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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Articulated Dragoness

by 7Fish Dec 5, 2017
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The dragon is completely awesome! However, faced few problems myself.
Some of them are already mentioned, like body_1 wing joints are a very risky spot.
I can say, the whole wing system is risky. I am printing in PETG, and the wing_01 and wing_03 providing me the most pain. Each of them I reprinted about 6-7 times, and I can say that there are some severe problems with walls. Each of them crack, when I insert joint ball, the 01 - when I insert any of the balls from left side, the 03 - cracks a bit, when I insert the 02 big ball. With 03 I makeshift fixed it with superglue, however the crack on 01 is severe and makes the joint loose. It always crack on adhesion line, so I am considering to work it out somehow.
The head was also painful to print, I strongly recommend rafts. Sadly to imply, but most of the pregenerated supports for everything, but body-neck-tail are failure. I would strongly ask Author to keep in the files models without supports, so we could build our own supports under custom angles.
The neck and tail supports works very nice for me though.
I tried to print some joints with FLEX filament, but they do not work like that. I would say, the joints need to be reconfigured into more closed pits to work fine with FLEX.
Anyway, I hope to finish my Dragoness in day or two, and I am very impressed with results, so thanks again!

What’s the claw_limb_single.STL for?

Comments deleted.

My sister would kill for one of those.

you should make dinosaurs

Do I use the same back leg, front leg, and wing models for each side of the body?

Beautiful model! I'm still printing the pieces and assembling, but have a couple notes so far...

Neck is fully assembled, just had to decrease my initial layer width on some parts (normally do 200%, 0.8mm, but some needed 150%, 0.6mm).
Body 001 and 002 finished,Body 003 is printing everything okay except I think you forgot to put supports on the shafts of the ball joints for the leg attachments. This is where it fails for me. I'm going to try re-slicing with additional supports.
Eyes and Jaw finished, but still trying to print the Head. I think my printer reset somehow on my last print... no idea why.
Had to add some support to Lower_Fore_Arm and Back_Leg pieces. I think if they had some cross support like a few of the other pieces, they would have printed just fine without additional support.

Joints so far have worked wonderfully! Printing at 0.175mm layer height.

|7Fish| this is really cool!
Have you worked out all the kinks?
I really want to print it!
I might be able to print it at a library, but i don't know

I can't connect body part 1 with neck (neck part 9) all the other parts (from the neck) fit perfectly so far .
does anybody have this problem?


As i know there shall be 10th neck part in the list before jointed into body parts, I suggest check file again, that neck part did not have the spine.

Comments deleted.

Wich size does it get?

in original size, it about 21Cm tall, 29~30Cm long and about Full week's build times!

Can all models be without support? My head with the support I created came out much better than the support built into the model.No offense please.

Is Body 002 missing? I can't find it in the folder.

sorry; it was mistake that i was intended delete body 001 and 003 then replace it. but i was del 002 instead. it now fixed.

Thank you for point out.

I've been working on this print and love it it fits together so well so far. I have only had two real problems. First I can't print the segment sets as set, when I try they always fail ruining most if not all the segments. I have just been separating them into the individual segments to print, its taking more time but working. the second problem I have ran into is the pins that are to hold the legs and wings on come out. for some reason they print them as separate parts so they pop out of there homes. I am printing on a ROBO 3Dr1 and using Matter Control.

I do really like your supports it make the prints so much better.

Body 001 and 003's Legs and wing pin are welded into main body, individual parts of neck and tails With Prebuilt supports are provided as Zip file.

please note me if you run into another problem.

and feel free suggest redesgin specific ball joints as i am not certain if foots and claw need more holding strength.

Thank you!

there is one thing. I really like they head from your Sea Serpent and would love to put in on this body but the ball doesn't fit. I would suggest that you make parts for your dragon models interchangeable, that gives more options as you design more things.

Neck_Adapter is ready and tested! it's on file list and is not posted as remix!

Feel free say if joints holding are unsatisfied. as the First my articulated dragon, it joints strength are not good as Sea serpent and it's joint's design. i had feeling that it need replace ball design throughout model but not certain enough to make another one but i think replace and improve parts one~three can possiable. for example; foot and claw, wing 001~004 ...

Thank you.

Any suggestions for removing the supports from the head? It printed great, but I think I may have removed a portion of the jaw hinge with the supports as the jaw will go on but falls off any time I try to reposition it. I'll re-print and try to be more careful this time, but if you have any suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for the beautiful model!

i just replace head with prebuilt supports with slightly edited at jaw hinge supports. it now just single direction liner ones will little more easy to remove but in return will vulnerable to bed vibration.

some the makers whom built this model they tend to just use 'Head' the part without prebuilt support with automatic support by slicer.

Thanks you! feel free ask about any trouble you might encounter. i will do to help.

You are amazing! I've already started another head printing, but if I can't get the supports off without the hinge breaking again, I'll try out the updated file and let you know how it works. I will be printing at least 2 of these. Starting with white because it just looks so good in your pictures and then I'll make one in bright green. I'll be sure to post makes on them when they're finished. This is my favorite model on thingiverse.

I published a make. Here are the problems I found:

Back_legs_001_reinforced very hard to print. The gap to the support is large and print fails frequently. I think the angle between the support and part leaves too little in contact? I used original version.

Neck10 failed a couple times, but I increased to 3 perimeter and it succeeded. That might be a good setting in general to help strengthen the ball necks.

body001 wing balls can print deformed a bit. This makes the wings attached weakly, so watch this area. I may need to reprint that piece.

Eyes were hard to get in place. Not sure how to improve though.

Most of the rest of it worked surprisingly well. The neck and especially tail articulation is awesome. The leg joints are strong. The wing joints are holding up well too.

Awesome design!

Suggestion: maybe recess the socket in the forefoot deeper. The feet pop off easily. While you are at it, with the deeper socket you can allow more range forward so foot can be more inline with forearm.

Thank you for Share your make. it was breathtaking-! and thank your suggestion and note the problems.

Back legs_001 was mean for especially reinforce Ball's neck by incline model to ground. it was have 0.2mm gap between outline of the part and supports and i did't actually test print it; i add some of supports in parts as your note but i still did't test it.

When get Eyes in place i used Needle put into holes of sied of eye part to control direction of the eye.

Thank you!

I have printed the claws set V2 and the foot but I am having trouble with the joints staying together, would the V1 claws work better?

No, V1 Version is even more have trouble to holding claw finger. weak holding tension. dispite it had one of edit finger but it still weak to hold, Sadly. i suggest print Claw Limb Single with a bit of scaling like 102% and test it. if okey then mutiple it.
Or not i can provide some service for you if you want.
1) Pre-Assembled fore foot and back foot. 2) Redesign entire foot-claw system Again

is the joint that from Fore Foot to lower forearm have trouble too?

Thank you for note problem and i am sorry for flaw of design.

I have not yet printed all of the parts but I will let you know if the fore foot to lower arm have trouble, thanks for the help and i will let you know if I get the foot to work as well.

20% through printing this beast off as a first print, and loving how it's turning out!
I'm having trouble jointing Back Leg 1 and Back Leg 2 together. The ball has broken in the joint twice now. Can you describe in further detail how to joint those two pieces together?

To inhence ball joint which it's neck was so easyally break down it have to more inclineed to ground as see caution picture one that ball joint with yellow circle and thin yellow line is represnt one of sliced layer.

When i see Back legs 001~003's joints i see only Backlegs 001's Ball was enogut to break off due to high digree from ground causing break off ball's neck.

now i upload back legs reinforced 001 it shall enoght i suppose. but i need to know if 002.003 or body's ball was too break off

Dragon looks adorable. I'll try to print it.

It seemd Claw finggers and Wing-Fingers have some problem to fitting into it’s sokets and hold off from limbs ripped off.
If you have such issues please let me know to trying to fix that

Necks 6-9 are not quite all the way down to the build surface had to sink them down 1mm to print, printing all parts with a brim or else they pop off the bed.

Thank you for point out and i apology for that mistake. when i build it i was print part one by one and packed as set when i upload thing.

said file Neck 06-09 was properly re-leveled and replaced.

Thank you!

but did you have anything other problem? like unable to fit part to another somehow?

So far that is all I have noticed, I have not printed any wing pieces yet. I printed all of the other pieces and just gave the ball joints a light sanding and all seem to fit well except the claws, however I did not expect them to as I printed at .7 scale. I will probably just super glue them in a fixed position. Otherwise really cool model, I will have to print another one at full scale or possibly larger.

For wing parts, Especially wing end that ball joint part have no slit in the ball it will have to probably treat same as claw but it will even more thight to fit it, as i give no torerence in joints. perhaps you shall have to calibrating wing end's scale to find best fit

i am glad to you like it Thank you !

I assume that it is safe to down load this project with the right parts in place? Am in the middle of printing the serpent and realized that the legs
are not what and where they are supposed to be. just saw your post to another builder about the same problem.
Thank you for fixing it.

This looks really amazing. But apparently the back leg parts 2 and 3 have been mixed up with the torso parts of same number. Like the torso parts are there twice but there is no back leg parts other than the first. Could you fix that?

Thank you for point out and i apology for that mistake. error parts back legs 002 and 003 replaced to correct parts.

Thank you for taking care of that so quickly.

This is so cool! I really love the wing structure, as it makes them able to fold. I bet people could attach fabric to the bones too, if they want more full wings.

what is the aprox. total print time?

i don't exatrly remeber total time cost as i repeat modeling - print - pause cycle. i guess it was about less than one week as average time cost of Each part in 0.15 Layer/ 30mm/s except body 001 and 003 was more or less than 1:30. and said Body 001 time cost was 3 hour and Body 003 will be 3:30 hour.

i am sorry for i can't give you exact answer.

well I did say aprox. time so I was expecting an estimate