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CTC Bizer Makerbot Replicator Dual to Single Titan Aero

by ant0ny Nov 7, 2017
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May I ask if I could changed to this and use the standard motherboard, or would it needed to be upgraded to Sailfish or something...

Many thanks for any help...


Andy, I cannot easily answer that for you. All the machines I did upgrades to, I replace the motherboard and use Marlin.

I connected my Makerbot which is STD and runs Sailfish and there are no settings that allow ease of changing steps/mm via ReplicatorG.

If you google it there seems to be a way e.g https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2440657/comments but you should ask about this with those guys. Looks possible though at first glance.

All the printers I have done this Mod to (about 5 I think) all the users say it's a far better machine then it ever was when new.

FYI I uploaded a new version of the mount. V2

100mm extrusion calibration for FlashForge Creator Pro
by DrLex


Many thanks for your reply, help and the information, I really appreciate i, thank you...

I have the dual, but don't use the second extruder, it's just there in case I have a problem with the other side, I really like the way you have used the space for a cooling system, it look's a lot better than the ones I have seen that come from the front, which then makes it very difficult to see what is going on during printing...

Once again, thank you very much for both your time and help...

All the best...


我的机器也打算改用Titan 机型是Anycubic 4Max 整体结构和Makerbot的类似 但似乎又不太一样
我在X滑块固定上发愁了很久。。能否告知 这个X滑块的 光轴间距是多少呢。。

The following is automatic translation:
My machine also plans to use Titan model, which is the overall structure of Anycubic 4Max and similar to Makerbot but seems different

I've been worrying about X - slider fixation for a long time. Could you tell me what the optical axis spacing of this X slider is?

Attached below is my model structure diagram.

Can anyone help me set up my extruder as I have bad under extrusion die to 3:1 gearing any help appreciated


Will if you have fitted a Titan Aero to a makerbot style without other mods... your issue is the steps per mm for the extruder will be out.

Depending on what motor you have with you titan you will either have:


0.9deg = 837 steps per mm
1.8deg = 418.5 steps per mm

Your firmware will need to have either one of these to give you the correct extrusion.

This is the point that I can't help as all the mods I have done on CTC, Makerbot etc clones I have replaced the motherboards and run Marlin firmware. You will need to findout how to change the steps per mm for the extruder in your firmware.

Give me your model printer and I'll do some searching.

What slicer do you use?

Hi Ant0ny I sorted it out now I use S3D and I just added 3 to the extrusion multiplyer as it is 3:1 gearing. Next step is to re flash to marlin but for now it works like gold. Thanks for the design. Absolute legend

Good job yeah I was going to suggest S3D but most people shy from buying it. With your Motherboard you might have to do some research as far as I know the boards used in Makerbot clones can't have Marlin although there where people doing a version of Marlin that would so look into it.

For the Printer I made this part for (customer printer) I used a MKS Gen 1.4 Motherboard which runs 24v natively so you can use the original electronics and everything. I have uploaded the Marlin I configured for the CTC it's Marlin 1.1.6 which should be right and for the single Aero Titan. I could update that to the latest if you are unable... cost maybe a beer or two :)

What did you set your E STeps to ?

Not sure what you mean. My printers are set to be dimension-ally accurate to within 0.1 but at very worst 0.2.

The tolerances I draw any parts are basically exact... as in... if it's 40mm between 2 shoulders then the fitting part will be drawn 40mm, I may sometimes take a 0.2mm off that depending on what it does. I generally allow 0.2 or 0.3mm bigger for holes, that then will be close to accurate but generally tight.

If you are finding my parts too tight then you may have to turn your flow down to "under extrude" slightly or file any tight faces.

None of that :) It's because the Creator Pro has a different carriage .

Bugger... sorry I can't help you with that. Have a great xmas anyway.

Hee no. I've done one now.

Have a good one yourself mate.

Printing this now :) Wish I'd seen it the other day. Just spent 3 days re designing my E3D bracket :)

Well it doesn't fit a Creator Pro. Yet. :)

Monty: What happened with this? Did you ever make a bracket for the Aero that fits the FFCP?

Katjap if he doesn't reply maybe message him direct.

Or wait until I'm awake :) Yes I did, but no part cooling fan