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iPhone X Case

by Teece Nov 10, 2017
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I wish you guys never shared the design that is bad. This design is not scaled properly! iPhone wobbles in it! And my printer is super tuned! And I'd rather pay for a model that is properly done, than waste material and time this way. I know it is free, but you have us all waste material and time on printing bad designs. I almost feel like there is a culture of designers intentionally creating problems in their models and then uploading them on this free platform... why I say intentionally? Well, how difficult is to tune the scaling properly before releasing your model to public?

Jesus Christ. You couldnt take the time to look at the dimensions in your slicer before printing it? Sorry that is obviously too difficult for you as you cant seem to design your own stuff and only shit on other people. This aint a bloody marketplace. Its a place for the community to share their designs.

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I suggest next time you pay for a model or design your own. This was designed for me, designed for my printer and my printers tolerances. If it doesn't work on your "super tuned" printer scale it, edit it or move on, period. As you probably know all 3D printers are not created equal and something that prints perfectly on one printer will not on another. Thanks for the interest and feedback and I wish you the best of luck in your quest for the perfect print.

Then you should mention it in project description that the model is almost 1.2mm wider and everything will wobble like crazy. Or just not share your designs. You make people waste material and time (I am not alone here).

And I would love to pay for a tested proper model instead, but the problem is that such marketplace is not ready yet.

Proper scale for accurate printers:

Width: 99%
Length: 99.8%
Height: 99.8%

Thanks for the feedback, glad you found settings that worked for you!

Printed this on 0.2mm layer height for best result (aka to get rid of wiggle) snap scale it in your slicer to 99,4% (I’m using cura)

why can't anything on thingiverse be designed right in a first place? (facepalm). How difficult is to scale your own model properly.

Tried on the iPhone Xs and it also works there despite the slightly different camera proportions! The phone has a super tiny wiggle-room in the case itself tho less than 0.5 mm from the feel of it. Printed on my i3 MK3.

any chance of getting this solidworks file?

Sorry, I am not sharing the file at this time.

I was wondering the same thing so I could tweak it a bit and add as a remix to credit the original.

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Printed one in PLA with FF Dreamer. Fits perfectly with 100% size.
Layer height: 0.3 mm

Your printer is miscalibrated if this fits perfectly or maybe you are overextruding. This case is significantly oversized.

do you have the cad file for this? i want to add designs to the back. wont forget to credit you if you do. thanks

I've just been importing the mesh into Fusion 360 when the CAD file isn't available. Just click the gear in the lower right, and then "Do not capture Design History" first. Then just go to Insert -> Mesh, and open the STL file. Then right click the model, and select "Mesh to BRep". If the mesh has more than about 20k facets, it will complain and abort. If that happens, just switch the Workspace to Mesh (in the upper left). Then click Modify in the top bar, then Reduce. You can usually just accept the defaults there. Otherwise play with the Density setting to get more or less facets after the reduction. Once reduced, switch back to the Model Workspace and then do the Mesh to BRep again and it should work. Bam, you've got a model you can work with. If you have vector files you want to engrave or extrude onto the model, just go to Insert -> SVG. Then you can do push/pull operations with the vector. I've been making custom phone cases with this process, and it works great.

I printed one but it is loose, it is adviced to print with 98% size.
PRUSA mk2s
nozzle size original 0.4mm
resolution: 0.2mm
filament: 3D SOLUTECH PLA

Thanks, a lot, works perfect and look very nice!

Comments deleted.

Perfect with my Prusa i3, PLA. Thanks

No supports necessary.

thank you! I have printed the case and it looks amazing! I scaled the height by 0.5% as it is abit loose from my printer (:

That's interesting, what printer do you have? I designed this with a .5mm tolerance, and it printed perfect on my Makerbot and Flashforge printer. Please share since there are probably others that have the same printer as you.

Perhaps things like printing perimeters first will affect things like this. I have a Prusa MK2. How did you slice this? Outside in or inside out?

No, it's just a bad design. Wrong size. I design and print precision things on my printer day and night, and this case was a waste of time and material for me. I wish I could pay for proven designs instead.

I'm going to have to agree with your rant about designers releasing inaccurate models, its wasting material and time for everybody -so annoying. There should be a way to flag "bad" designs like this one. You would think the "designer" of this model would post the proper scaling, or put in the comments how the model is oversized.

If you still want to print this despite design problems, here is the proper scaling:

Width: 98.8%
Length: 99.6%
Height: 99.6%


Hi, does it require any supports?