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pylon racer

by Sulhan Nov 13, 2017
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I add to the long one the 16mm diameter and m3 holes for standard motor

kan je ook vertellen wat het zwarte pint is de CG

How much infill and what shape for joinfront/rear to keep light and strong good print?

How do i mirror the right wing with cura software ?

Hey! I think this plane has so much potential.. And I think it deserves some upgrades! Is there any way you could make a way so that the ailerons and elevator can be attached without tape? For instance, 1mm piano wire or slots for hinge paper?

Hey Mattestrom,

that's one of the improvements i was thinking about ;)

Very nice design. Just finished mine with some minor adaptions. Would you like to share the fusion360 files? i'd like to further improve the plane with rudder en double elevons for example.


PS. i'll post a make later on

He empezado a imprimir el avión , pero al revisar los archivos """""PRECACUIÓN"""" FALTAN los archivos del ala IZKQUIERDA. No está completo.

maybe you could try to mirror the wings in your slicing software ;)

Have you some recomendation for CoG ?

[ Edit ] Oups sorry : CG locate at front wall of spar canal

I do not understand where the CG is exactly
What do you mean with front wall of spare Canal?

Can you send picture marked the CG?

Thanks :-)

Do you use a carbon fiber tube or rod or something like this for the wing? Or ist it really only glued together?

The wing requires a 4mm square wood dowel for reinforcement. You can put a carbon fiber tube or use hardwood it you want to make it stronger. You can see it it the picture showing the undersided of the plane.

Here's a tip for a better and stronger connection between fronttail and middle parts. Combine the two in your slicer and make the top part of the fronttail coincide with the bottom part of the middle part.you will mirror that part in the middle piece and you will get a stronger connection between the two. You will have to tweak the parts according to your slicer to do that. You can even put the joinrear parte into the print and print all together. but to do that you will have do combine different process for printing.

Do the pieces carry stuff? because I have all the printed pylon and by default the printer prints at 20% fill can someone help me?

all the parts I print have padding and I do not see any area to put the battery for example I'm doing something wrong?

hello my name is miguel I am printing this plane is my first plane and I have no knowledge of installation of aircraft do not know where the cables go or configuration is there any way to send photos internally of the plane?

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This is a crap Design, So why not give some assembly instructions , What are the front joint and rear joints, How the hell are you supposed to use them ??? maybe providing some instructions would be helpful ...

hi, I went to print this and only one side is available to print for the aileron for the wing is it missing a file or is there supposed to be a way for me to edit it in cura?

Great design, I had a few challenges printing this and I will detail below to help others. But really worth printing and cant wait to fly it. will upload a vid when I do. Thanks for the design

1) I tried using Cura to slice this but I couldn't get good results so moved to Slic3r (v1.3.0)
2) My printer settings were generally as described in the Pylon.rar file from "Sulhan" where there are good settings for each part but I had to have my fan on but set the maximum to 40% as I found the filament was too soft to print the next layer and squares (the front canopy indent) came out round.
3) In Slic3r under Advanced and Extrusion Width I set Perimeters: 300%. This makes sure a good 1 perimeter/wall is laid down and bonds with the previous layer. It took me 5 attempts on the front section before I found the 300% mark was good for my printer.
4) Other general settings were print at 210c as this heat is needed to bond the single perimeters. Fan on but Max 40%. And the above perimeter setting 300%.
5) As you can see on one of my pics that Slic3r isn't perfect and that it made 2 slits in the wing centre sections? Not sure why but I will just tape over them. The tailing 2mm edge of the wings and ailerons also just peeled away.
6) After cutting holes on the Front and Middle sections to put the battery and radio gear in, I have glued in some spare carbon rod length ways inside to try and strengthen these sections.
7) Glueing was achieved using UHU and Super Glue.
8) I also printed off some 4mm Nuts and Bolts using https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:193647 which I fitted to attached the wings, printed in PLA, fingers crossed they hold. Settings for these were 20mm long, 8mm dia head, 5mm head height, 1mm thread.
9) I printed the "Long Nose" and with a 3s 850mah battery I still need abit of nose weight.

NUT JOB | Nut, Bolt, Washer and Threaded Rod Factory

Where did you put a servo for the elevator?

Superb design! Great work.

Hey! The "front long" doesnt have any holes for the screws to attach the motor :/ I did however modify it in fusion360 and printed it just fine using two print-processes in s3d

Yes. Im using soldering iron to make hole. You can use any motor which have different hole. So im decide not to make hole on model. Thank you

Also, it would be nice with a better solution for the canopy.. I have printed the whole plane now and will post some pictures once assembled

Edit: Im working on a solution for the canopy which involves a tab in the back and magnet in the front.. If this works out I'll post a remix

Thank you, great. Im so busy this end year, sorry for slow respond

Where do the join front and join rear pieces go?

Front join is for joining front part and middle part. This will add strength in this critical section. Front join also for mounting wing. Wing mount using 4mm srew. You can see 4mm screw hole in there. After assembly this part, you need make hole to 4mm in the middle part so screw can attach from wing to front joint.

Need Picture of how this joint fits. I don't see how it could possibly fit makes no since.

Wow, nice! I am hoping someone will finally put here exactly same size 3D / Acro plane! Extra, MXS or similar ... 80-90cm wingspan.
Do you have that ambitions? :) Would be excellent!

Agree! - this is close to that category - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2663805

Das Liddle Stik RC Airplane

I like this. Maybe I can print in 3 or 4 parts only.

Awesome!! I've been waiting for something like this! Would you please post some more pictures with details and more detailed instructions? I would like to see/know how and where you mount the battery and servo for the elevator etc. Cant wait to print this!

thank you. I can not promise but I will try in my spare time. because it takes time to make detail instuction. good luck

More pictures will help alot :)

It looks fantastic!
I need a bigger printer though, at the moment I can just print 170mm high :(
Not enough for the wing parts.
I might go ahead and split them to be able to print them.

Do you fly yours pylon like (hard corners) or rather soft?
Would also be a great base to make a larger one with more gentle flight characteristics :D

Thanks for sharing this!

Thank you very much. Nice solution. actualy im not hardcore pylon guy. And i think this model not allow to push to crazy speed without more reinforced structure. But fast enought to beat your friend jets

Hi Sulhan, would you mind sharing your Fusion360 Files for the wings? I would like to split them in half so my printer can print them. But the conversion from stl to brep is not possible for the wingtips without reducing detail, and then the wingtips look awful :(
Would be great :)

Nice model.
Could you please tell us the wingspan of this?

Oh sorry, yes. Wing span 80cm

Thanks Sulhan,
That'll be my first print when my new Prusa Mk3 arrives!