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Wanhao Lack Triple Stack Enclosure Attack: With Sliding Control Box & Removable Top

by OmNomNomagon Dec 3, 2017
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Does anyone know the MDF measures? Same as the photo?

Is this good to work with the Monoprice Select Plus. Which as far as I can tell is a rebranded Duplicator Plus. B.T. Dubs This is awesome.
Also what is the best mounting option for a web cam? Specifically a Logitech c270.

I believe the plus is a little bit taller due to the electronics built in underneath and you will need to mod the files to add clearance. Also be careful with your plus in the enclosure as it can get fairly hot during long prints and cause problems with the electronics.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

Needing to know the exact measurements of the Acrylic panels that I will need for this project.

Hi mate, its listed in the description. 444mm x 449mm

I like what you did with the display. I might have to do that with my MK3

Going to the Ikea this evening to buy some lack tables, not sure yet what enclosure I want to use. But this one is definitely an option!

thanks for the work you put into this!

  • John

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Looks really great. How long did it take to make and how which tables did you buy?

Thanks mate, I used the popular ikea lack tables. It was almost 2 days of solid printing for all of the pieces.

Your Welcome. Could you provide an amazon link for tables that you used please?

You'll have to make a trip to your nearest ikea i think. https://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/00352988/

So I've been excited about doing this project for over a month and finally printed all the parts and started assembling this morning. I quickly found that my AM8 printer is to tall for this and it won't work. Has anyone seen a versions of this where lid lifter parts in each corner are taller? I'm about 1.5cm short minimum and 3-4cm would be better. I'm trying to find a variant of these now without changing the whole design of the hinges and such.

Hi mate, Didakis made a remix specifically for the Anet A8, which should suit you needs. This remix by electron23 also a lot more headroom. Good luck

My MDF Ikea LACK enclosure for ANET A8
by Didakis
Ikea Lack enclosure for anycubic i3 mega
Comments deleted.

Should Lid plug - Door Hinge Right be mirrored too for a right hand side handle? And can't (Lid Lifter - Door Hinge Right.stl) and (Lid Lifter - Front Left - Handle Side.stl) just be reversed instead of mirror. Anyway cool design. I am in the middle of printing this. Looks cool and will post pictures when I am done. Thanks!

Yes I missed that, Lid plug - Door Hinge Right.stl, should be mirrored.
Lid Lifter - Door Hinge Right.stl and Lid Lifter - Front Left - Handle Side.stl should definitely be mirrored as there are screw holes to mount the hinge. Good luck, would love to see some pics once you are done.

Oh, I see. Will definitely post pics. Just waiting on a couple more lack tables.

I am not sure if I am just overlooking it but I can't find the "stacker feet" file. I checked under the individual file and the download all files but do not see it. It's the one that goes between the bottom table and the middle table . thanks

Yep, looks like I missed it, thanks for the heads up, I'll upload them as soon as i get home.

I'm in the process of printing the control box brackets now and I'm wondering how you positioned the brackets to both allow the control box to slide in and out, and still maintain access to the USB port. I have my printer hooked up to a RPi with OctoPi installed, and I don't want to have it get unplugged every time I pull the control box out.

For anyone wondering, I ended up positing the brackets with the rear edges 2" (~50mm) and 10 1/4" (~260mm) from the front edge of the table. This allows the rear screws on the bottom of the control box to catch on the rear bracket when the box is extended, and the front screws to catch on the front bracket when it is retracted and prevents the cable from impacting the brackets in either position.

Thanks for the info! Where did you put your RPi? From the photo, it looks like it may be mounted to the back of the control box somehow, but it's hard to tell.

I mounted the RPi on the underside of the topmost table. I have RGB LED lights mounted there, so I needed the control wires to be able to reach. Power and USB for the printer then run down through the wire notch in the back.

Thanks so much for the info! glad you got it sorted. It looks great and that filament looks amazing. I forgot to mention that i am running a Ramps + RaspPi and drilled holes for a new 24v power supply so my position measurements wouldn't be much use.

Finally found a model that I like, I will launch the print xD

Hi OmNomNomagon
I like your idea. I have 3 lack tables from Ikea, and i was thinking close the printer into a 3 DMF sheets of 1.6 mm, but a have a Anet A8 printer.

So to extende the legs only 40mm, is too short for my idea.

My idea is extend the legs to 100mm total, 10mm to base+ 90mm, but i am totally newby on 3d prints.

¿Will can you upload this modifications or is too much work at this time?

Hey mate, wont have time to whip anything up for you anytime soon, but there are heaps of ikea Lack mods around so you shouldn't have any issue finding the size you want. Here are the original lifters and there are some mods there for the A8 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2012384

Tinker-Friendly LACK Enclosure
by zuspiel

Hi mate.
As I mentioned, based on your great idea, I created all the pieces, to make my own Ikea Lack enclosure, but made with MDF boards.
In case you want to have a look, the link is: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2751130.

I wish you, a prolific and good new year 2018.

My MDF Ikea LACK enclosure for ANET A8
by Didakis

Fantastic job Didakis, Glad to see you were able to create those pieces, it looks amazing.

Thanks mate for answering me so fast.
I'm modeling from scratch, (very slowly), anyway, at some point I had to start learning to model parts in FreeCad.
When the project finishes, I'll upload it.
A greeting.

Do you have a BOM for the extrusions 3030? Also estimate on extra hardware you may need?
Would love to re-build my current MMS v2.1 into extrusions.

ReDuplicator i3 MK3x - Wanhao i3 Complete Aluminium Extrusion & Prusa Mk3 Overhaul

I have 3 lack tables I bought with the intent of doing something very similar. You have saved me a ton of time in design. Thanks man!

Very nice mods! I like them so much I may use some of them to upgrade mine.