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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

HEPA + Active Carbon Filter -- remix -- lack table depth

by jerry_nz Nov 30, 2017
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Everything printed great and it all fit together fine.
I'm a bit concerned abot the fan though. I am also using the corsair ML120 (by coincident I had the exact same fan left over from my last PC build), but I don't really feel any air movement, inside the enclosure.

I feel plenty of air being pushed out of the fan, but on the intake side, nothing.
I've even tried to put some smoke in the chamber and didn't notice any pull towards the fan.

How does yours feel/look inside the enclosure? Can you actually feel air going through?

What is everyone connecting/powering the fan with? Assuming you want a switch on it so it isn't on for every print?

I just put a 12v powersupply through an on/off button. Then turn it on manually.

Hi Jerry.
I wonder if it possible for you to do a ventilaton tube adapter for this one?
So i can connect a tube and put it outside the window.

I tried in fusion 360 but i realised that i suck really bad in 3d modelling.

Can you link the design files? Would be great to have a 140mm remix of this.

Great design and I'm using it right now!

One thing I was wondering was if you'd be able to add a flange around the Inner Cover so that when it's screwed to the Main Unit, they keep the entire piece locked in place. Granted, it's using gravity to stay in place, but I think it'd be a nice addition.

Thank you!

Anyone have issues printing? It looks like it may have some bridging issues.

Can you add source files for 3D modification ? Regards

It's a maya file which I could dig up perhaps... Not sure when I'll have a chance though. But I started from a STL file from memory - you could too! :D

+20 points for house Jerry_NZ . :)
I built the original you referenced this from and it takes up a ton of space inside my enclosure. This print has instantly jump to the top of my build que. Thanks again Jerry!

Someone knows the dimensions for the cutout? If I measured it correctly it should be 145 x 115 mm? How much space is needed for the bottom and top?

132 x 162 mm + up to 3 mm clearance.


I have some questions. The Hepa filter is faced to the printer (inner side)? Is it possible to keep the fan wires on the inner side? I guess the cable is on the pictures on the outside?

Could i turn your thing 180° (the fans airflow is facing to the outside?) to have the wiring inside? Will this work?

Hi Jerry!
I really want to thank you for the remix! I was wondering if this is the same filter you are using?


If so, then at least I found a source for us in the U.S.

After waiting forever for this to come, I found out It's shipped from China, which it tookover a month to get to me and it was too big for the main housing so, I'll be working on modifying the filter together this to work.
I'll post a make about this after I'm done with my enclosure build.

Hi Jerry!

Great work here. Do you happen to have a link for that filter available in the USA? I can't find it for the life of me.

hey there Supahobnobba!

Unfortunately i don't!

I live in the "Ass End of No Where" where it usually costs an arm and/or a leg to get anything from America. If I were you I would get myself a cheapo, then remodel to those specifications - that is the beauty of all this stuff!

Cheers and good luck :D

Hey Jerry,

Was looking at your design to fit in my lack case but i have a question.

Is it me or does the original design by JKSNIPER put the fan inside and the filter outside while you have it turned around ( filter inside, fan outside ) ?

haha, you could be right.

If that's the case, then my past-self possibly thought that it was better to suck dust in to the filter first, which can be rinsed/cleaned for re-use, instead of clogging the fan and possibly making that less efficient & noisy over time.

But don't quote me on that - my past-self makes some dubious decisions some times!

If it is a bother you could either remix, or install upside down.

Hey Jerry,

Thank you for your quick reply. I missed the discussion on the original thingie where people also seem to wonder what the correct order off placement is ( fan >> filter or filter >> fan ). I will just try both way to see what gives the best results. It seems to work for you and Sniper so probably both ways work.

Cheers Schiksie

Hi Jeremy
I was going to print the original extractor system but was concerned about the bulk, then I found your remix. A really neat and compact setup, however, the cutting templates are just too big to fit on my printer (200x200 mm bed, Wanhao I3plus). Is it possible to adjust them to fit? It is a common sized bed and I think the mod would be useful to many people. Thanks


Not a bad idea - i made it this big originally as i wanted to make sure i didn't chop a hole where the legs attach to the table top - so i added a buffer. I'll see if I can get around to making your suggestion over the weekend.

I will reply here once done.


Thanks Jerry, much appreciated.

I realised the template shape has something to do with the leg position but thought there might be a 'leg sized' support round the inside edge of the table and you were avoiding that.


Subtle suggestion. I was thinking, it might be good to just have the template pieces available with two drill points to allow bottom and top templates to index against each other. It removes the need for the large print template since you just need to align the top and bottom pieces.

Example: You lay the top template outline and drill two holes that coincide with two holes on the bottom. You use two holes to prevent rotation issues on the template that would occur with a single index hole. You place your templates, trace the outlines top and bottom. Then you merely remove the templates and cutout to fit.

I've not muddled with creating my own so I' can make these suggestions to the more seasoned contributors. I'll figure out how to make it work. Maybe cut a simple paper template. I printed the entire solution but haven't mounted it yet since I'm just waiting on the HEPA filter.

Thanks for your contribution here.

Comments deleted.


I'm new in 3D printing and i'm working on a lack based container to avoid bad smell and particle. Your filter box look very cool to me but you say you change the dimension of the original HEPA filter for one who's easies to find. Is it possible to have your model with the original (150x120x25mm) dimension ? Thanks

hey there, I sure can! Give me a little time though, I'm coated in children...

hey there -- i matched the old dimensions from the Thing I remixed from. These dimensions are very different to the ones you specify. I've uploaded it and perhaps you could confirm it was what you're after?


Thanks jerry_nz ! :). Original model was apparently for 120x120x25 but JKSniper change it for 150x120x25mm which is what i'm looking for.

ohhh cripes - apologies - i didn't check if the original Thing had been modified. Let me download his latest model and match the dimensions so the filter he is using can fit in it without issues - I should be able to get to that tonight (NZ time!)

Hey there "Triethis"!

I compared the models and I can't get mine any more matching to his if i tried. I attached an image to help show. In the image the red geometry is the original fan shroud, and the green is my geometry. And the crazy weird mozaic pattern you see is the software trying to show both surfaces at the same time.

Or have I misunderstood your issue?

I would try to print a small portion of the model, and see if your HEPA filter fits in it. If it does then go for gold printing the rest :D

Cheers and merry xmas!

thanks again Jeery_nz :). Gonna try this a little later, actualy work on support for lack table :)

Merry xmas too :)

Hi Jerry.

I look at your link for HEPA filter but i didn't find the dimension. Can you confirm me the dimension of these filters? best regards

mine is already installed and i'm not going to remove it to measure it, but i believe it was:
108mm x 137mm x 20mm