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Apple Watch Stand - Thing

by MikeVR Dec 3, 2017
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Did it with a 3D Laser Sinter System - EOS P110
Top <3 Thanks for that!

This is too cool!! Can someone please edit this for the galaxy watch lol also how do you get the charger out once it's in there? Haha my daughter said it's stuck

Nice print! For removing the charging puck; just jam a pencil through the palm of the hand. Should pop out easily ;)

Thanks! Mike you made this? So cool!!

It took 22 hours at 0.01mm on my Prusa. I did try running at 150% speed for a bit but you can see the drop in quality on the print.
Two colours of PLA on Prussia MK3S

Happy with Result, handy! Ender 3 Pro.

Um thats kind of gross but ill try it!

I've made 4 and they're incredible... People LOVE them!

I’m so pleased with this stand and it looks amazing, if not a little creepy. I printed it with skin computed filament and I think that’s made it look even better.

I wonder if I flipped this upside down if it could carry the weight of my S7 or if it would fall over. This could be a pretty interesting phone stand.

This is my favorite functional print yet. I urge everyone that can to tip the designers who post free designs like this, to encourage more in the future. Some comments on my printing experience:

PrusaControl skipped several layers in the gcode, so I used SlicerPE instead. Check your gcode preview before printing!

I used three shells and 25% infill to make a little more solid than my usual prints.

I had to scrape the puck opening a bit with an exacto knife to get the puck to fit.

Use a rigid pen to poke the puck out. Pencils will break and soft plastic pens will just bend. Screwdrivers might scratch the puck.

A dab of Shoe Goo glue (dries rubbery and clear) on each finger tip is perfect to keep it from sliding around on a nightstand. A ball the size of BB is enough. Let it dry as a bead for about five minutes, then put the hand fingertips down on the shiny side of a piece of aluminum foil to let the glue flatten and dry the rest of the way.

Is it possible to make a plug to cover the big hole at the palm of the hand after you feed USB cable through so there is no hole except for the small apple cable. That would be pretty cool. I'm in the process of printing the hand now, but would love to have the plug to cover the palm.

Das ist das Beste was ich bislang hier gefunden habe. Vielen Dank für diese großartige Arbeit. Es ist mein Lieblings-druck und wird es wohl lange bleiben. Habe es auf dem Ender 3 mit 0,2 Filament-dicke und 20% Füllung gedruckt, so wie die Datei ankam.
Das Ergebnis ist großartig. Achtung das Ladekabel kann nur mit einem speziellen Werkzeug oder Saugnapf entfernt werden

Had to shrink this a bit to fit into a Flash Forge Finder (max 200mm on all sides) and the charging puck hole is too small. Still a nice model and print though...

First off, excellent work! this is one of my favorite prints. Could you tell me what the difference is between the apple watch versions? Thanks

Great design! I ran this through https://service.netfabb.com/ to repair the manifold, which I needed so Slic3r didn't butcher this. If anyone wants it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yn16lhxqb4znsxg/AppleWatchThing_v4_fixed.stl?dl=0

Thanks, The original wouldn't export in slic3r PE

This looks awesome. I am going to print one for my son, and the colour he wants I only have in ABS. Has anyone prnted it in ABS? Do you need to scale it up a bit to allow for shrinkage?

Hi! I did not print this in ABS, but worst case scenario you need to widen the puck holder a bit. You could also do a quick test print and stop after you printed the puck part and try it out ;) Good luck!

Indeed I did a set print and it turned out that with the ABS I was using it didn't need to be scaled at all - fit perfectly.

Cool! I'm glad it worked out!

Good morning. So I just finished printing this and everything went great minus the nails. I'm not sure the reason but when I slice this in S3D the nails aren't attached by more than a little bit of contact at the bottom of each nail bed. I tried both he STL and the OBJ and they both render the same. I ended up losing my thumb nail due to this issue. I was wondering if you had a file that the nail was part of the file so they don't fall off during the print?

Hi! I did not encounter this problem with Cura, but nevertheless I've updated the model. The gap & empty space behind the nails are gone now! ;)

I had the same issue with S3D. I pulled the nails off (didn't want to redo a 19hr print!) and then used the 'separate connected surfaces' in S3D. This then allowed me to reprint just the nails. Once done I will carefully glue them on!

You can run it through MeshMixer (or 3D Builder) and do a Merge operation.

Absolutely Fantastic! Printed one in Sunulu "Skin" PLA (apparently, the Chinese are not PC), and my wife PROMPTLY took it away from me.

She says this is the best thing we've ever printed. Considering the number of things she's asked for... that's saying a lot!!

This is really great MikeVR.
I've just printed it, even though I don't have an Apple watch.

EDIT: My son and daughter-in-law now have Things to hold their Apple watches while charging. It is very handy to have a spare wrist or two around the house;) Everyone I have shown these to has been very impressed. My wife uses a couple to pose her knitting on.
Well done MikeVR :)

Hi dendad51! Thank you for your kind words! :D I have added an "Au naturel" version of the hand that does not have the Apple Watch charger imbedded in the model. That way everyone can enjoy the spare wrists! ;D

could you upload it in .stl format? my printer cant open .obj... Thanks and awesome model!

Hi! I have added a STL version to the download, enjoy!

Open in 3d builder (Windows 10) and export in stl (the unit is mm)

How did you model the hand?

at what scale do you print this

Hey! It should be scaled 10 times, but I updated the model. It now has the right scale and rotation.

I just printed this on my Prusa MK3. It has the be the best print I’ve ever done. It looks like it’s injection molded. Seriously. It is baby smooth! Good job.

This is very nice. Unfortunately, a 38mm watch with the small strap barely squeezes on.

Any chance you could make one with a smaller wrist? At the same time, I think it would be great if it were a woman's hand.