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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Zone Mortalis Terrain - Ruins (28mm terrain)

by Eberleg Dec 5, 2017
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Just wanted to say this thing is uber, nice job on the bulk heads especially.

I’d love to get a file with some of the rubble pieces for those of us who have to print the ruined walls seperate. My Ender 3 cannot handle the 3x4 sections much less the 3x5. Great work none the less, you deserve great praise, and a spool of filament on me ;)

Also, on your greebles files, I need help with suggested settings to print these, I cannot get the large wall displays to print right nor the grates

What settings are you using? I've been using an Ender 3 to print a bunch of the ZM pieces along with just about all of the greebles without a problem. I've having to slice up some of the files from this set as they are too large to print on the Ender 3 but everything else has printed without an issue. I've included a picture of the wall display I think you are talking about printed on my Ender 3. And I've printed a ton of the large and small grates without any problem at all.

I’m printing them at .08mm on an Ender 3 with no extra adhesion. I recently moved to printing on a mirror so I expect it to be better than the stock bed that was warped. Also changed my temp down to 195 from 200.

Picture included is of the prints I was having issue with. At 200° nozzle, 60° bed, brim, and .08mm.

So it looks like you are maybe using a brim, have you tried printing with a raft? I started out using brims and had very similar issues. Once I switched over to rafts, perfect prints just about every time right on the build plate. I am using Cura, 205° nozzle and 50° bed but the temperatures seem to have more to do with the PLA you're using than the machines. And my print was done at .2mm, which is draft quality in Cura. You can obviously see the difference between our prints, yours looks much better due to the better resolution and it looks like your issue is just adhesion, which the raft will fix. Takes a bit longer and uses more material but worth it IMO.

Any chance you could share your STL files of the Cut up larger Tiles? I am a total hack in Mesh Mixer... >_<

Let me make sure they actually print well and then if they do I'll put them up.

Alright for those that have smaller print beds (like an Ender 3) here are the three tiles that are too big to print broken up. I have printed all 6 and they printed without any issues. I glued them together and use a bit of filler to make it look smooth at the joins.

First, let me say this is a beautiful set! Once I get some based coated I will post some pictures.
I do have a question for you.
How do you print tiles H? The part of the floor that is caving in rests below the main part of the floor. And I am having a heck of a time printing it. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.
Thank you!

Does this have wallls and ruins without tiles, and if so how many of each do you meed to make the standard layouts on the necromunda board?

I have an XYZ DaVinci Mini which has a print bed size of 5.9".
I presume the floor sections are 12" square like the tiles from necromunda?

No, most tile sections have a floor dimension of 6" x 6". 4 of these make a 12'" x 12" tile. Some of the ruined sections are larger than this to accommodate the rubble. This doesn't help you with such a small printer anyway, sorry.

No worries. I had figured the tile sections were going to be something I couldn't do sadly.
I'll just have to be content to print out the wall sections and place them on the Necromunda tiles.
Thanks for the response, love all your stuff!

have you considered standing them up on their ends and printing them between the corners? you should have just enough space for one tile printing like that at a time

Hello mate, these are fantastic. Excellent work.

Do you have the ruined wall sections independent of the floor tiles? The reason i ask is i was planning to print out some of your other wall sections and then add the ruined ones where appropriate.

If not, no worries i'll slice them off in sketchup.