Put the short pin into the end of the support rod first, then add the small v-shaped parts (one on each side), leaving one side of the pin sticking out a little longer than the other. That length will enable you to get the assembly of the v-shaped parts and the support rod, with the pin, into the u-shaped bracket. Once the longer pin length has been inserted into one of the u-shaped uprights, you can push on it a little and it will snap into place on the other side of the u-shaped bracket.

This plan will work for most of the parts. There may be some parts that are a little tight (depends on how well tuned your HBP is) so be prepared. Warning - do not push a pin through a part by setting one end of the pin on a hard surface and pushing the part downward onto it - the ends of the pin will break! I know, because I stupidly did that.

GPWT! (Great Print, Wonderful Thing!)

Needed to trim some of the parts for a perfect fit otherwise what an excellent model... next step is to install a LED light to give it some function.

Printed easily on Makerbot Replicator with no scrubbing or other changes and snapped together without problems. Springs came from a $2 kit of misc springs. The kids love this. Thanks for posting it.

This just doesn't work...

Gone through 3 Lamp Snap Luxo prionts so far and every time at the thin light holes the print fails.

A closer look at the slice and it seems that there is a flaw about half way up this section.

I'm new to this, so any thoughts on why this may be happening would be most welcome.

Exactly what about it fails?

Post a picture and we might be able to help you.

I visited the magical Makerbot headquarters this summer and saw the first prints of Mike's snap together mod of this fabulous model. It really struck a chord with me since I have known Lohn Lassiter since the earliest days of Pixar where the goal was to have computers render 3D models into photorealistic images. Now we make the real thing. I've printed and built 5 already. My favorite is translucent PLA. Bravo!

Thanks to Pixar I've developed my love for 3D, please say hi to John Lasseter from me when you speak to him again! ;)

I need some help guys. I printed a big "Lamp Snap Luxo" but it is coming out with layers that don't stick on each other. I had printed a smaller one that seems perfect. For the big one I set the infill in 100%.

Is that something related to "shells" config?


I tried to print this. Had to use netfab to repair each stl. Netbaf failed to repair the base so used one form one of the derivatives, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:27903http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Snap Together Mini-lamp: Slicable and LED Power

Very cool model, but for me the front 3-tiered bar keeps snapping! I'm talking about the arm to which your springs connect to in the middle. The lamp still seems to work OK, but looks a little goofy with two broken bars flailing about :P It may benefit from a little bit of thinkening, as it undergoes some stress when you try to collapse the arm down a bit.

Scaled down to 65%

I did had to ream the holes for the pins with a 3mm drill bit and even like that I managed to break a couple of them :( next time I'll use the 3.2mm bit :-D

I love this thing, thanks!!

does anyone have a simple light insert solution for this fantastic item? something like a lightweight led array, battery powered with a push switch out the top... maybe even inside a bulb similar to this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:27899http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... (which would be perfect if made from glow-in-the-dark filiament)


Light Bulb for Mini Desk Lamp

I hot-glued in a paper cone to help reflect the light out, and four segments a 5050 LED strip (about 8 inches, or 20 cm) for a total of 12 LEDs around the inside. I ran a twisted pair from an old network cable out the top and through the lamp for power.

I'm curious to know what print settings replicator owners have been using on this print? I can't seem to get the holes at the top of the lamp to print correctly even after slowing the print speed down significantly.

Just managed to solve the problem... it seems like the skeinforge default filament retraction distance was too high at 1mm so after reducing this to 0.5mm the problem seems to have been fixed.

Interesting.. the ToM sized plates print fine, but for some reason my base is much larger than everyone elses... or my lamp head is much smaller lol. Anyone else noticing that?

Likewise having some trouble slicing this and cloud netfabb is failing to repair. I'm using Slic3r 0.8.5-dev.

Same issue. I am going to have a look at the SKP files and see if there is a problem there tonight.

How rigid is the movement? How well does this move? How much does it hold? I'm wondering about using this sans the lamp as a replacement for my webcam armature.

MakerBot Rocks! I too used netfab cloud to fix the files... Fun to print. 8-)

Im having issues slicing this with slic3r im getting manifold isses or intersection errors. tried running it through netfab too. any ideas

I ran the files through Netfabb (cloud version) and they sliced wonderfully with the latest version of Slic3r. Which version are you using?

8.5 dev. its sliced everything else ive thrown at it. the suggestion was made to try it using a single parameter so i will try that next

recieving self intersecting facets error followed by the message that no layers are detected

I have been told Slic3r has problems with .stl's that come out of Sketch-Up. Netfabb cloud service should be able to resolve the issues.

I ran the base through netfabb but i still couldn't get it to slice. In fact, the STL file after running the base thru netfabb has nothing inside when i open it in blender or solidworks. Anyone able to reupload another version of the base?? thanks!!

This was fun! It was a tricky print/assembly, but the result is worth it!

My son, who's seven, saw this assembled and said "that' the thing that's before the movies!" and, given his movie selection, that's pretty much true. :-)

Thanks for posting this.

A real man would print the springs too. :)

Is that Makerbot's plain old white ABS? Looks really sharp!

I think you guys
amp; gals would sell more ABS if you posted pics of actual prints like this one along with photos of the filament spools in the Makerbot Store. Then again, you're sold out often enough ;).

Where did you get the springs from?

The in this model the springs are ornamental, they aren't needed for the arm to work properly.

I got the ones I am using from a pack of general springs.

On snap, and here I thought my work in progress version with M3 screw holes added was smart. Upstaged again by Skimbal!!!! :-[

This is truly amazing....I honestly wish I had that version of the head when I made mine.

Any chance you could post a the individual parts? Or at least thing-o-matic sized plates?

I have uploaded a .zip file that has the Arm split into two Thing-o-matic sized plates. The Base and Lamp should fit just fine.

Happy Printing!

Great! Thanks!