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Printrbot MEGA-Z Mod

by gungn1r Jul 17, 2012
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I bought some new rods, forgot about having to lengthen the wires! D'oh! lol

Works, first I used steel rods and PLA sliders, now replaced them with 50cm smooth rods and use the lm8uu again. Wobble gets stronger the higher you print, but doesn't matter that much with big prints. 30cm tall Pink Panther Woman looks great!

Now I'm printing some upgrade parts for more stability and then X and Y axis will be upgraded to 50cm rods as well. Of course this needs longer toothed belts and a bigger build platform.
Bigger is better, I want to be able to print helmets. I'll post a derivative when I'm there.

Awesome man, be sure to let me know how those stability upgrades go, printing helmets would be awesome, that's big goal.

Any updates on this? What is the tallest you have printed now? 
I'm on the verge of doing an upgrade like this and looking at getting metric threaded rods- just trying to figure out the best source...

Another Question-

Is that the original power source that came with the Printrbot? Or have you subbed in a stronger one? I keep having failed prints because my computer gets disconnected from the printer. Reconnecting it I get a Brown Out alert message in Proonterface. I'm thinking the heat bed and extruder power draw is too much and causing the disconnect? I have had about a dozen failed prints in the last 24 hours! Hrrmph!!


Those rods don't look like smooth rod. They look like steel rod. Smooth rod is hardened steel and machined to be precise. Its also hard to find. If it works, it works, but I'd be interested in the longevity and accuracy of your printer. It probably won't matter on the z axis as much as it would on the X or Y axis.

Steel rod is also not chromed and will rust.

Hey sorry for taking a while to reply. It's been about a month printing with the new rods and I was worried about rust as you said. So far though they've really not rusted in the slightest, I think the generous amount of PTFE lubricant provides some protection.The resolution is at least better than my previous rods and I've really had no problems with Z-accuracy in my prints. If I run in to troubles later on I'll post about it.

Very Cool.

I definitely have designs on doing this to my Printrbot + at some point! Right now I've just gotten it printing and am trying to calibrate.

Note that if you use M8 threaded rods instead of 5/16in rods you have to recalibrate the Z-axis and use other nuts because the thread pitch is different.

Nice! How tall have you printed with that?

I guess the problem with tall prints is that you can waste a lot of time if it gets messed up at the end!

My tallest print so far has been ~250mm but at that height the cables to the extruder stepper, x bar endstop and my 40mm cooling fan all become tight so I'm working on adding length to the cables.

Surprisingly I've found that the longer bars actually add alot of stability in dampening the vibrations of the machine. Also yeah prints that tall are going to take a loong time so you really have to make each print count!