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Bobble drone

by rynbrnz Nov 6, 2017
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Again srry to bother you but I can not for the love of my life get that board to connect to betaflight

sorry mate, I'm not an expert on that stuff.. you may have a driver issue or a broken FC. there's lots of active forums for beta-flight issues.

Sry to bother you Again but how do I fit the cameras antenna in the frame it’s the camera in the description

Ah! I totally forgot that I changed the antenna to a linear antenna, after I broke the stock one..
You could cut a slot From the back of the top piece so that you can slide it on.
If you have the soldering skills and parts I'd recommend changing to a linear "whip" antenna since its quite exposed(And will eventually break) on this frame.

Also what screws did you use to hold that together, and how do I mound my battery plug

M2 screws, updated the description :)
I just leave the battery lead hanging, everything is very lite and haven't had an issues with leads breaking off the pads

Rynbrnz is the fly sky i6 conpativle with that receiver

yea should be

Nice Bobble :). Like to build it.
What flighttime do you get with 2S 350mAh??

around 3-4mins

could you give me some tips about the remote controller I should buy with the board you told in the description(I just bought it)
I don't know which properties or specifications I have to match in the remote controller.
thanks! :)

If this is your first drone build I wouldn't recommend trying this frame, try it 2nd ;o.. everything fits very snugly and youll need good double sided foam tape to isolate the FC from vibrations and hold the boards in place .
You need to find a very small receiver for whichever brand controller you have.
If you don't have a controller I'd recommend the Turnigy Evolution from Hobbyking.com.
then for the receiver you'll then want something like

sorry to bother you again ^__^U
Could you recomend a battery? I'm worried about brands, don't want it to explode at first use xD
what I've seen so far is this one:
350mah seem very little to me, but also worried for the weight :O

I use the hobbyking nanotech 300mah 2s and 350mah 2s
For a first drone I dont think youll be disappointed with your battery choice.
Get some velcro and rubber bands for holding your battery

thank you very much! :)
I'll post more photos when I finish it.
Already mounted motors and ESC, waiting for receiver and controller, and gonna buy battery.
(I'll let the camera for the end, when I make it fly xD)

perfect, thanks dude!
yes, it's my first drone, but having experience with electronics and being a kind of a handyman I don't think I'll have much problems :D
have lot's of different foams here so no problem.
I've been reading lot's of stuff in the internet and was worried about the receiver stuff, but now knowing that will be easy to understand all this.
thanks again!! :D

Great design indeed, really love it! Could you add the new version of the head? The one in the stl files is a little smaller than the superbe one in the photo! Thanks ;)

Great print!
I double checked, its indeed the same files I used for that photo, might just be the camera angle.

Mmm.. no, i think it isn't (and it's a pity because It is great!). Take a look at the distance between the sphere and the upper screw holes: in my picture it's much larger than in yours, hence the sphere in your picture must be bigger. Also the camera hole in the front has a totally different shape. Anyhow it is gorgeous and I'll be flying it soon. Thanks again :)

Oh I see what you mean now, I can confirm the sphere is the exact same size. But the curves where the sphere connects to the bolt hole legs are now smaller in radius. This was changed when I made a mod to increase the camera's FOV.
The Photo is of a past revision. which had tunnel vision :P
Get yours all built Up and post some pics!! ;o

3d printed frame parts only are about 11-12g in ABS with 15% infill with 2 perimeters and 3 top/bottom layers

Good stuff, Keen to see someone else get it flying

Very nice design, looks great.

Can it possibly fit 2" props?
Are there plans for a version that has a bit more camera tilt? ~30 degrees?
Can the body only be printed in rigid filament or could TPU be used?

Ill try include a 25 and 30 degree tilt heads, If I can change the angle without breaking the model.

Looking forward to it

Yea Tpu should be fine, the frame is very rigid as is.
yea 2 inch props will fit- maybe not the new Gemfan hulkys though. - it may hit your electronics

frame is little bit flexible, so if you punch out with 2" props, it starts sometimes hitting middle of frame :/

Sorry should have said that TPU + 2" wont work :P
Its got very little clearance for 2"

very cool friend, 4 questions ...
total frame weight?
What engine did you use?
Which battery to use?
What is the radius of the radio receiver?

Ive update the description :)

The radio receiver needs to be shorter than the flight controllers width. Dont have the exact length

Looking pretty cool - What's the weight like on that frame?

All up is 45g (no battery)

Now this is stuff I like to see on Thingiverse! Looks great!

I feel Bobble Drone Office Wars coming on.

Great stuff!