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CCG geared card box (updated)

by martin_au Nov 15, 2017
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The pivot plates print well with the help of Meshmixer's orientation optimizer and tree support generator (Overhangs function)

Settings issue. Maybe too much retraction. Also, you may like::

CCG Geared Card Box V2 (magnetic latch)

Am i the only one having an issue with the lids? very small issue but the lid with the holes in it, on the one side next to the hole it seems to be very weak and brittle. its also only on the one side of the hole and the area is as large as the hole and goes all the way to lids edge. seems to be less brittle on one side of the lids hole and not the other. idk if this is a slicer issue, printer issue or file issue. any help would be greatly appreciated. repetier host on an anet e12. its done it with different filaments same settings, different settings. anyone else same problem?

Any suggestions on how to improve the strength of the gear flaps? All 4 broke off pretty easily for me (PLA, 3 permiters)

This was a very frustrating design, specifically the little hinge retainers. I will probably remix this and make is so it will print without the fiddly fitting needed. There is no reason to not have it just fit straight off the printer.

It's ridiculous to design parts that require extensive fitting into a design, it defeats the purpose of CAD and owning a 3D printer. Half the time they were so thin they'd break while sanding and it was a major pain. I appreciate the time an effort you put into it, but it boggles the mind why you'd just phone it in on those parts. I printed 4 runs of just the hinge tabs just because they were so fiddle and small and prone to breaking if you tweaked them at all during insertion.

Any chance to get a version to accommodate a 70mm by 120mm card?

Easiest to just scale it up in your slicing software.

Since I think this gets a better result, I'd like to print the 70mm lids in the same orientation like in the necropotence photo. Unfortunately, in the thing file, their are oriented in closed position, and both in the single model. I solve the problem by rearranging the lids in tinkercad, but probably you should supply a correct stl here as well? Just a proposal and - cool design btw ;-)

I just peeked at the layer view in cura and it isn't my imagination: the little slots for the pivot plates, specifically the short end of the "L", are much narrower on one side of the base than the other! Not really surprising I can only seem to fit two of them in place. I assume it's a bug/rounding error in cura that did this; I guess I could try another slicer. But at worst, really, I don't see why I couldn't cut the pivot plate so it doesn't have to slide into the slots, and then glue them to the sides of the base. Might be tricky to get it to stay in place to dry... but wouldn't that work? It isn't like they have to move.

Not so sure it's a cura bug; I see it in slic3r too. Will have to try to inspect the stl's themselves more closely.

Good spot. I've just uploaded a revised version. See if that solves the problem.

These are STLs, could I bother you to dredge up the originals and make one with a death element cover? My buddy would be ever so grateful.

Got a link to the logo?

It's the skull one from magic, not sure what it's even called.

Are there suppose to be two sizes of pivot plates? I printed the 60 card box and the pivot plates seem too long. Might have done something wrong possibly. Super great build FYI. Looks great and much easier to put together compared to other gear boxes.

Been a while since I've looked at it, but I'm pretty sure there's just one size. Make sure they're going all the way into the slots.

Thanks for the fast reply. I am sitting here looking at the build and the pics you posted and it seems like it should not fit with the 60 card deck. I am going to keep playing with it and possibly remodel the pivot plates if I can’t get it to go. From the pic it seems like the pivot panel should rest against that little notch at the bottom of the base plate but if so it doesn’t seem to fit.

I just printed this out, and they seem to fit fine. There are small openings at the bottom for the plates to slide into, so if they seem a bit long that's because they're not going all the way into those slots. I had that problem at first, but a little bit of wiggling did the trick!

What are the dimensions, please?

Inside, about 70 across x 90 high x whatever dimension you choose for depth.
About 82.8 x 103.2 x either 54.4 or 84.4 depending on box choice for exterior.

Comments deleted.

Thanks! I just have an idea i want to try!

I have a 60 double-sleeved cards deck. Wich measure?

Well, how thick is the deck?

something like 44mm.

I'll make a 50mm version over the weekend.

don't worry, I opted for 70mm's one. Every 60-cards modern deck needs a SideDeck...

I added a "deck divider", which should work well for 60 card decks with a 15 card sidedeck. It should just drop into the bottom of the cart. Enjoy.

Never found such a kind 3Designer on Thingiverse. Thanks a lot, mate.

I made one of these successfully on a MP Select Mini V2 after separating out the lids part into two separate pieces. Note I did have to mangle up the pivot plates by basically removing the corner - but I think I could have gotten them in otherwise with a little more effort. Works pretty well; kid is pleased!

If the MP Select Mini V2 can make it, then any printer can

Que buen trabajo. me gusta mucho como quedo.

Consulta: tienes para otros tamaños de cartas


Si, es facil.
Qué tamaños te gustaria? Cuantas cartas?
En relieve o simple?

genial perdon la demora no vi el mensaje antes.

es para mi juego de tablero conan

las cartas miden
4.5 cm de ancho
6.8 cm alto
3.5 de profundidad (55 cartas con sus fundas)

supongo que se tendria que hacer un poco mas grande la caja para que entren con algo de espacio unos 3 mm mas grande. tu eres el experto

El español puede ser un poco sucio ahora. Google translate hora.
Eso es desafiante
¿Qué tal si volteamos las cartas hacia los lados, y tenemos dos mazos almacenados con un divisor entre ellos?

Tried to print this, the whole day printing and when I tried to put it togheter it wont fit, its too tight.
Thanks for the design though but in order for this king of thing to work you have to keep in mind that 3d printers are not 100% accurate and you have to make room for tolerances. For example, to fit a 100mm diameter pice you have to make a 11mm hole.

I printed this out on a knockoff duplicator i3 plus clone, and everything seemed to fit perfectly with only a small bit of friction (which is expected). Which parts were too tight for you?

I have left room for tolerances. However, I cannot account for variation across everyone's printer. I regularly design and print things that have to match and work with real world objects, so my designs run a fairly tight tolerance, and I've made sure my printer can meet that. Almost everything I design I have also successfully printed using a fairly standard Wanhao i3 plus.

What parts do I need to print to make one.

A cart, base, lids and pivot plates.

Hello, I am having trouble printing the pivot plates since they are not flat on the ground. I haven't really used supports before either anyone got any hits or tips?

I have the Vector 3 using the 3D create & Print software

Thanks for making it for 100 card decks!

I am confused.
How am i supposed to insert the pivot plates into the base if the base already has the pivot plates installed?

Oops. Sorry. Looks like I uploaded the base file with the pivot plates still in place. I'll reupload the file shortly.

Updated and fixed.

Anyone else having issues with the Cart file? One of the sets of cog meshes appear distorted.

Weird. Is this simplify3d? I’ll generate a new mesh and upload it later today.

Hi Martin, thanks for coming back so quickly. The issue in the screenshot occurs when this is opened in both my 3d printers software (made by XYZ) and also on Adobe's online Tinkercad software ( as an import.

I've unified and meshed it. It now should work fine.

Yep working brilliantly now, thank you very much, greatly appreciated :D I've imported the main pieces to Tinkercad to extend them along one axis to make it deeper for more cards, will upload a photo once its complete, along with the measurements used and how many cards in sleeves it fits. Thanks again for this awesome design!

Nice Box. I would really like one for a 100 Card size deck.

Do you see any mention of the deck size? I Couldn't find anything.

Nothing much yet. The current design has 50mm space for cards, which is enough for a about 75 cards (in sleeves). I’ll redesign it soon so that it is properly fitted to various deck sizes.