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Robo 3D Top Mount Filament Guilde Spool Holder

by DanielTaughinbaugh Mar 8, 2014
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It didn't fit through the hole of a new R1 :( need to reduce the thickness at least for the bottom parts.

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I printed one of these right when I got my Robo R1+, since the spool holder it came with was junk, and it has been working great! I actually redesigned the parts to be longer to better fit the spool (my full spools where sitting crooked). Instead of wasting filament and printing my redesigned one, I decided to create a sleeve to fit over the current ones. Now my spools sit "perfectly" level. So when/if something happens to this one, I have a revised one to print! Which then I will not need the sleeve anymore. I also had issues installing but then I realized you just have to force it! I will upload pictures soon.

Hi, got a link to the sleeve please? thanks

Thanks for making this spool holder better. :)

Stopped the print before the protrusion in order to drill out holes for bearings and 1/4" dowel for smooth unrolling. Works great! Thanks for sharing with the world! Now my filament always goes straight down through the oiler into the machine.

Just printed this out and I'm having trouble installing it... Any ideas? It's not fitting into the slot. I have an R1 Plus.


Well, I figured it out... You really have to "woo" the plastic to get it to fit. But what do ya know? Fits and works great!

can you make a adapter for big rolls of filament i think a big hole on a small spine will cause to much pull from the extruder...

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This works awesome, great design, fits really well too! thanks :)

I'm sure I am missing something incredibly obvious here...but why is the left side printed standing up? It seems like a waste of time and materials.

you would flip the and print it with its flat side on your build plate.

Thanks! I had an issue with MatterControl where it wouldn't allow me save any rotation or mirror so I thought I couldn't orientate the model. I've updated Slic3r and now it works well. Great spool holder.

Works great! This should have been the first thing I printed! The stock holder allows the filament to build up torsional twist that (I think) was the cause of my extruder gears losing traction and stopping progress.

works fantastic! thanks for the design

Works great, nice design.....

Hello I agree with Element This thing fits like a glove I no longer have to worry with different spool holders this fits all types of spools and it is the right thickness, thanks so much for posting the file
I do have one question the picture that you show seems to lave less offset than the one that i printed ( its no problem works great ) I was wondering if the one you have the picture of is an older version.
thanks again

Ive used all the popular spool holders for the Robo3D and this one is by far the best. Thanks for the upload! As for the previous comment, its fits the R1 just fine. You are doing something wrong if doesn't fit right off the bed.

Edit: Printed in PLA

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I printed the left part for my newly arrived ROBO 3D R1 but it didn't fit. Have any of you had the same problem? I am planing to scale it up a little to fix this problem. Any ideas?

I have not seen the new R1 but you could always use a hot knife until it fits. That plastic has a super low melting temp, especially PLA.

So glad people are getting good use out of this! I printed mine over a year ago and it's still going.

I built a very similar part and found that static friction between the inside of the spool and the crossbar was causing tension to build on the filament and erratic feed. I simply wrapped the crossbar in teflon plumber's tape and now I have a very smooth feed.

Finally an excellent holder. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing, its a fantastic holder. I used a little bit of tape and the tops fit snug now but the insert is a bit smaller than the other side.

Printed on a RoBo R1 At Medium (2MM layer height) with hot end at 218 and the bed at 70, with a very light layer of elmers washable school glue stick. again, a fantastic spool holder as it gives a perfectly straight filament feed into the extruder, excellent.

I thought I would be removing the spool bars and putting in a threaded rod but it works great as is. Thanks a bunch.

I removed the words from the side of the spool holder just FYI.

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I'm not an expert on the Robo 3D models, but I would assume the top piece would be the same for both heated and unheated beds.

Anybody else having trouble making this spool holder?

tried this and after taking out the advertisement lettering it printed great. the ad/url in this thing cause a whole lot of problems with the first 3 prints that never finished due to the mess, after the url was removed it printed great with no problems.

is this JUST for the R1? or can it be used directly with the kickstarter PLA non heated bed 3d printer model as well?

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we are attempting this taday. three weeks in with our robo3d and after much pain and learning, printing good.

No problem! I hope everyone enjoys it.

Oh my god! I have been trying to design an offset spool holder since I could not find one anywhere! You just saved me so much time! Thank you!