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Maya Death Whistle (Easy Print, Very Loud)

by Tacblades Nov 22, 2017
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I'll pay you 30 dollars through the "Tip Designer" button if you let me.

I am not interested in money i just want it to be free.

There's already people selling it without your permission, so why not let me use it while you make a profit?

The files are always free but the item is not for people who don't have 3d printers. They are selling the item not the files.

I dont support people profiteering from other work against their wishes. Some people put money before morals.

I contacted them and they are oblivious to the fact that they are breaking the law.

Also there is a remix of this, can I make that one and sell it since it the remix doesn't have the non-commercial use license?

No the remix licence only applies to the parts that have actually changed not the whole piece, if it were not the case then the creative commons licence would be completely pointless.

Can you give me your permission to sell some like this on Ebay like many people are doing without your permission? Please?

No i dont want people to profiteer over others work. It a design i put out there so people can enjoy for free. But all my other designs will never be put online ever due to the people that do not respect the wishes of the artist.

Supplied .gcode worked perfect on my Ender 3! I can't believe how loud this thing is.
I know you've got a lot of reports already but your model is being sold on this website too. Infuriating!

Really happy you enjoyed the print ty.

Yes thankyou but there are many people willing to sell their morals for a few coins unfortunately

Any tips for getting it to sound more like a scream and not like a whistle? I've printed some that sound great, and have a very deep screaming sound where I can feel the skull vibrating, while others sound like a regular whistle. Is it just hit or miss?

It works for many people so must be your setup are you sure you didnt print any supports ?
If there is supports inside it wont work.

Sadly it didn't work for me! I printed the exact scale and it doesn't work. Am I supposed to break something inside the skull to then create the sound?

I cant seem to get it to make any noise. Am I doing something wrong?

Did you use supports

There are a bunch of people selling these on eBay, in violation of the non commercial license.

Contact eBay

Yes there are a lot of scum about. The creative commons is not a legal agreemt its a moral agreement its never been sucessful in court so in the end means nothing. Its the reason also i will never post another model online. Its a shame really where we trade our morals for money against the will of others.

In point of fact, CC is a legal licence, and it's one written by real lawyers. You are within your rights to send a DMCA to Ebay for their infringement of your intellectual property, and you are also within your rights to take them to court for it. In addition, CC has been upheld in many different countries in court, starting back in 2004, with the most recent case being in 2016. These countries include Belgium, Sweden, Germany, the US, Israel, Spain, and the Netherlands.

what pattern do i print this.triangles or lines?

I just printed it with 15% grid-pattern, but it shouldn't make a huge difference. Just make sure the walls are thick enough to make it stiff. I used 2 perimeters use 3 if you want to be extra safe

I think it was sunlu black, its actualy like a charcoal grey.

What brand/color filament was used for the first image? That blue-green color is gorgeous!

No worries great for gifts at Halloween too:)

Thanks for making this available. Very fun, very scary sound. Everbody hates it :)
Print came out perfect first try, original size, no support.

Its loudest at the original size due to the frequency it resonates at.

Comments deleted.

I would love a vid or sound sample and if possible what decibels it do! I´m building a monster and don´t want to brake my eardrums :P

If I were to scale this down will the sound be significantly different or will the product work the same?
Thank you!

Its all done for you the pic is just to show my design inside.

hey on the last pic, do you need to make the other shapes or is it already made with it so you can already use the 3D printer?

Comments deleted.

How many grams does this come out to weigh full size?

About 33g for the print itself. I am guessing around 40ish with supports?

Would be cool in another form factor, maybe one less conspicuous. Other than that, DAMN this thing is fun to play around with. Great reactions from anyone I've terrified with it.

I heard it and I thought my cat was dying. Great job.

Any Recommended settings for cr10 using cura?

I dont use cura but basic settings no support should be fine.

After a bit of practice with this, it produces one of the loudest most terrifying sounds I have ever heard in my entire life! Thank you for blessing the world with this magnificent creation! I have never had more fun showing it to my teachers at my high school then proceeding to blow it and making everyone need to change their underwear. The thrill I got from blowing it in the stair well with some of my friends was fantastic! I can't thank you enough for granting me these experiences. My friends really love them, so I'm going to print off a ton of these to grant people access to as much fun as you've granted me. Thank's a bunch man. The fact that this is free really does mean the world to me as well man. This is going to be one of the few prints I will keep for the rest of my life and many of friends will likely as well.

Thank you.for the great comments i love it as well to hear an ancient sound is awesome.

I just printed this and it came out amazingly! It only took a minute or two of practice to get very loud, very scary sounds from it. Thank you for spending the time to model this so nicely.

Thanks for the comment. It really is a ancient sound :)

This is one scary print. Seriously. While printing, the part cooling fan is blowing inside making terrifying sounds. It is extremely cool though.

How does the bottom look? is it supposed to be completely enclosed or open?

Hello, I am a retired widow....looking to make a little extra income. I am new at 3D printing, but thought if I downloaded a free item, that I could sell it....It looks like some comments on here say that isn't true. I looked for a disclaimer.....but did not find one for individual use, just commercial use. Is it possible that i print this and sell it on Ebay. I am a 73 year old female. Please help me to do the right thing.

What does your age and gender have to do with anything?

check the downloads.

Maya Death Whistle (Easy Print, Very Loud) by Tacblades is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.

No look at the creative commons license it prohibits people to profit from others hard work. Many accounts have been shut down on ebay and etsy for unethically selling prints of others without their permission.

In the long term if people profiteer from others works then people will never share their work freely.

i think i printed with the infill to low. it only seems to make a wind sound :( guess il print another

i have same problem. Did u print another ?

I found your item with a search of "srevael" .

This low life ebay user "srevael" has also stolen one of my designs to sell on ebay.

After contacting him he said he designed it in tinkercad after seeing my design here on thingiverse.

ebay user "srevael" has now changed his ebay name to "snowdonia3d".

Awesome design. I printed a couple of others from other designers first and this one is fantastic, both in appearance and sound.

I made 2 of these, one full size and another at 90%. I prefer the sound of the one at 90%. It has a slightly higher pitch that can sound like a woman's scream and requires less air to produce sounds allowing for longer blasts. Both sound scary as hell though.

Looks like it's not working if you print it with a 0,8 mm nozzle and 0,6 mm layer height. Gotta try again.

Comments deleted.

Hello, I'm a newbie to 3D printing and this printed beautifully on my printer. It's probably my best looking print to date. Do you mind sharing your printer settings? Thanks

There are many settings
But this is my s3d profile

I cannot open that link. It says .fff files can't be previewed. can you please upload again some other way? Thank you

fff are simplify3d printer profiles.

Not to be that guy, but the original that this design was remixed from isn't non-commercial. Under CC, any remixes of a design must retain the CC license of the original.

Thankyou i have reported them and asked them to take it down.

I tried too but the comment i got off the seller was "lol im just providing a printing service to those who cant print this at home" this is naughty to say the least.

Comments deleted.

the seller has taken the attrubution off the listing and just says original artist gary yelland. keep us posted how you get on. scum like this shouldnt get away with this.

Its now at the point where creative commons has no teeth anymore.

brilliant work, positively markabe! ~<3 i'm amazed just how variable, dynamic and consistantly horrifiying the sound spectrum of "noieses you dont want to hear at night" is. from faint and distant growls, cries and animal noises, to somebody being torn apart next to ones ear. ffs, you can get it to scream "help HEEEEELP! no OH GOD! NOOOoooooo.... aghrrrrrAYYIIIIIIIiiii" convincingly. wicked!
the normal reaction to a demonstration is utter horror, often followed by morbid curiosity. i think the noise triggers primordial instincts. even when i know i am the one playing it, it gives me chills.

since it seems you have mastered the whistle and how to provoke different sounds can you please upload a video with a simple tutorial and demonstration? or upload one on youtube and add the link on here please? I plan on printing this today and a video would be very helpful. Thank you.

Its a really weird thing even after designing it i still cant really believe that such a dark and primeval noise comes out, people are truly shocked by it.

Awesome idea. Printed perfectly and it's incredibly loud.

I wonder if there's a way to scale or remake it to get a deeper/lower screaming sound.

Scaling it up would give it more resonance, which would probably make it a lower pitch. And vice versa, scaling it down would probably make it higher pitch

It doesnt really work scaling it up.
It works by two tuned resonant cavities and its the harmonics that make the scream.

When you scale it, it no longer has the hamonics and doesnt work well .

So is this the best size to print it at? If i printed it at double the size the sound would be different and not as good?

Ok, what can I say but WOW! My neighbors dog won't stop barking after hearing this. Very cool. I will post my pic later, but for now, this is awesome. Thanks for making this.

I am so happy to have found this. I just finished printing one and blew through it loudly without warning my wife..... she freaked!!!!
Thank you!!!!!

brilliant :)

Awesome whistle! But also awesome startup script, can you please share your start gcode script for your cr-10 please? Maybe email me the script if you could

This was really easy and quick to print. I had to clean out the inside ball with a dental pick as it had some strings. It takes a little practice to get it to sound right and you can adjust it with your palm underneath. I got some really nice screams out of it though. Thank you!

I had problems with Cura with the "original" most popular file, this much more cool and works! Thanks a lot for sharing, nice work!

i scaled it up 150%. printed in PETG with 0.1 layer height and it doesn't work ;C
looks cool on the shelf at least

That's Good to know I designed each cavity to resonate at a particular frequency and to also provide harmonics. So change the size would effect that for sure.

i managed to blow into it with all strenght and felt it vibrating a bit, so maybe with an air compressor it'd work. oh well, gonna print it at the default size later. That's a cool design btw. It's a nicest looking thing i printed so far ;)

Cool, maybe a car air pump :)

Do you happen to have the original resonating chamber you made before putting it into the skull?

Yes it's a mathematical model but it not something I will be sharin as it took many hours and prototypes to get right.

Any idea what might happen to the sound if I increase the build size?

Great Model Tacblades, works brilliantly and the sounds that come out of it they are phenomenal. I don't think my wife and kids are a fan but I love it!

Great really glad you like it, makes a sound like nothing else.

Printed one out, works like a dream (nightmare, really)!

Scares the crap out of people, and very loud!

Wow! I printed one and compared to my clay custom made whistle and I could barely tell the difference. It's truly amazing getting this ancient sound to come out of a 3D printed one.

Oh wow thats awesome :)

This thing works amazingly. I've been scaring the living crap out of people with it.

how do you make it shriek

You have the skull facing you, with the slots facing away from you and blow into the hole hard, you adjust the angle as it can reproduce wind sound for their worship to the god of wind soft blow, to screams hard blow, there is a sweet spot you have to find to get the loudest screams.

This thing makes a very unpleasant sound in a good way lol. Sure disturbed our cats.

It's a very ancient sound :)

Very nice! Just got done printing one. A warning for anyone else though that is going to use your, "Creality CR10 gcode PLA direct print"... It primes from front to back instead of across the front of the bed. I have my front/left clip moved over to the side of the glass rather than the front. OOPS, that's where this downloadable gcode primes. That was a quick wake up call! :p

Good point thanks for that.