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Nintendo Switch Joycon Grip and Game Case

by asbeg Nov 10, 2017
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I only had one issue with this print and it was my fault. I turned the case on its side (so it printed from joycon grip to joycon grip) and for some reason the print thinned the opening on the bottom game slot forcing me to file one side of the cartridge holder so it fit. Other than that little messup on my part, everything else works so well and I highly recommend this print. Also recommend doing this print in clear as you can actually see the game through the holder! Great work Asbeg!

I make this, but can't use i.
I print twice and the same problem.
Somebody can advice me?

Can you make a version of this that holds the strap attachments instead? I keep the attachments and a few games loose in my case and I'd love a slim way to store them all as a solid piece.

Hey, this seemed print fine vertically without supports and the joycons slide on great. My problem is that the walls inside the case are too thick causing the slides to get stuck inside and roughly go in. Also the game cards aren’t fitting inside the trays in the sliders. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong and i want to know if you have any fix for this? I’m new to 3D printing so sorry if this is on my part

What a douche canoe.

Hey thanks for letting me know. I was already aware and I've asked him to stop, but unfortunately there isn't really anything I can do to prevent him from selling it without hiring a lawyer. :/

you could put a creative commons license on it here directly and contact ebay and they will tell them to stop

This person is also selling your thing on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nintendo-Switch-Joycon-Grip-Game-Case-Combo-Built-In/362544707065?hash=item54695935f9:g:~dwAAOSwdGZcUUTe
You just have to fill out the form at the link below and then email it to vero@ebay.com. Ebay just took down two of my designs that he was selling that way.

Hello, the impression is well done, but impossible to fix the joysticks on this object. indeed, the edges used to hold the joysticks are much too fragile and do not hold! yet everything else is OK!

I, somewhat sloppily, remixed this to hold the controllers at an angle then noticed the no derivatives license. I really need to start checking those before working on a remix.

Just don't upload the derivative and you are fine. You can use the files however you like if it's just for personal use.

This is absolutely genius. I can easily see a 3rd party company trying to nick this design!

Probably I overlook something, but I see no way of printing this without supports, even vertically. How did you rotate it vertically: with the object put with one of the short sides to the bed, or with one of the long sides to the bed? In both situations, still there is quite a distance to 'bridge'. Thanks in advance for your answer.

Ah sorry, I actually made a change to the design which meant that you actually will either have a long bridge or need supports. I didn't update the text however to remove that sentence. I print it vertically with the short sides on the bed, so that the print will create a bridge between the front and back surface of the part. My printer is able to make that bridge with minimal drooping, but some printers might have trouble with it. I've also printed with supports, and the supports that Cura auto generates work fine from my tests.

Tried printing this twice now - first time warped (my fault) second time seemed much better but i ended up removing too much material for the base, the end stop where the joycon slips in.
Printing iwth a .4mm nozel
my settings where
wall line count = 4
top/bottom thickness 2mm

any suggestions on what settings i should use...the print actually came out perfect the second time, but i worry that things aren't thick enough and it will just snap/break. esp the end stops where the joycons slip in.

My settings are usually pretty similar to yours for this part. As for thickness/fragility, unfortunately we simply don't have many options for that when printing things that the joycons will slide onto. In order for the joycon to slide over the rail, it can pretty much only print at 1 wall thickness as 2 walls would be just a bit too thick for the joycon to fit over. My prints work pretty well, but I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could break one of the rails.

We have similar designs! The only difference is my design is about the size of the console in case you want to play in handheld mode while connected to the TV!

This is genius! So Awesome!

Hi, i have no experience with designing and/or printing things and was wondering if you could change something for me, if it was possible could you make the case double as thick and have the one on the back like a grip for people with bigger hands. i think many people would like this. Thank you!

By double as thick i mean, that it can hold 16 games

Then check out my design! The only difference is it my grip is as big as the console!

I've tried this thing half a dozen times and it keeps failing. Anyone have tips on settings for the groves on the sides? I'm printing it vertically but the sides all stringy and disconnected. The trays came out great, but they don't fit inside case.

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble printing. What machine/settings are you using currently? For the sides, they are only going to print at a single wall width so they will depend on your nozzle size. Do you have trouble printing other single wall parts?

For the trays, if you are printing pretty close to your bed to get them to stick, then the edges might have some extra material that makes them a tight fit in the case. You can shave of the extra bits with a razer to get them to slide a little more smoothly.

Thanks for the reply. I just picked up a Rostock Max V2 last week, so I still need to dial it in. I'll check out my single wall settings since that sounds like the issue.

Which color did you use for the blue side? I really like that color.

This is a fantastic idea, thanks for sharing

you got the logo on backwards there!

Yeah, thanks for the heads up! I'll fix that up this weekend.