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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

TS100 Soldering Iron Box with Tip Holders

by jonnieZG Nov 29, 2017
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Any chance that you could post the step or Fusion 360 files (if that's what you used)? I'd like to do a remix that can hold the power cable. Thanks!

Hi! I could make a variant with deeper grooves so the two parts could just sit together. I'll make another variant with neodymium magnets, just not these days, I am quite busy on another project.

Hi, Awesome design. Thank you for sharing it!. Sadly the hinge was a bit too uneven with my printer. Would it be possible for you to make a variant without hinges? Then I can just put a rubber band around the case.

I just made this starting last night and finishing this morning. I think it turned out amazing and I am really impressed with the design and how everything fits together. I am posting my experience to hopefully help others.

First my settings:

Hatchbox Gray PLA 1.7mm
90% infill, 3 perimeters, 0.3mm layer height per instructions
55mm/s speed

My printer is not perfectly dialed in but I'd say it's usually 98% of the way there. In this case, all the clips worked perfectly and the top and bottom were perfectly aligned. I did have to make some adjustments for certain things though.

First, I had to heavily sand the bevels on the box clamps to make them fit in the dovetail (?) mount. Then I used a punch and a hammer to knock it in. I also noticed that the left side of the box open and closed really easily but the right side always got stuck. Turns out that I broke the peg off the left side. The right side peg was lopsided and larger than the hole so it acted as a closing lock. There was not enough space to sand it to make it perfectly round, so I ended up breaking it off.

Finally, for the 1.75 mm filament to act as the hinges took some work. I used a 5/64 drill bit to drill each of the 6 sections individually but due to, again, how 3d printer tolerances aren't great, they wouldn't line up. In fact I kept breaking my filament pieces. So I thought of a trick: I lined everything up with the box closed then ran the drill bit through all three pieces on each side. Then the filament slid in smoothly.

Anyway most of these issues are entirely due to my printer but I suspect most people will have to do some finishing work. Awesome job on the design. Now I am off to order a third tip - can't leave that spot empty!

Is it possible to make the ground of the bottom box a little bit thicker? I print 2 of them and alway when i try to get the clamps in, it's broken.

I will do that! Thanks for the suggestion.

Great box design , print came out really well.

One small suggestion though, perhaps the addition of a small holder protrusion on the lid of the box to hold the iron in place. I find giving the box a small tap once closed and the iron pops loose and rattles about.

Can you make the case compatible with Round Neodymium Magnets (4mmx2mm) or (3mmx1.5mm)?

Could you also post STEP files to make for easy editing in other CAD programs. STLs are not easy to edit.

Thanks for liking this design! It is currently as-is, and since there are quite a few other nice designs around (such as https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2721723, for example) that use magnets, I don't plan to make other spin-offs.

I use TinkerCAD, but I would not like to share the original files, if you don't mind.

TS100 Soldering Iron Box
by vchan3m

I'm keeping a very keen eye on this project! The previous remix (by pokeimon) was very close to being perfect, but the tolerances were slightly off so the hinges broke and the spare tip clips broke as well (when I printed it in PLA, at least). I tried tweaking that design myself, but I'm really not any good at modifying meshes. Once this remix has had a few more tweaks (especially looking forward to the idea of using filament for the hinges!) I'll have another go at printing it - either in ABS or PETG.

Which type of plastic do you think would be better? I figured that PETG would be more flexible and have better layer-adhesion, but I've only been printing for six months or so, and so I'm definitely not an expert yet :)

I find ABS to be quite perfect for the purpose. Use an enclosure and ensure the temperature inside to be 40-44°C, and you're fine. Making an extruder calibration (such as https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2372705) prior to printing something of the kind is always a good idea.

Extruder Calibration (Part Fitting) Test

Any chance you could make a version that uses 1.75mm filament as the hinge core? Many hinged items I've made use this technique and is much easier for the end-printer since we obviously have filament laying around! Much easier then obtaining two specific sized nails. If that is possible, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here you go: Version v3 with filament hinges, as requested.

AWESOME! Thanks so much, going to download and print right now! Excellent work!

Nice idea, thanks! I will do that!

Could you upload the CAD files as well? I'd love to give a shot at playing around with this box.

I'm curious if a third tip could be fit in between the other 2 if they are shifted out to the sides more and set up to be alternated so that the thick rings aren't lined up.

Also I wonder if the Allen key can be put underneath the tips since it's rather small and thin. That would free up some room at the end of the box for other accessories or possibly allow a shorter box to be made that requires removing the tip but would fit easily in a pocket.

I can tinker something up. Fitting 3 tips is likely possible, thanks for the idea. Making a short pocket friendly box is also feasible, but I don't like removing the tip unless necessary. It wears out the contacts.

I'll keep you informed when I make another version..

BTW, I use Tinker CAD and I'd rather not share the files, if you don't mind.

the extra tips in the lid ended up cracking my lcd on the iron the first time I closed the lid - so be really careful if you make this

I am very sad to hear that! It works fine for me, but I understand the circumstances that can lead to the case you described. I just made a new version of the top lid, where such a thing can not happen.

thanks so much - the iron still works so all is not lost - thanks so much for the new top - I'll print it out and see if I can break something else - lol

Looks great and nice ts100/tip models to go along with them =D