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Sawtooth from Horizon Zero Dawn

by Gloomeskk Dec 8, 2017
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The back leg files don't line up for me. The front legs worked great, I just had to print mirrored versions of both files, but these back legs are confounding me. It almost looks like two halves from two different models. I printed the Thunderjaw and that worked great. Any help for these legs?


you are actually looking at one half of a front leg and one half of a rear leg. I just checked and the other halves of the rear legs are in the files. They have funny French names because these models weren't supposed to end up online at first but you should be able to find them quickly (check the thumbnails in the Thing Files section).

Hope it helps.

You're right, I found the file I was missing, thank you! I can't print the antennas, they are too small for me resin printer. But the models are really nice and I'm enjoying them. I even started replaying the game. Thanks again.

Que tamaño tiene al 100%?

I just printed the antennae and I'm having trouble figuring out how to put them together. Do you have a diagram of how to fit the pieces together?

Hi. I can not find 4 parts for legs. There only 4 "halves" of each leg.

This is the way I sliced them for the print so it's normal you can't find the complete legs.

I suppose there should be 8 parts for 4 legs. I can find only 4 parts

Each half of any given leg has the same name as the other half, which causes an issue when extracting the files from the zipped folder. So basically there are 2 files for the rear right leg, both having the same name.
You can download the missing files one by one and your operating system should append a copy number to the end of it.

I can't find the 8 files for the legs. There are 4 unique file names for each leg in the zipped folder. I don't see any duplicate file names for any leg in the zipped folder.

I think it is because I put the same name to the front and rear legs. Try downloading the 8 files manually. I will change the name when I got time.

Thank you very much, for your model, time, AND the help.
I didn't notice that the files could be downloaded separately, now I see there are 8 files for the legs.
I'm new at thingiverse, so i'm kind of a rookie, apologies. Thanks again!

Thank you. I found what I wanted

Any tips on orientation of prints, especially attenae, I’m going to try one of your models over Xmas, and make it bigger on my CR10.
I’ll post pics if it goes well..
Superb models btw...

What did you end up doing for this?

I see you took the time to reorient the parts. I know I should've done it myself but I have no time lately. Thanks :)

The real problem are still the antenne. Could you upload a flat version of them that the user can just heat and bend? They are at such an awkward angle to print.

They look fine the way you oriented them. I can't remember exactly how, but I managed to print them with a cold print bed with those same files so it should be doable. If it doesn't work, a few layers of support will do the job.

I realize it will do the job, but i was aiming for a more elegant solution. If you would like to upload the obj or w.e. files you use to create this model I could make them.

Well this was modeled with Catia (similar to Solidworks) so the only universal files I could give you are IGS or STEP.

if you would like to upload both that would be nice.

Comments deleted.

I didn’t bother in the end mate, just too many parts didn’t orientate very well.

The two files, 'CORPS_ARRIERE_DROIT.stl' and 'CORPS_ARRIERE_GAUCHE.stl' are scaled much larger than their two matching parts and the rest of the model.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll check this out.

Damn! I just spent 13 hours printing those out first only to find out they were scaled differently than rest.... Would you know what the scale was for the larger parts, id love to scale up the rest to match

Sorry I totally forgot to modify this. You'll have to print the other parts at scale 2 (or scale these to 0.5).

Hi Gloomeskk, thx for the very nice model. But to be honest I'm really a bit disappointed since you know about the wrong size of the two body parts and you still let us print it without replacing the parts or at least telling us in the info text.

I'm done with the print. I again want to thank you for sharing this awesome model. And I apologize if I sounded a bit rude earlier.

Anyway for future prints you guys only need the files CORPS DROIT.stl, CORPS GAUCHE.stl, both TETE files, all six antenna files and eight PATTE files. I suggest renaming the PATTE files after downloading since four are named like the other four (didn't know how else to say that ;) no native speaker)

I just deleted the "CORPS_ARRIERE" files. They were useless and out of scale like you said. Sorry if you lost your time trying to print these but I have a lot of models out there on many platforms and I don't want to spend my weekends renaming and correcting the files. It should be fine now though.

Comments deleted.

Ok thanks for that, I kinda like the bigger scale, I’ll try and print out the rest of the parts at 200%. Thanks for the model btw. Looks awesome!