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by ZhilDV Dec 10, 2017
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Hi and thanks for posting this build. Very nice and clean. However, a bit confused with how the x and y carriage are moving. The motor pulleys suggests they are belt driven but unsure if it is not going to bind since the wheels are riding on top of the belt. Is that the intended design ? Is the belt riding inside the extrusion channel? Do you have this build completed? Any chance for a newer video or picture? Much appreciated.

Comments deleted.

I would like to laser cutting some of the printed parts, like gantry and the frame joiner. Would you like to send me these files in format dxf format?

There ara not 2D details... I'll attepmt to do dxf files for you. Send me please list of parts for cutting on ZhilDV@mail.ru

How much did it cost you to build this entire machine?

Hi guy
which software do you use for the laser engraver ?

Hi! I use CNCC V2.53 with CNCC.Mini controller. With ELEKSMAKER-IV-AXIS-V2.3 controller I'll try use CNCUSB software.

It would be great if you can share the whole design assembly of the laser engraver in .step file.

Please, write me on my e-mail: ZhilDV@mail.ru or ZDVstore@mail.ru

how long is the m5 bolt that adjusts the laser height. Im using some of your parts to upgrade my current laser

This bolt is ISO-7380 M5x60-A2. Can I see photos of your upgrade?

Good Morning. Would you mind double checking your BOM please? It states 12 x 35mm M5 (for the bearings) however 35mm is too short to go through both plates and out of the other side. Are you sure they are 35mm? I think they should be 40mm. Thanks

You can use 40mm, if you want....

It's not want to, it's HAVE to. Panel hole depth 4mm x 2, wheel 7mm, bushing 10.5mm x 2. Total length of parts is 36mm. Therefore a 35mm bolt is not long enough, it has to be 40mm otherwise there is nothing left for the nut.

So, finally started putting this one together and I've found that the laser holder and the laser base parts do not fit together :( They are so tight, even with liberal sanding on both parts. Any tips?

You should control your slicer settings or / and real width of printing line! Parts have minimal clearence, but you can build device easy.... If you will print all parts correct!

Really? That is your helpful tip? RUDE! How about designing something that people can actually just 'print' with appropriate tolerances for 'the majority of printers'. Your engraver project looks beautiful, much sturdier than others that I've seen, but you have offered no information on what settings to use (e.g resolution, infil perfectage, printing speeds etc) which ultimately leads a lot of guess work up to the person trying to build it. Or perhaps seeing how you're selling the complete plastic parts kit, you don't want people to have an easy time trying to print it themselves, so you can profit from it.

Again, really lovely work - but without releasing information (like the BOM we had to ask for), there is no point in showcasing something like thing on thingiverse.

Wow! I only tried to help you... Are my recomendations rude? Why?
Plastics have different shrinkage and more, more... details. Slicer settings for your plastic may be not same like my settings... You should to do slicing individually. It is normally! So, I think your postcomment is veru rude :(.
Me and some people did laser engraver from this thingiverse parts and have no problem with this device.
It is no commercial project :). I would like to have discuss only about technical questions...
Have a nice engraver building!!!

Ok, so perhaps the issue here is translation with English not being your first language. I did slice the parts individually, my point is, you blamed the issue with my inability to control my slicer settings, but you have not offered any advice as to what those slicer settings should be. My personal opinion is that there should be some tolerance allowance between the two parts, and allow the adjustment screw to do the work of holding the laser in place - not the tight fit of the plastic. This way, you are allowing for the differences in printer accuracy, material quality etc.

Consider that to be constructive criticism. I have praised your design, I really like it - the quality of your photos are very good in aiding construction. I just feel some consideration should be made that your design should cater for everyone who wishes to print it, not for YOUR printer and YOUR slicer settings (which we have no idea of what they are...).

You are right! My english is not fluent...

Yoг can see my slicer setting for 1. LASER HOLDER (ПАНЕЛЬ ЛАЗЕРА). Next setting will be soon ;)

Thank you! That is very helpful and hopefully will solve the fitting issue.

You are welcome :)

Hi, am I missing a trick here? When I open the PDF, I have a 3D model of the engraver, but no text, assembly instructions or BOM.

This looks fantastic and I'd really like to build one, but without any further details I'm stuck...

OK. I'll public BOM soon. But photo instruction is present on Thingiverse anmyon my blog!

If you could, that would be appreciated as in your description it states 'Assembling is in the 3D PDF file. You can see all details of assembling and do bill of materials'. The assembly pictures are great, but I need to know how many screws, nuts, bolts etc.. the length of the smooth rods for the Y axis shaft etc. Was really hoping for that level of detail too, then along with the pictures it would be an AWESOME project! :) thank you!

You can use BOM for this design. I have done it!

That is great, thank you so much! Do you have a link for the 21.5mm wheels, I'm finding them difficult to source. Thanks.

Thank you. They seem to be a non-standard size, most of the ones I find are 24mm.

I just started assembly, but I'm going to need to do a lot of drilling and sanding as there isn't enough sliding movement between wheels to allow the use of normal 24mm V-wheels :(

I use 21.5 mm wheels. 24 mm wheels are not for this project. You can see 3d pdf file for checking your mechanical parts!!!!

Thank you. I could not find smaller wheels. Only a small fix was now needed to make it work.

Добрый день!
Напишите подробнее какие комплектующие используются: винтики, гаечки, подшипники, колёсики, шестерёнка под ремень, сам ремень и.т.п

Я опубликовал новый 3D PDF и перечень элементов - можете пользовать :)

Один из файлов - 3D PDF... В нем доступна вся конструкция со всеми составными частями. Информацию по комплектующим можно легко добыть из этого PDF!!!

А как насчёт платы управления, какую лучше использовать с лазером от 2,5 до 5,5 вата, можно ссылку на али?

What is the material you used to print this? I'm wondering if I need to scale it up by 1 or 2% if I want to print in ABS

I don't like PLA... I use only ABS :) You don't need scale models.

Hello friend, I would like to make a Remixes of this same design but with 40X80 profiles. if you want to pass me the file to edit it and that the community has more variety, if you could in sofworks of Solidworks

hola amigo, me gustaría hacer un Remixes de este mismo diseño pero con perfiles de 40X80. si gustas pasarme el arch. para editarlo y que la comunidad tenga mayor variedad

I am so sorry - I don't speak Spanish... May be in English or Russian?


Cool stuff. What infill did you use?


Thank you! :) They are coming out PERFECT!

What controller do you use for your Laser Engraver?


Is there perhaps a possibility you can share your firmware? I have uploaded the newest grbl but I am not able to get it to accept the parameter for soft and hard end stops. I have x- and y- end stops, but want to set maximum by software.... Same as 3d printer... My knowledge is limited with laser engravers.

Thank you for the help!

I used controller with internal firmware (from seller). I have not sourse files!

Hi there

Thank you for this wonderful project.

I am using Simplify3D, and some of the STL's holes are not 'through'? See attached file.

All help appreciated! :)


Yes! It is bridge in the main hole... I did it for simple printing (without supports). The height of bridge is 0.25 mm. I use this layer height for printing!

I'm so sorry! It is 440 mm length. I fogot to rename this model file. You are right.
You should use Adobe Acrobat Reader!!! Click "Trust this document". Next click "?" in the top left corner of document.

oke yes it worked. nice I did not now that adobe acrobat reader could do 3d.

Hi! Thank you for question...
Aluminum profile 2x20 for A3 work size:
1) 240mm x 1;
2) 560mm x 2;
3) 396mm x 2.

Thx, for the answer but I think the 240mm is to short?

I tried to open pdf but it fails/ I saw only white without karakters/text

Hi, I like your design and when I have finished building my hypercybe evolution I will build your laser engraver.

What is the length of the 2040 Aluminum profiles? And is the engrave/cutter space A3 capable?

Regards Paul