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Compact Pro 4th Axis Stabilizer

by ScottyMakesStuff Nov 27, 2017
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HI folks, - really want to try this build in Canada. Maker no longer sells the parts as a kit, and I don't quite understand how to create the damper piece. I would love to source everything and build - anyone have any pointers?


1 x 1/4-20 x 3/4 in bolt mounted in gimbal attachment wheel
I cannot find a store to buy this weird bolt, why is there a half thread different?

I've modified and printed this for an Osimo clone, that has a slightly different sized accessory connection on the side of the handle. My only issue is the spring. I can't tell what catalog the listed part numbers refer to. Therefore, I can't tell what I should order.

Can someone tell me the diameter, length and "rate" of the recommended springs?

the springs are 12375 and 12371 from century springs. All the deets are there.

It's wonderful if a OSMO Pocket version will be available! Thanks

Great job! I'm preparing my files for printing and I have a doubt: how should I fill the dampener with the gel?
Thanks in advance!

We have a special device now but back then we were using a 10ml syringe (no needle) with a heat flattened tip to fit in the grooves

Cool! Also, 10ml of gel will work or will I need more or less?
Thank you so much for your time! :)

10mls can do 4 cartridges so perfect.

Wow! Thats quite efficient haha
Thank you very much!

Hi Scotty,

Great design! I can't wait for my parts to arrive from you so I can put this together!

Quick question, the above says the printer you used is a Prusa i3 Mk2s. How did you print that crossbar on this printer? It doesn't fit. (I am currently printing the 2 piece version, but I was curious)


Thanks Collin, I also use a CR-10 for my larger prints. But not everyone has access to a large build volume which is why why I made the 2 piece version.

AH! Thanks for the clarification. I have only had my printer for 2 weeks and was already thinking I needed a second one, now you are just solidifying that for me :-)

Can the single handle version handle the standard DLSR cameras? Maybe if a heaver spring was added? Really want a one handed unit line this for my Cannon T5.

Great designs by the way!

Thanks! The 371 spring will take a payload up to 1.7kg

i've a problem with "4AC_BoltRunnerM6BrassInsertV10". I've printed it, but there is no space to apply a M6 bolt. Why?

Did you ever find this part? I'm building this project and not sure what to put inside this part :(

That's because it's designed to take a M6 brass insert nut. If you can't find them elsewhere we sell them here:- https://scottymakesstuff.com/collections/spare-parts/products/bras-m6-insert
or you can get them included in a kit here:- https://scottymakesstuff.com/collections/parts-kits

Brilliant design - thanks for making this available!

Does this print with ABS rather than PLA? Also how much grease is used for filling the damping cartridge (out of curiosity - I'm more likely to buy the cartridge ready made rather than try to source the gel.

Thanks Rockets!
Any filament that can print accurately should be fine. The damping gel used is around 4 grams per cartridge to fill them entirely. It's powerful stuff! It's also extremely sticky and we've developed special apparatus to minimise any contact with it when injecting into the cartridge.

Cool thanks. Another question - a lot of these gimbals (I have a fei yu spg) have long handles, is there any reason why I shouldn't mod the design slightly so the phone sits lower/closer to the spring mech?

Or even better, you can just use it inverted and you'll get even better centre of gravity.

Great. Just noticed these are huge pieces - I'll need to finish off my 300mm delta to make this!

Hi Scotty, this is very cool, thanks for posting. One question: what size are the nuts that need to be dropped into the handles? Sorry if that's listed somewhere, I've been looking around but couldn't find that info.

Hi Nick, those details are in the post printing section.

Okay, now I see it. Thanks!

Hi Scotty, A big thanks for this design, it looks amazing. I ordered my parts for the kit yesterday, so hopefully they will be posted off soon, and I'll start working on printing the parts later today.

Thanks David, your package was shipped express today so you should see it very soon.

Great work, thanks. Also loving a few of your other designs, so thank you very much for sharing them.

Hi, is there a possibility to have a version of this stabilizer that can be printed with a 220x220 print bed printer? unfortunately some components exceed this measure. Tank's

That should be an easy for you to split the longer parts into two parts. There lots of free apps that you can use to do it.

Hi Scotty

Thank you for giving us your great work. I am in the process of printing version pro (after printing Compact version).
The biggest problem for me is to source right springs in UK (so far)
I am very curious what software did you use for designing this project, how many prototypes did you make before it worked and also what was your thinking process.

Best Regards

Hi Tom,
I sell the springs on my website... details in the thing info.
The second part is a big question and I'll make it as brief as possible.
Probably 20kg in total prototypes for all versions.
My thinking was to make something that competes with 4th axis systems worth $1000 or more and make it lightweight so that it doesn't need a body harness to hold it up... there's a lot more than just that but that's the main points :)

Thank you for your reply.
I never tried Fusion 360. My current choice is Design Spark Mechanical - free software for personal use and great.
I am looking forward to your next projects


Thanks Tom. Fusion 360 is free too and it's a great application too

I tried a bit Fusion360 and it looks good. I like it already.
Scotty could you please measure both springs for me I will try to find something in UK as I am on tight budget.
I need total length, outside diameter and wire diameter.

thank you

You can get the specs from Century Springs - the full part names are 12371 and 12375 - all the specs are on their website

This is just AMAZING! I have to budget the kit price but want to ask if there is major difference between device types and accessories? How do I determine min and max weight to use the right spring/hardware?
Example: I shoot with both a standard and "Plus" side mobile devices (sometimes a small tablet) and action cameras, I sometimes shoot with a case on the device, I also use an extension on my zhiyun-tech gimbal with a Rhode mic. All of this would affect the weight.

Hey Markyodo, yep, either grab that rig and weigh it or google the specs to add it up. There's the spring/rig weight table at the bottom of my website page and it's also in this things post printing section.

Great looking device.
I'm looking at printing one for my Smooth Q

I cant seem to find the 375 spring in the Century catalogue.
Is there another one that can be used to replace it?

Hi Garry1953, In the century spring catalogue it's 12375

Thank you Scott
Now I know why I couldn't find it.
P.S. Part #12375 is currently out of stock.

I hope to get into making this over the next few weeks.

One other question
The dampener gel you use, can it be substituted with another heavy grease?

Hi Garry,
From my first prototype till the Pro 1 I used heavy greases. I tried around 10 in total... mostly the more expensive and thickest varieties.
I would put at least half of the smoothing performance increase (from Pro 1 to Pro 2) down to the high quality damping gel. The fluid dynamics of the damping gel is quite different to any grease you'll buy in a store. You can use a very heavy grease but you won't get the best smoothing performance.

Thanks Scott
That gel as you already know, is definitely not cheap in Australia.

Yes, but the results are most certainly worth it. I guess you already know that I sell the pre-filled and pre-tapped damping cartridges on my website's spare parts section... even better value is the parts kit that include the damping cartridges and all the other bits you need - links are in the description. Also, the postage within Australia is cheap too :)

I currently have 4 printers, and can print out these tricky parts fairly easily.

I believe you should make something from your hard work that you have already done, in designing this great product, and sharing it on Thingiverse.

So I will buy the kit from you, later today,
All the Best

Thanks Gary!
I just got your order!
I'll let you know as soon as it's on its way down to Vic

Thanks Scott
That's a handy option.

so instead of a spring inside the main arms, would it be possible to put an oil filled rc car shock obsorber inside of the frame and have an even more fluid motion dampening the load

You'll likely be dissappointed with RC shocks... One of my early prototypes of the fixed damping model used the RC shocks and that looked cool but the stabilization was poor. It's completely different geometry as the RC shocks are compression springs whereas this design is with extension springs.

now what if there was a way to use both, there was a guy out there that modified the stabilizer from dji and put a shock on there, he used the original spring and then bolted the shock on the side. could this work but put them inside?

I honestly think you'd likely come up with a half baked solution. That video you talk about is a one trick pony. With fixed damping you will only be able get it to work at one pace. My stabilizer does an excellent job from gentle motion to hard action so I don't think you'd come even vaguely close to how good it works.

just for kicks and giggles, do you think we could possibly work together on this and i would be willing to print all the parts and assemble it as well as use some shocks i have laying around, im willing to try this because i do have the osmo mobile and we live on a farm and have magnetic mounts and i would like to try mounting this on a tractor come tilling season and see what i get. I have the bolts and bearings your require here but i think what would need to happen is having the main arms altered with 2 prongs sticking out in the center on the top of one and bottom of the other to produce what we want. I have the equipment but i am not very good at the designing part of it. I know what i want but from what i can see, you look skilled in this field. If you could that would be great. i will be coming back here to look for a response, i cant wait to see what is decided!

HI Peyton,
You're persistant, no doubt about it ;-)
And I like that your 'maker' spirit is strong so good on you!
But what you're asking of me is a bit much as I'm super busy and can't spare the day or so of work to modify the design that already does a great job.
If it's just 'kicks and giggles' for you then what I reckon you should do is pump some of that energy into learning to use one of the free 3D modelling apps such as fusion 360. Fusion is a great app and there's lots of online tutorials on it. Since you know what you want to achieve then you'll be motivated to learn quicker as well.

I have vertical z axis stabilizer that you produced. You shared some files for your new production compact pro 4th gimbal stabilizer, which one do I have to print ? I am using zhiyun smooth Q. Hi from TURKEY =)

Hi Ersin, The new Compact Pro is a totally new design so there's no cross over with the previous model. The smooth Q will work with the standard stabilizer, no additional add-ons needed.

I built the Compact 4th axis stabilizer for my iPhone 7+.. I just traded it in for the iPhone X... I also have the DJI Osmo Mobil... Will the mode piece from the previous stabilizer work on this version? If not, do you have code for the DJI Osmo Rosetta connector?

Hi Ramgoofy, I've already designed an adaptor for this Compact Pro. It works great! I'll be adding it to Thingiverse on Monday but in the meantime you can see it here:-

Hi Ramgoofy, the Osmo adaptor has been uploaded here:-

DJI Osmo Adaptor for Compact Pro 4th Axis Stabilizer

Thank you for your design. Im a teacher and im printing it to use in my school with my students.
I cant find the toparm and lowerarm in the files for printing, are they missing?

Is that you Igor? If it is then I just responded to your email.
Thanks, I just added them to the thing.

Thank you Scott, i will post updates when i finish the parts. How big the bed has to be to print the crossbar?

Thanks Igor, it needs to be 360mm. So, corner to corner on a 300x300 machine

Great stuff. The Hollywierdo's will be gunning for you, so watch out lol.

Thanks ShuttleSpace :)
I say bring it on!!

How on earth did you get the bolts inside the knobs. I get how you did the nuts, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the bolts in there and not have my printer hit them.

I print the first few millimetres of the top first and separately print the rest and then add the bolt and glue them together with PLA.
This is one of the tricky parts that are supplied in the diy parts kit here:-

This is fantastic. I saw your other 4th axis jigs, and the only thing stopping me from printing one of those was the fact that they weren't very compact. This solves all my problems!! Will be printing (and possibly modifying) in the future, and I'll share my videos of skiing when I do!

Thanks Snarkasaurus! I can't wait to see those skiing videos :D