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Silent Mod for EVERY 3d Printer !MUST HAVE! (nema damper)

by OneIdMONstr Nov 19, 2017
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Hi guys!
do you think that this could works printed with petg at 50% infill?

Im not sure if petg is elastic enough to damp the vibrations. :/

thanks for your reply.
I will try to print and to verify if it works.


Does this mod affect your print quality, or is it so minor it's basicly unnoticeable?

Some people say it would reduce stiffness of the printer and will introduce some vibrations in the print. But i could not notice ANY difference in the print.

I love the concept, I wish I tried these before buying dampeners on Ebay,
has anyone been in my position?? if they are more effective than ones like these I'll give them a shot


Really cool! Use oogoo! If you don't live in the US, polysiloxanes IS silicone :) And instead of cornstarch you can use flour, instead of food coloring, you can use water. 30g of silicone, tablespoon of water, mix them together well, add around 30g flour, mix it until you see it doesn't take more of it, take the oogoo, trash the remaining flour, put it the mold, flip it, push it against the table with sliding it, maybe an hour is enough, it will come out quite easily with just prying on one side and pulling it out.

for the creator: the nema mold would be easier to use if the holes would come up to the same level as the sides

Awesome! I printed the nema17 files with ICE FILAMENTS ICEFIL1FLX139 FLEX Filament. It dramatically reduced the printer's noise. Thank you!

Any kind of instructions on how to actually apply these parts would be great.

Furthermore, do I need to buy some kind of silicone filament?

Wow, this worked a treat! Deadened the motor noise to, like, ghost-mode, which is a huge livability improvement for me since I work two feet from my printer. I ended up using rubber fender washers from the hardware store, instead of the molded ones, though; after digging them out, the silicone ones were too chewed-up to hold up under pressure. Tip: if you're going to do this, read up on casting silicone in molds and figure out some kind of release agent.

Thank you, I've used "proto-putty" (Window - silicone plus corn starch) and it came out great! All these aggressive "screaming" is gone now.
I made a foot for my Tevo Tornado to hold your "rubber foot", it would work with any Printer with a M3 thread

Hello Krautfranz14! I have a tornado too, how is that you use the rubber foots with your printed foots?

Exactly, and they're doing well! Just one thing, when I tilt the printer there's much pressure an those tall feets, next time I would make them a bit wider at the top

Thank you for the kind words!

Why dont you publish your feet on thingiverse?

If you want to you can include my .stl into your work, it's to simple for an own item

This might be even better with polyurethane sealant/caulk. Costs about twice as much as the better silicone caulks, but is much more of a rubberized material. Used it to strengthen the rubber spider on a Cadillac driveshaft, and even after drying in the folds it was still flexible like rubber, just more material and less likely to break down. Does smell bad curing, and takes more like 24 or 48 hours to cure, but silicone hardens more over time and might need replacing in a year or two.
Actually I still have part of the tube and I'm just setting up my CR-10 so easy to do right now, I'll make some up in the next few days and report back here..

FYI....I bought window, door & siding 100% clear silicone. I now have two, completely useless molds... However, I did end up printing the positives (just the motor dampers) with flex filament which I will say, was a huge learning curve for me (and a giant pain in the a$$) as it was my first experience printing with flex...BUT, these things are the best thing since sliced bread!!! I have found myself glancing over at the printer (10' away) more frequently than ever to make sure it's still printing because it's so dang QUIET! Thank you Johnnyboyye!

Final print settings with Cura: Speed-20, Layer-.4, Infill-100%, No Retraction, Print Temp-230c, Bed Temp-60c, Flow-108%

I did the same with the window, door & sliding 100% clear silicone. And it came out great!! What I did is made proto-putty, which here is the video how I did it........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fwytA5r2Mw

that putty looks awesome! I'll upload my try when I finish

I think you can reduce even more noise if you use the small washers and the feet. Thanks for the kind Words. *thumbs up'

How did you remove the silicone?

The silicone is self releasing after its cured.

What kind of silicone are you using? I've tried just getting some from Amazon. I squeeze some into the mold, but it just got stuck in there and there's no way for me to get it out in one piece.

So, can you please tell me what kind of silicone you're using and how you get it to pop out in the end? :)


After a curetime (depending on the silicone can be 30 minutes to a couple hours) the silicon does not stick to anything except silicone itselft. You can pull it out without any problems out of the mold. If that is not the case with your silicone you might have the wrong silicone or not use it in the proper way. You can post a link to the silicone you bought, maybe we can help you further then.

I think you'd get a lot more hits if you relabelled it nema damper because that is what I searched for and this didn't come up. However I saw this browsing other stuff

Thanks for the tip!

basically a nema damper

Thanks, that's a very clever idea ;-) btw what did you use as filling material?