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This War of Mine Board Game Organiser Trays

by NIKOLAS3220 Dec 5, 2017
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For the life of me I cannot figure out where to put the sewer map tiles. Where did you fit those?

hello, such a great design. but is it possible that you split the big tray?

Just wanted to say that his CAN fit all the kickstarter content as well as all the expansion content, but you have to redesign the main part a bit or do what I did and just dremel out a space between the lowermost two trays to fit in the new sewer cardboard. It is tight though.

Thank You Very Much!!!

FFG sleeves are too big to fit. I'll redesign a card holder to be able to fit FFG sleeves.

Is there anyone that can print this that would be willing to print it and sell it to me? The design is too big for my printer and when I have taken it to others, they also tell me it's too big.

No one can seem to print this, everything says that it is too big!

only one person has said it's too big an I've already updated the design so the card tray is now a two part piece for easier printing. The token grata is still big as it wasn't designed with smaller print beds in mind. I am working on a smaller version of it. Board game inserts are bound to need bigger print bed sizes than most as they tend to take up a lot of space.

Am I loading it wrong then? Old files maybe? I have even tried to see if I could get friends to be able to do it thinking it was user error. It's coming back as too big for them as well. I tried "order this printed" link above, which gives 3 different sources to get it printed from... they all come back as it being too big as well.

Its a rather large surface area. Most budget printers simply dont have the print volume. Even the Ender 3, which has a large bed for its price point, is only 220x220.

What is the point of having this up here if no one can print it?

This has been designed to be printed on rather large printers. I am using a Creality CR-10 with a 300mm×300mm×400mm print bed. Make sure that you are orienting the trays so that they lay flat on your print bed. The only tray that should still be too big for most printers is the main token tray. I aim to split that in two as well to make it easier for people to print.

Please, can you split the design, in my anet i cant print and i liked! thanks my friend!

Really nice and clean design.

Seems a very nice design! Thanks for your work and sharing it!
The only change I would like to see is to have some lids so that the pieces stay in their places even when you put the game vertically (as I usually do).

Still printing mine.. having the worst luck getting the printer level over such a large portion of the base, but a lid shouldn't be needed since the books cover the trays and the board covers the card/mini trays. Might need a little block for the gap between the books and the card holder as shown above though.

Might be worth printing a second part of the insert for conditions to use as a lid if you're going to store it standing up.

I'm a little unsure what way you printed the card tray? Did you cut it in half? or do you have a monstrous print bed size?

The CR10 has a pretty massive print bed size (30×30×40cm). I've had a few people comment it's a little hard to print for most people, so will try and make the card (and possibly token tray) into two separate pieces and update the model files so it's easier to print with smaller print beds.

I'm in the same boat. I've got a 200x200x180 printer and can't print your models as they're too big.

I've made my own TWoM design, but think yours is better. If you do end up splitting, I'd love to try it out!

That explains it so! Yeah I had to rotate a few other pieces - the card tray has to be cut in half for my print bed anyway.

Amazing design, can't wait to get it printed and in the box!

This is fantastic. I don't have the game, but I have played a friend's copy, and those component requirements are INSANE.This makes me a lot happier than it should.

How long did printing take you?

Took about 30 hours to print all the components

thank's for your share ,it's for the core box only ? or with SG of Kickstarter ?

These has been designed with the Kickstarter stretch goals in mind, so there is room for everything the core game has (sleeved cards) as well as room for everything the Kickstarter stretch goals contained (again, those cards could be sleeved)

it's perfect ;)