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Titan Aero for Wanhao I3 Plus with Belt Tensioner

by AldiPrinter Dec 8, 2017
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Hey @AldiPrinter,

Thanks for creating this mount. I used it this week to mount my new Titan Aero on my Wanhao i3 plus.

I found the following things needed some tweaks:
The Titan Aero now sells with a 40mm stepper (Compact but Powerful) as standard so the mount's x stop arm needed lengthening and the stepper supports needed lengthening.
The x stop screw holes weren't far enough apart for me.
The mount that e3d sell on their site with the Titan Aero is a more snug fit than this stepper mount.

The changes I've made add a few grammes in weight but they may be a bit more up-to-date for what e3d are currently selling (Jun 2018).

Oh, and I added in the bl touch mount points from this thing.

Is me sending you the stl file of any use?

Wanhao i3 V2.1 Titan Aero with BLTouch mount

Sorry, couple of other questions.

1) I'm assuming the E3D Slim Stepper (26mm) is slim enough?
2) Would the carriage plate & Ciii adapter bearing holder be ok printed in PLA? I will be printing high temp stuff like Nylon etc. in the future. I have PETG and ABS (which my Ciii cooler is printed in) but PLA prints nice and straight without warping and the carriage plate and bottom bearing and not as close to the hot end like the Cooler is.
3) Have you got a version of this with a BL Touch mount or any chance of getting the source file so I can add one with fusion 360?

26mm is the limit, you might need to do some minor modding to the switch or the printer frame to get some clearance, some tape and cardboard can fix it.

The bearing holder can be in PLA but the carriage plate should be in PETG, since it is what ultimately holds the belts together, which is under tension.

I don't have a bltouch version, and my files are in Solidworks, I can upload the step file if you like.

Awesome. Thank you, it's printing out at the moment in petg.

The step file would be great so I can build in the bl touch. Thank you so much.

Is that a smoother board for the extruder stepper?
Does that make a difference?
Also, do you use them on the X,Y and Z ?

Cheers, Just about to print this all out.

I have them on X and Y, there is a different but not much, haven't done too much testing with them.

How does the V2 base attach to the belt? There is no center post for the belt to wrap around, and the bottom is blocked where the belt should enter and leave.

The M4 screw will act as the center post, the blocked part is used for support depending on the print orientation, but can be cut off afterwards.

*updated with pictures

There were two gotchas that I ran into using this -- I didn't catch at first that it needed the smaller size motor and the x-stop switch mounting doesn't fit the stock x-stop switch. I've had to zip tie mine on and still zip tie padding to the frame to make contact before my new smaller motor. Also, I managed to simply use bolts like the stock version for the belt, since my original hot end gave out before I printed the tensioner. It is now roughly functional, but I'm thinking it might be nicer to remix and turn the design 90 degrees so the extruder motor is against the rails and the fan faces out. Seems like this would be narrower and fit higher movements better.

Thanks for your feedback, yes this only works with the thin stepper motors. I will double check the hole spacing for the x stop but mine worked fine with the stock switch and screws. Interesting idea for the rotated mount, I will see if I can work something out.

how did you connect the mini board up top? could you add pics?
also did you lose any print size with this mod?

For the top bearing block, print sc8 bearing blocks with cutout for belt, for the bottom, use stock or print a standard sc8 bearing block. You lose just over 10mm of Z print height.

Oh wow, I was working on one of these and this one is wayyyy better. Might as well delete mine. XD