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Anycubic Kossel Controller Box

by Caverntwo Nov 25, 2017
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hey did you design this with a model of the board? i wanna design something that contains the PSU for my hypercube but I can't find a reference model!

Hi, thanks for your comment.
Yes, indeed I did so, check it out!

TriGorilla board mockup

Bonjour les cables sont il assez long ou il faut les coupé merci

ok and you will have the links to buy the cable

Something like these should work out: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32810664732.html
Please check the connector on your board so you can plug&play.

most cables are long enough, however, I needed to get longer ones for two motors and the extruder motor (I had 1m long ones from a different project left).

What cooling tunnel did you use? Its not in the files.

So.....lol just saw you linked it in the description....thanks! I really should read. :)

Hi, Sorry for my late reply, I didn't get any notification and was logged out...
You're right, it is linked in the description but I should have made it more obvious ;-)

I hope that the design works out for you,
Keep me updated!

Anyone else had the problem that this box did not fit the trigorilla very well? I had problems getting all the screws in because the wholes did not align.

Thanks for your comment!

In my case, only one was off, so there could be some reasons:

  1. Your printer's axis-scale is a little bit off (likely).
    E.g. the real length of a 100mm long object is just 98mm.
    To try it out, print something like a 20x20x20mm or 1x1x1" cube and measure the results. None of the dimensions should be off! Depending on what printer you use to print the model, the settings that you need to change vary. In the case of a Cartesian printer, you'd need to adjust the steps/mm on the axis separately in the firmware. In the case of a delta like the Anycubic Kossel, well, it's not as easy anymore as the settings are more complex.
  2. The TriGorilla board is slightly off from the model I used (likely).
  3. The TriGorilla board changed its design over the years (very unlikely).
  4. I did some design errors and was just lucky that it worked for me (very likely).

I'm not a professional designer and designed this model literally in a few hours on Tinkercad. If you can tell me by which holes are off by comparing the board with my design, I'll fix it ASAP!

Depending on how much the holes are misaligned, you could easily fix it with a drill or it might be better to reprint.
I hope that I could help you!

I got some free filament sample which I am currently using to print another case on another printer because 1. seems like for me too.
I am always hesitant to use a drill on my prints but it's probably the easiest solution ;-) Once if investigated further I'll report back, I just thought I'd ask if anyone else had problems before investigation to much myself, doing things again that someone else already did.

It's my design, a drill is sometimes a necessity to get it working ;-)
It's a good thing to ask, as experience is something that comes with the time. Especially when you're new to the topic, you are sometimes unsure of whether a solution is good, was the same for me.
If you have any questions or problems, just contact me.

Ok, so a little drilling made it work. I added spaces between the board and the case because I don't like the idea of the board touching the mount so much, but that way it worked well.
Unfortunately the screw wholes of cooling tunnel don't align now (not only in height because of my spacers), but also about 5mm to the side.

But I am getting closer ;-)

Sorry for my late reply, but I didn't see the notification!
Nice to hear that you are making improvements.
You basically added some spacers to raise the board? You might need to drill extra holes then and maybe cut some material.

Comments deleted.

Will the ps box fit a 30a ps?

3D_PP remixed my PSU holder to fit a 30A PSU. You might want to take a look at that.

Anycubic Delta S-360-12 PSU holder
by 3D_PP

That depends on the PSU, as there is no standard on how 30A PSUs should look like. There are some that probably fit, but most of them surely won't, as the screw holes are completely different. I suggest measuring and comparing them with my design and other designs.

Are the wire long enought with the Box ??

Not all of them.
You'll need to make them longer by either replacing them with longer ones or cutting them and solder some extra wire in-between.

So i am in the process of building the linear plus kossel with heated bed myself. I came across your design and was wondering what MOSFET was used in the picture? I am going to be printing this design for my kossel and wasn't sure which mosfet to buy. Wonderful design

I'm using these, which seem to be the ones you get all over the place. All Anet A8 mosFET holders I tried out are designed for this module as well, so I guess that this is the most common one.