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by Hercemer Mar 9, 2014
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I printed the pacman slinky and it failed to separate.

all layers fused on the round slinky

I tried printing a few coils of the LargeCircleSlinky-Loose on my Replicator 2, using PLA and the default settings. It all fused together. Has anyone else been able to print one of the slinkies using PLA? Any suggestions for printing it differently for PLA?

How difficult would it be to create a start of david slinky?

How long did it take to print the small slinkies? I am looking at printing the heart or pacman shapes. Thanks!

Around 8-12 hours on my Up Plus. I recommend doing a test print of a few coils before you try to print the entire Slinky. All of the Slinkies printed great for me, but I don't know if anyone else has had any success.

Consider making a short 3 coil version for testing purposes so not as much filament is wasted trying to do it on a machine that can't handle it.

Tried printing this on an Ultimaker2 at 0.2mm layer height but it all stick together :(. Anybody having success printing this?

That’s disappointing :(

A couple of thoughts –

The coils do print attached to each other and need to be separated, but they should not require too much effort to separate.

I use a knife to pry them apart, but I do not have to “cut” them apart if that makes sense. Most of my prints separate fairly easily, with an occasional “sticky” spot that I have to work a little harder for.

The ghost is one of the tighter coiled slinkies. The octagon has some of the looser coils. You might try a test print of the octagon to see how it separates. You can stop the print after a few coils to save time and plastic.

If you have any luck with the octagon but not the ghost I can try uploading some “loose” versions of the others.

Ahhh will give the octagon a try now.

Naaah no real luck with that. Too much end up being printed in the air when it is this loose. Pitty!

Very nice. How did you generate the structures? I can see making custom slinkies as a great gift idea.

Thanks! These were created (mostly) in Sketchup using push/pull.

For the Circle
I created a circle with a Radius of 25mm
Split the circle in half
Using the top point as the pivot, rotated up ~1mm (trial
and error)
Select the other half circle and rotate it down ~1mm
Using the Sketchup move/snap system I join the left/right
halves at the top point to create the first full coil

I then copied/pasted the single coil, snapping the points
together until I had a spring

I then created a 1.5mm x 6mm rectangle and used the “Follow
Me and Keep” Sketchup plugin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMTcfcbz3kw)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...
to extrude/push/pull the rectangle along the spring.

I used the “Follow me and Keep” plugin because it keeps the orientation of the rectangle. The standard push/pull tool rotates the rectangle as it pushes/pulls causing very un-slinky like results.

To find the right amount of rotation for the coil halves I made a 3-4 coil version, printed it and played with the rotation until I had
a good combination of easy to separate coils with the minimum amount of support.

Lastly, I opened the final model in Netfabb Basic and did an auto-repair to fix 1 face on the end of the slinky. I’m not sure why the final model needs repaired, but it’s quick, easy and free to fix so I didn’t put too much thought into it.

I created the path for the Star and Heart in Illustrator.

That was pretty wordy, let me know if you have any questions!

What software did you use to slice them?

I tried with Simplify3D but it fuses them in a few place. Simplify3D sometimes does it with other models too.

openscad linear extrude with a twist should be able to do this starting from an ofset cube of height 1.5mm.
You can then create them here with customizer

Great models! Were these printed on an FDM or SLS machine?

Thanks! The Up Plus 2 is FDM.

DId you use the default settings in the UP! software on these?

Oops - I thought the default z-index on the Up was 20mm, but it looks like it's 30mm?
In either case, I used all default settings with a z-index of 20mm.
Sorry for any confusion.

Yep, all printed at default settings.

I printed the large circle and pac-man on “fast” instead of
“normal” and cannot tell that it made any difference in quality.