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Hand Gestures

by Mike-vom-Mars Nov 12, 2017
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Can you do the shocker? 2 in the Pink 1 in the stink.... Lol

Hi! There is one missing: 2 fingers up. I have a coworker who got a prostate exam and I'd like to make him a trophy. Can you do that for all the prostate owners on this planet? Please...

The 3 fingers one is a little too much for a prostate exam ...

I added another gesture named "Hand Proctology" which should come close to that.

Hey can you please upload the rig, so we can remix it with our own gestures? I have been looking all over for a hand like a stop sign.

Missed one. Pointing with the index finger.

You should add the Westside hand. Bow-down!

super cool!
I've been looking after a hand in this gesture (korean heart)
could you make it? ^^

These look great! A while ago, my old boss asked me to print a hand that can sit on a table and hold a marble(1-2 inches), any chance you could make that? Almost like the Italian model, but with the fingers spread a bit. Might be tough to make it balance, but if you're up to making the basic shape I could probably tweak it, but I don't know enough to make it from scratch. Thanks!

Hey Mark !
Really good job ! :)

I've been looking for hours for a hand in this position, it's for a birthday present :

Could you do this ?

Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !

I added a new gesture ("Hand Italian.stl"). It's not exactly as shown in your pic but it comes close. That's all I can do without creating a more detailed rig for the 3d model.

err... live long and prosper ???


Yep, that's a nice one - will be added asap.

wish i could do this i need something like that for a contest
as a gift

Great designs! I'm having fun giving these away to colleague's.

I have another suggesting. The hand position known as "The shocker". I need this for a particular colleague.. :D


"fig hand" is one of the missed one. Please google it for images.

And "the shocker" :P

Are there any plans to make a hand with all 4 fingers up, but the thumb pulled in(like teaching a child to count and showing the number 4)?
Or any way you could please make one?

edit: typo on thumb.

You mean all fingers up but the thump folded inwards?

Yes, exactly like that

Added file "Hand Four.stl" which should come close to it.

Hey Mike,

Could you make a hand with only the index finger pointing out? They look awesome!

Best regards,


Just uploaded this gesture (see "Hand Point 2.stl").

Thank you very much Mike! Keep up the good work.

You only work with fingers. The palm of the hand remains unchanged. It's not right, it's not natural.

For me personally it was just a rigging experiment.

HI mike-vom-mars! , could you make the hand I asked?

Hello how are you? I would need a model with the thumb, index and higher raised and the other closed could you do it? thanks and regards

Sure - could you provice a picture showing this gesture?

Comments deleted.

Mike, would it be possible for you to make me one with the thumb and pinky finger sticking out and the rest folded for a shaka or hang loose hand sign please?

I added a new file, "Hand Shaka". It should come close to what you are looking for.

Thank you so very much!

hi mike,
what software did u use to design these gestures?

Thx for the info.
I downloaded the demo and tried my best to modify the hand to the gesture i need....
Finally..... i have no clue :)
Is it alot of work to change the fingers to a new gesture?
Would you maybe do me a favour doing a gesture for me?

The provided models are for printing only, so they are static. You'd need a rigged hand model (using bones) and a suitable modelling / animation software.

However, I'll uploaded a new gesture that should come close to your suggested one.

I am using Cinema 4D.